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Gilbert was still chortling under his breath as he combed through his silvery hair with a hand and stepped closer and closer back to his room. He wanted to lavish in these final, ever pleasing moments.

Fuck, that was something else. He thought as he walked, smirk wonderous. What a retarded espionage squad. Can't do anything right! Totally shouldn't be working for me if they're that un-awesome. Maybe I'll ship em off to West and steal his team...and the little bastards shot Lizzie like some damn animal? Morons! If I ever meet that Leh-what's-his-face guy in person, I'm apt to tear of his - Most disrespectful kraut I've ever talked to. Who'd he think he was calling, his grandma? Fucking suggesting when I should visit, getting Lizzie shot, being so fucking nosy and deep and shit about his general's business, the troop NOT TAKING OFF THEIR FUCKING SWASTIKA ARMBANDS, schiss! My army has seriously gone down hill. Verdammt. At least I'll forget all about those dipshits while Liz and I get to work~

"Oh darling, I'm back~!" He turned the lock and swung the door open. "Sorry about that interruption, now we'll return to all that fun we - at least, I was having. Don't fret, babe, you'll come around soon enough and give in to me - " He glanced through the doorway. Where did she go?He'd half expected her to be still sprawled out on the bed, or quivering in a corner, or trying to hide in the closet.

"...Babe? You playing hide and seek again? That game's over, now it's time for the bedroom game-"

A loud Smash echoed through the entire mansion. The Germanic fell to his knees just beyond the doorway, gripping his head as blood began oozing from several gashes and broken veins. Elizaveta dropped the lamp as she emerged from just behind the door, the weapon cracking as it hit the floor, and she leaped over the man to made her escape.

It was Gilbert's men in the the deep blue outfits and red arm bands. It was Prussia who had a flag with the same insignia above his bed. It was Prussia who hated Austria, but seemed to have a thing for her. It was him all along, he who she'd run to in need! After all the years of friendship, Gilbert tricked her and kidnapped her husband - what, because he was jealous?

She couldn't help it. Eli skidded to a stop at the foot of the staircase to turn back and look once last time at Gil. His 'awesome' hair of moonshine now trickled ruby streams the same hue as his eyes, a branch of which trailed down the side of his face and dripped from his chin.

The silverette held himself up from the floor feebly, bracing on only one arm as the other's hand clenched his skull. "L-Lizzie...fotze, Lizzie, d-don't you..." He slowly released his grip on himself and pushed up onto his knees, then feet. Gilbert leaned on the door for aid until he stood completely. "...dare r-run down those steps and try for the d-door, because I swear to Gott as s-soon as I catch you..." The lightest, yet most tantilizing smirk crossed his lips. "And I will catch you, I'll h-have you bent over the k-kitchen counter, the table, w-whatever's closest, and take you right t-then and there. I-I'll pound in so hard you'll go unconscious!"

"No way," She replied flatly. "I've won this game." With that, she dashed down the stairwell, through the house, and out the front door, leaving it swung completely open as she escaped into the brilliant ivory, orange and pink fury of the winter sundown.

And Gilbert let her run.

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Liquid courage wasn't helping. The guilt still blossomed, thoughts of what he could have done, of what he'd threatened.

Taking another full swig from the now near empty bottle, Prussia chocked down the bitter alcohol and even tarter regrets. He'd gone too far, it was obvious to him now. Fucking abducting Roderich to get Lizzie alone? How had that even crossed his mind as a possibility - ?

He sat the bottle down on the front step beside him. He'd been there for an hour at least, sitting outside in the middle of winter wearing nothing but old jeans and a wife beater tank, staring at the trees, in some fibre of his being waiting for his 'Hungarian muse' to stumble back to him. He convinced himself that he couldn't feel the scorching cold, the howling wind, or slippery white slush, which only reminded him of how Elizaveta had claimed the same thing when she'd dashed outside the first time. Huh. It appeared to be a common sense for those who'd just lost someone dear. Yes, and that time he'd managed to drag her back in.

His sulking paused as his periferals flew to the treeline. A line of large, dark vehicles roared and rumbled and began emerging up the driveway through the woods, rapidly approaching the mansion.

Gilbert eyed them, unsurprised, as the head of the line pulled up feet from the step and halted. "You guys get worried bout me or somethin'?" Gil muttered, grasping the bottle by it's neck and taking another slurp. He knew by the heavy armoured vehicles who they were, and by the status arrows on the uniform arm of the first soldier to approach him, he knew very well who hewas. "You here to give me more lip, Lehmann?"

"Nein, of course not, Führer." And it certainly was the voice from the phone. The Lieutenant wall a tall man of light eyes, fair skin, and slicked back cream hair under his army cap. "When you didn't show up last evening, we though perhaps this wretched snow had disabled your visit. So we transported the prisoner here to you instead-"

"Woah woah WOAH! Hold it," Gilbert's eyes set ablaze as he waved his arms for the Lieutenant to stop. "Are you fucking stupid? You brought him here?"

It was so much more pleasing to see Lehmann panic and quiver in person. "Er...ja...b-but he don't have just him! Along the way, a few members of the squad noticed a wanderer on the side of the road, and I recognized her from the raid of Herr Edelstein. I believe you mentioned her name to be-"

"Elizaveta?" Gilbert nearly spat out his beer.

"Ja, Führer. Frau Héderváry. We picked her up, she's in the back of my vehicle."

The signature grin spread sickly across Gilbert's face. He'd gotten her back after all...and he damn well wasn't letting her get away again.

"Would you like us to bring her out, sir?" Lehmann suggested.

"Hells ja!" The ruby eyed man chuckled a self-satisfied purr. "Bring me my girl."

With a snap of the Lieutenant's leather gloved fingers, the back doors of an army vehicle swung open and two soldiers in Prussian Blue emerged, no red bands on their sleeves.

Oh, so now they take of the armbands.The paler resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Both men turned and carefully reached into the van, then craddled a half-hazy Hungarian between them and carried her carefully to their General's open arms.

"Hey there, Baby~" Gilbert stood from the step and took the unsteady girl into his embrace, holding her close for support as she didn't seem to be able to stand on her own. "Yo, Lehmann," he gazed to the Lieutenant again as the soldiers ran back to the van. "Did you drug her again or something?"

"...She resisted our aid...but I knew the soon-to-be wife our our mighty Führer shouldn't be stumbling around alone in the street, so I ordered sedation once again."

Gilbert glared.

"...which was administered by injection this time!" He added quickly.

"...Fine." Gilbert muttered, looking down to croon at the drugged beauty in his arms. Her eyes opened weakly and gazed into his, her hands frailly grabbing bundles of his tank top. He smirked.

"Told ya I'd catch you, liebe."

"B...B-Bastard..." Eli breathed.

"Aw, babe, I missed you too~" Gilbert's grin grew, turning back to his Lieutenant. "You drug Roddy, as well?"

Lehmann nodded. "We hardly touched the casualty," He motioned to Elizaveta. "as you ordered, but we though it best to do more with the captive." Two more blue clad men emerged from the vehicle, dragging a bedraggled, beaten, half conscious Austrian by the elbows, heels digging a path through the snow. He was gagged, handcuffs, the works. It pleased the Prussian immensely to see him still in his tore up, blood stained coat.

Who's the uncivilized one now, Roddy? The albino though with a mischevious grin.

"Looks like your unit may not be completely useless after all, Lehmann. They sure know how to restrain a man."

"Danke, Führer."

"Here, hold her for a sec, would ya?" Gilbert suddenly approached Lehmann, unloading Eliza into his surprised arms.

"Aah, s-sure...?"

"But NO touching, any of you." Gilbert eyed the torn-open side of Lizzie's skimpy nightgown, half her torso, not to mention bra, out in the open. His gaze then turned on every soldier who'd exited an army vehicle. "I'll only be gone for a second. Remember, Lehmann, if any of your men try anything, or if you do - dull switchblade."

"I'd - we'd never think of such things, Herr Führer. You have this proud Lieutenant's promise."

Gil scoffed. "Yeah, whatever that's worth." He then reached down to the step again, grabbing the beer bottle by the neck. With great strength, he smashed it down on the stone step, it's end shattering into hundreds of splintered shards and leaving a dagger-like glass weapon in his grip.

"Bring Roddy and follow me." Gilbert demanded, glaring at the two soldiers holding him. The
complied, following suit as Prussia trudged through the deep snow drifts and headed for the corner of his mansion.

Through tired, but desperate eyes, Elizaveta gazed to her beloved piano played as he was carted away from her again. This time, his eyes creaked open, and though far away, the first thing he saw was her.

"Roderich," She murmured, voice soft and eyes glazed as she attempted to stand on her own two feet under Lehmann's support. "R-Roderich, d-don't leave me again!"

His gaze quivered, speaking it's own language to her just as he disappeared around the house. Two small fragments of speech that Lizzie couldn't hear, but read from his eyes in the last moment he was in her vision.

"Forgive me."

There was a dead silence between the unit soldiers and the brunette woman. They couldn't see anything. They couldn't hear anything. They could only guess what was going on, and even woozy Elizaveta understood the situation.

Lehmann looked down at Elizaveta breifly. "You'll make a very suitable wife for Herr Beillschmidt. By looks, at least, you definitely meet his high standards, Miss."

"I-I..." She returned his gaze and began feebly pulling out of his grip, easier now that she was standing. "I'm not m-marrying Gil, I've already got a h-husband."

Lehmann gave her a curious look. "Who?"

"The man your...lackeys just c-carried away."

"Oh," he smirked. "Not for long."

A pain filled groan, then all out shreiks were muffled, but audible through the empty winter's air. Lizzie turned quickly at the noises and slipped on a patch of ice under a foot, Lehmann having to catch her and hold her up due to her lack of strength. The excruciating sounds finished not long after beginning, the last cutting off loudly, like a scream, and casting a eery echo that reverberated through the trees around the mansion.

Gilbert re-emerged from around the corner, wife beater splattered with crimson plasma, hands completely soaked, and a few stray drops on his face. He tossed the blood coated broken bottle to a soldier and rubbed off his hands on his pants as he stepped closer to Elizaveta and the Lieutenant.

"Order your men to help other two clean up." He demanded, lapping leftover blood off of his thumb.

"Of course, sir." The man whistled to his troops, waving his commands to the soldiers. The Prussian Blues filed away behind the house until only their commander was left.

"Make sure you men make quick work of the mess, I want you all gone from my sights in the next 10 minutes." Gilbert opened his arms. "...Well? Gimme my girl."

"Oh, er, right." Lehmann gently shoved Eli forwards. She tripped over her own feet and landed face first in Gilbert's chest. The albino quickly wrapped his arms around her waist so she could not escape him.

"Lizzie, my precious, I've been so worried~ You were very naughty, running away like that. I'll have to teach my bad girl a lesson, now won't I?" Gilbert beamed, a hand sliding down and grabbing her ass. She flinched, too faint to phsically thwart his gropage.

"..." Lehmann cleared his throat awkwardly. "I-I should, uh, help my unit." He threw a hand up to his forhead, waiting his General's matching salute.

Gil gave it carelessly. "Adieu, Lehmann. Hopefully this is the last time I'll have the displeasure of meeting you in person."

The light haired man jogged off and rounded the corner of the building, leaving the two alone once more.

"Well hi there," Gilbert grinned, his second hand meeting his first as they both began cupping and fondling Elizaveta's backside.

The brunette didn't seem to even notice his perverted feeling, too preoccupied with the last, gagged sounds of her expiring husband.

"W-What did you...do t-to Roderich?" She sqeaked.

"Oh, just now?" Gilbert desisted his molestation and returned an arm to her waist, turning them around and pulling her along side him up the front step and through the front door.

"Y'know how were are, the best of buds, me and him. We had a quaint little chat and grabbed cup of tea," he shut the door and locked the numerous devises with one hand, then coiled Elizaveta back into his embrace and replacing his hands on her rear, in an identical position to that moments before. "then I smacked him around a bit, carved my name into the bare flesh on his chest, and slit his throat like bleeding out livestock~"

There was nothing left for Elizaveta to even be sad about.

At this point, what he'd just said wasn't even shocking. He'd taken everything, her normal life, her happiness, her husband, and what she before hated to admit was her friend Gilbert. He was not Gil anymore, nor would she be able to view him as such through her scarred eyes. He had completely transformed into the Empire of Prussia, Modern Day Eastern Germany, and He. Was. Deranged.

She couldn't feel the lone tear that ran down her cheek. "You...torzszülött!" She exclaimed, sitting her forehead on his chest as he kept groping.

"Y'know what else is a monster?" He smirked, removing a hand from her ass and taking her wrist, gliding their hands down his torso. Before she realized what he was doing, Gil had covered her hand with his and forced her to clutch the rigid mound straining at the crotch of his jeans. "This massive boner that's been stirring for years at the though of you panting and rocking under me!"

"Son of a bitch!" She whimpered, torpidly tearing her hand back and squeezing her eyes shut.

His hand grazed tenderly over her cheek, brushing away the tear's streak. He then leant down and placed a soft, chaste kiss on her forehead. "Oh, I'm not that bad."

His digits clenched tighter on her body for leverage. He flung Eli backwards, her tumbling blindly onto the couch. He was atop her in moments, clutching the sofa's fabric on either side of her head to keep her from moving.

"See? I told you it didn't matter where, when I caught you I'd screw you right then and there, Lizzie," he murmured hotly, leaning his face in close to hers as a sneaky hand pushed the one remaining strap of her nightgown off her shoulder. The garment crumpled down, and he removed it completely, along with her underwear, in one swift motion by pulling them down and off her legs.

He pecked small nips and licks down the side of her face and neck as he reached behind her and fumbled to break open her bra. He was sucessful in a short time, removing that as well and tossing it across the room.

Now stark naked underneath him, Elizaveta could only beg for an ounce of mercy.

His clothing came next. Gilbert slid his blood drenched tank off over his head before ducking down to Eliza's bare chest and taking his tongue and lips to her breast.

Eli moaned loudly, combing her fingers through his silver hair and digging her nails into the bed of his scalp. "G-G-Gilbert, fu...fuck it, s-stop - aah!"

The Prussian began unbuttoning his pants as he lifted his lips from her chest, eyeing with pride the blossoming purple welt above her areola. That fabric was soon kicked away as his hands took to her breasts, face floating back up to meet hers.

"You know, I was willing to forgive you," He panted, tracing her lips with his tongue as he pinched both nipples between greedy fingers. "For not trusting me enough to tell me everything right away, for kneeing, punching, and backhanding me, even for out little 'lamp incident'. I even mulled over the idea of letting you go." His hands slid down her curvacious body to rest gripping her hips. He snuggled his face in her hair, taking in a deep breath of the rich, velvety aroma, then moved back to gaze his rubies into her emeralds.

"Mmm," he groaned. "But now that you're stipped down and sqeauling, there's no way you're getting five feet away from my five meters."

He pressed close and captured her mouth under his, pure tantalating, lustouous sparks shooting down Elizaveta's ligaments, no matter how she hated to admit it. His tongue easily slipped between her lips, and his movements sang there own melody of victory. The muscle danced in her cavern, not a waltz this time, but a tango, and with every slight shift Gilbert made to deepen this kiss, the faster the tango's tempo got.

He broke the kiss for air after those long, astounding moments. Instantly after catching his breath, his quick hands moved to his tented boxers. They were gone in a flash, making both sweating persons officially clothesless. Gilbert looked down at Elizavetay and grinned his natural, goofy smirk before leaping off of the woman and plucking her from the cushions, cradling her in the bridal position. Gilbert carried her out of the living room and back into the hall, stairs straight ahead.

"W-Where are you taking me n-now?" She demanded, still struggling against his hold.

"I just thought of the perfect place to finally nail you, that's all." He began climbing the staircase, sanguine irises glowing the same shade as the smears on his face, smirk twisted in the corners the same demonic, sex crazed manor. "You're going up against the wet tile wall, babe, guest room bath. This started in the shower, and it's gonna end there, too."