Background: When Twilight was set Rose, Jasper, and Emmett were juniors and Edward, Bella, and Alice were sophomores. Bella was seventeen because she missed a year when Renee took her abroad. Now it's before Rosalie's and them Senior year and Alice's and them Junior year. Bella was changed in the ballet studio. Edward sucked the venom out but knew Bella wanted it so changed her himself. They came back and Bella just wears contacts. She has Edward's level of control and completely skipped the newborn phase of red eyes and super strength. On sunny days she stays with the Cullens, Carlisle having fabricated some illness to sun exposure she contracted in Phoenix. At night, she stays with the Cullens without Charlie knowing. Rosalie likes her now and treats her equally to Alice. The humans don't unexplainably fear Bella like the rest of the Cullens.

Rosalie: FHS Cheerleader – Meet & Greet

August 2009


I cannot believe I'm doing this. I cannot believe I'm about to walk into a sweaty, smelly gym that hasn't been cleaned in forever. I cannot believe I'm about to face a bunch of snobby human girls who's worst problem is whether or not to spring for a new manicure or save up for new heels. I cannot believe I'm at cheerleading tryouts.

Why, oh why, would a vampire be at such a stupid human event? Oh right, Esme. Because Esme and Carlisle thought that it'd be a nice punishment for me to join a sport or a club. They said it would help me to 'understand humans better'. As if, all that it's doing is cutting into my Emmett time. Because God knows that the seven hours of torture I spend from 7:10 until 2:10 in this stupid school, learning things I already know isn't enough. Oh no! Let's prolong the torture and add in a perky routine or two. Yay.

At least I didn't have to be here three days in a row, watching stupid humans fumble over a routine I could learn in seconds. That was what Junior Varsity or JV had to do. Varsity girls, which is what I was now forced to become, had to come up with their own routine and cheer. I spent the last two days watching all the Bring It On movies on DVD with Alice. That was to get the cheer moves down. I then had to watch an entire season of Make It or Break It On Demand to get the tumbling. I learned complex routines and tumbling rolls that some humans could never dream of. I made sure I could do any stunt position they needed [flyer, base, or back] for any stunt they wanted. I liked flying the best. And yes, I know that because I forced Emmett, Jasper, and Edward to base me. You should have seen their faces. Hehe. Even though I'm tall, I'll be the most advanced flyer there and they'll have to use me if they want the added difficulty rating at competition. Thank God for vampire agility and grace.

Getting back to the present, this was the last day of tryouts for the JV squad and Varsity had theirs today. We were all supposed to show up earlier to stretch and warm-up. Not that I needed any of that. There were some girls throwing back handsprings down the mat. Glad they pulled out the competition mats for the gym floor, I needed the space for my tumbling. You can't show off as much on those practice mats.

I got behind two girls dressed in oversize t-shirts and short shorts. Once they were finished I was face-to-face with the Varsity cheer coach. I did my research. She looked to be mid-twenties, younger than Esme before she was turned.

"Hi. How can I help you?" She asked.

I was really tempted to say 'I'd like a #2 to go with an order of fries and a large Pepsi', but I didn't.

Instead I said, "I'm Rosalie Hale, I'm here for the Varsity tryouts."

She smiled in a way that I'm pretty sure wasn't fake. "Sure, can I have your papers?"

I handed them over and she quickly scanned them. It was so pointless that I had to even get those forms. One of them was a medical form I had to get signed by Carlisle, a doctor. Then there was one saying that I wouldn't sue them if I became paralyzed for life because of cheering or ya know, died. Seeing as how I'm pretty much already dead that wasn't exactly an issue for me. Esme signed that one. Then I had to get a falsified birth certificate that said I wasn't born in 1915. Lastly, I had to provide a copy of my 2nd semester's Junior grades from last year, showing that I wasn't failing any classes. Seeing as how I had a perfect 4.0 I obviously wasn't. And that's a 4.0 in AP and GT classes.

"You're good to go," She told me.

I walked over to the bleachers and put down my red duffel bag with 'Cheerleader' written on the side in white and fixed my high pony. Most people had to put in fake cheer-curls, but my hair was naturally wavy and therefore didn't need it. I glanced down at my black Nike tank and red cheer shorts. I had on regulation cheer shoes that Alice had told me all the Forks cheerleaders had. (Link on Profile)

I watched as some of the other girls, veterans I'm guessing by their attitudes, chilled on the sides. I bet they don't even have to tryout, that this is all just procedure and they'd make the team if they just showed up. So fair. Their stuck-up attitudes greatly contrasted with the first-time JV girls or the ones who didn't know if they'd make the transition from JV to Varsity.

A girl dressed similarly to me dropped her stuff next to mine and smiled warmly at me. She looks to be a Senior and from how I heard her talking to the coach, she's a veteran. I guess not all of the cheerleaders here fit that mean-girl stereotype. She seemed genuinely nice. She was pretty with wavy brown hair and looked natural, not like those girls that put on so much make-up you lose sight of their face.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie," I said sweetly, sitting down next to her. Wow, didn't expect that niceness. Maybe this will be good for me. I glanced over at some of the other Varsity. Maybe not.

"Like the flower," she smiled, "Mine's Sabrina."

It was my turn to smile, "Like the witch."

"Yeah, and before you ask, no I don't have a talking cat named Salem," She added in a good-natured way.

"So you seasoned?" I asked.

"Yep, this is my 7th. Winter and fall every year since freshman. And before that I was All-stars. I just love cheering, ever since I was little. You?" She said.

"Kinda," I said passively. "Not here though."

"Well, you'll probably do great. So, what's your tumbling? Here, you have to have a standing back handspring or a round-off back handspring to make JV and a double back-handspring or a tuck to make Varsity. I've got both and I'm working to perfect my layout. I always thank my mom for those tumbling classes as a kid," She informed me.

My 'mom' is the reason I'm even here in the first place, but I refuse to think about that.

"I'm pretty good. I did a lot of gymnastics at my last school."

We sat quietly for a little while, stretching.

"So, what's the deal with the Plastics over there?" I asked her.

She giggled a little at my Mean Girls reference. "Oh, them. They think they rule the school because Lauren's been captain of the squad since freshman year. I just wish someone would come and put her in her place. Then her two lackies, Jessica and Jamie, are just as bad. They're always co-captains cause no one else wants to put up with Lauren. They follow her around like lost little puppies. And," She lowered her voice to a whisper, "They're not even that good."

"Really?" I said, egging her on.

"Yeah, they all just barely meet the requirements. I mean most of the squad does, but still. They shouldn't pretend they're all that if they're really not. Lauren's only been captain because her cousin is friends with the coach."

We went back to stretching and some light conditioning, when I caught some snippets of the conversation that the Plastics and posse were having, most likely about me.

"I heard that she went to Milan for Christmas and fashion week for her birthday," Someone whispered.

"No way! She's only with them for the payment checks they get," another voice countered.

"Totally," a voice agreed, "She came to them and begged them to let her stay. She cleans the house every day."

"Who cares?" A voice said. I was about to start liking that person when I realized it was Plastic #3, Jamie, and she more than likely had an ulterior motive for defending me. And here it is.

"Can she tumble? Cheer? Stunt?" Jessica asked.

"I bet she can't even do a cartwheel," a voice from earlier commented.

As they talked, they circled through the mats, taking turns tumbling. The Plastics' tumbling were all poorly executed and could use some work. When Jamie tried to do a standing tuck I nearly fell off the bench laughing. Let's just say she's lucky she's still got her teeth.

Sabrina suggested we go join in, maybe show off a little, and I hastily agreed. While in line, she told me how she had two other friends that were on the squad, Katie and Kristy. Katie had curly red hair and bright green eyes while Kristy had dirty blond hair and light brown eyes. They were fraternal twins and apparently their parents thought it would be cute to use names that started with the same letter. They'd be here right when the real tryouts started because they had a prior, conflicting engagement. They went through all the cheer teams with Sabrina and were just as good. She said that they were the best stunt group hands down, except for their flyer. Which was none other than little miss I'm-So-Fabulous a.k.a. Lauren. When I told her that I was a flyer she jumped at the chance and said that she and her friends would just love a change. We finally got to the front of the line.

"Good luck," I wished her.

"Thanks. I'm gonna try my layout," Sabrina told me.

I crossed my fingers and watched her go. She did a round-off, back handspring, layout. And it looked really good. I clapped and cheered for her in true cheerleader fashion.

Then it was my turn.

I made sure all the Plastics and their crew were watching. I waited so long that almost every head in the room was looking at me, even the nervous freshman and the Coach.

I stood in the corner of the mat and began my tumble roll. Running front-handspring into a front aerial, then another front handspring into a double pike. I stuck the landing. Before they could move, I was flying my way back. Round-off into a double back-handspring into a double full, perfectly executed.

Every single jaw in the gym dropped to the ground.

"Great job, Rosie."