Rosalie: FHS Cheerleader – Tryouts: Cheer


Day 2 of Tryouts. Emmett dropped me off and kissed me bye, wishing me good luck. Alice told me someone was going to seriously screw up their routine today so I couldn't wait to see who it was. Maybe that's too mean. Oh well. Hope it's Lauren.

I pulled out my EnV Touch and checked the time, 8:58. I walked through the gym doors and found Sabrina and the twins out stretching on the mats. I had to walk past Lauren and her clique in order to get to them and the clique just gave me dirty looks. Rude. So I glared back in my death-stare to prove a point. They were practically cowering.

I plopped down my bag and began stretching. Got to keep up the human façade. We talked for a while and discussed our routines then the Coach called the official tryouts together and we started. We filed onto the bleachers and awaited our designated slot time.

A few of the meek freshmen went first and did their required routines and tumbling. They looked good enough to make JV. A couple sophmores went next and one fumbled over the routine. I felt kinda bad for her cause she looked embarassed and probably wouldn't make the squad due to her mistakes. I'm guessing those were the only newbies for JV because the next person looked to be a Junior that had to make a the transition to Varsity. She'd probably make it, I decided once I saw her choreographed routine and double back-handspring into a tuck. A few more went like her, Juniors making the change. Then a new Senior tried out and she nearly fell out of her tuck. But she salvaged it and would probably make the team if only because the Coach felt bad for her.

There was a lull in the people flow and I assumed it was because those were the 'necessary' tryouts. Then Lauren, Jessica, and two other girls got up to do their extra routine. I was practically crossing my fingers hoping the vision would come true now.

Katie leaned down from her bleacher and whispered, "This is a first."

"I secretly hope they mess up for the number of times she fell on me 'accidentally'" Kristy said, putting air quotes around accidentally. Me too, I silently agreed.

Sure enough, they did. Their cheer sounded nasally and almost hurt my sensitive ears; their dance was so slutty a stripper would have been offended. But it was their added stunt that did me in. They went into an extension, with Lauren flying, Jessica basing, and the other two girls filling in the missing spots. Going up, they were shaky at best and I thought they might fall. They didn't, unfortunately, hanging in there by a thread. Lauren clearly had no grace whatsoever. I think a human Bella would have done better and that's saying something. Then they attempted a pop. Let's just say they shouldn't have attempted. The pop barely got Lauren out of their hands and she nearly kicked Jessica in the face when she piked out. But as she was coming down, she must have moved sideways or something because she ended up with one leg and arm being caught and the other two slamming into the ground. I bet it hurt.

Upon further examination, it was determined she wasn't injured, at least not physically. Her pride, on the other hand, that would take months to heal. Poor her, not. I've got to remember to thank Alice later.

The twins and Sabrina went after them. Their routine looked put together and well-planned. Plus it looked a lot more cheerleader-y than the last routine. I was seriously surprised when the a pole didn't fall from the ceiling during Jessica's routine. People smiled and clapped, a few jealous by their performance, knowing that they already had personalized spots on Varsity.

I knew it was my turn next, but I think the Coach was going to skip me out of courtesy because I didn't need to tryout like most newbies. She's right; I don't have to. But I want to because then I get to show off. I handed her a disc to pop into the boombox for my dance. It was a combonation of various PussyCat Dolls songs, Tik Tok by Ke$ha, and Let it Rock.

She smiled at me when I handed her the disc, the way one would look at a lottery ticket. I didn't know whether to be appreciative or disturbed. I settled for both, smiling at her as I strutted to the mats. I can actually strut unlike Lauren's pathetic attempts and strutting that look more like she's got a bug up her butt and she's trying to get it out. I was glad we didn't have to spirit onto the mats like I heard you had to at games and competitions. Thank God, I would have felt really stupid doing it by myself.

I did the cheer first:

Get ready for excitement

That you can't ignore

Forks High Spartans

All that and more

You've seen the rest

And what they can do

The best is here

The silver and blue

Yell silver and blue (I heard some of the cheerleaders yell it)

Silver and blue

That's right, I'm loud

The one and the proud

I'm going for the title

And making this one count

F-H-S Spartans

No doubt

I nodded toward the Coach, cueing her to put on the music so I could start. She pressed play and I started the carefully crafted routine that took a whole ten minutes to make. I pretty much mushed a bunch of Bring It On movies together and added my own style. I put in a jump sequence of right front hurdler, pike, and toe touch. A couple jaws dropped; I'm getting used to that. I think that it was because my jumps were to-the-T perfect, toes pointed and great execution. To finish, round-off triple back-handspring into a double full. Then front hand-spring and aerial into a 10.0-worthy split.

People clapped and I went back over to the bleachers. As we were all packing up, the Coach called us in.

"So, this is the end of tryouts," She told us. I was tempted to add a 'Duh' or an 'Obvious much?' to her sentence but I refrained.

She continued, "You guys all did really good and I'll have the lists up tomorrow on the front door. In case you can't get here tomorrow, I'll also be emailing you your results. If you don't make it this time, there's always next season. So just keep improving and tryout next time."

She paused. I was beginning to wonder when she would need to breath in there; I could hear her heart working overtime to compensate for her rapid-moving mouth.

"The JV Coach," She said, "Was unable to make it today. I videoed each of your tryouts and I'll be going over them with her tonight. We'll be making the final call together. But she'll be here when you start practice on Monday."

Joy, practice in Summer. That's just what I need to end my summer vacation with. Guess that's commitment for ya.

"So good luck to you all and for the lucky ones that score a spot. Be here Monday, same time."

I walked out the gym doors, with no doubt in my mind that I got Varsity.