Bella POV

I woke up with Renesmee in my arms she looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Her golden curls bounced up and down when she sat up. Edward left after graduation not knowing he left me pregnant. I stood up and set Renesmee on her feet.

"Hungry," she complained rubbing her tummy. I laughed and took her downstairs into the Esme's kitchen. I live with the Cullen's now that Charlie died from cancer. Renesmee ran over to Alice and she picked her up with one hand.

"Hey sweetie what do you want for breakfast?" Alice asked.

"Pop tarts pwease," she said. Alice smiled at her and pulled out a strawberry pop tart. I sat down at the table and yawned.

"Long night?" Esme asked putting a comforting hand on my back.

"Yea she wouldn't go to sleep until one in the morning," I complained. Esme frowned and gave me a cup of coffee.

Edward POV

Me and Tanya walked downstairs and started to watch TV.

"Were going to see my family tomorrow," I said.

"But I don't want to meet your family," Tanya complained. I sighed and then got really close to Tanya.

"Were going to see my family now go get dressed and will leave to catch the plane," I whispered onto her neck. I moved my head up and kissed her lightly.

"Ok," she replied. She got up and ran with her vampire speed upstairs. She came down 30 seconds later in one of her tramp outfits. I rolled my eyes and got changed myself. We got in my Volvo and drove to the airport.

"Eddie did you get us first class seats?" Tanya asked.

"No I got us normal seats."

"Eww." We boarded the plane and flew to Forks.

Bella POV

"Hey the mutt's outside," Alice laughed. I laughed and Renesmee's eyes lit up.

"Jake?" she asked.

"Yea you get to see your Jacob," I smiled. I grabbed Renesmee and walked outside. Jacob was in wolf form and I smiled at him he gave me his wolfy grin and I burst out laughed. He barked a laugh and laid down. Renesmee jumped out of my arms and ran over to her Jacob. He licked her right in the face and she smacked him.

"Eww," she giggled. I sighed and sat down. Jacob looked at me and whimpered.

"I'm fine Jake really," I lied. Jacob stared at me for another minuet and turned back to Renesmee. It was getting dark outside and Jake had to go. I grabbed Renesmee and we went inside. Everyone was gathered around Alice and I knew she was having a vision.

"Alice what's going on? Is everything ok?" I asked panicked. I became suddenly calm and stopped panicking.

"Jasper," I said through clenched teeth and then laughed. Alice looked at me and frowned then she turned back to the others and said something I couldn't here. Renesmee looked at me confused and then Alice danced over to me.

"Edward and- Edward is coming tomorrow," Alice said. Excitement flooded through me and Jasper shook his head.

"He's not coming for me," I whispered. Alice and Esme hugged me tightly and I cried on Esme's shoulder.

Edward POV

I stepped off the plane and breathed in a breath of the fresh air. Tanya got off the plane and fell on some ice. I laughed at her and she glared me.

"Well help me up," she said no humor at all. We got n taxi and drove to my house. When we pulled up I smiled at all the wonderful memories I had here. Bella kept popping up in my head and I pushed her back thought about Tanya. I loved Tanya now. We walked up to the door and I knocked to be polite.

"Just a minuet," Jasper said. The door flew open and Jasper gave me a welcoming hug. Tanya glared at jasper and he let me in. Everyone was gathered in circle and I heard two hearts in the room. I looked around and Bella and a beautiful little girl emerged from my family. She looked from me to Tanya and ran upstairs with the little girl in her arms.

Bella POV

Edward walked in the door and said hi to his family. He stopped when he heard me crying. Renesmee was wiping the tears away. I wish she didn't have to see me like this. Edward was looking around for something and I decided to step out from the circle. Edward's head snapped around and looked at me. I looked at him and the tramp standing next to him and ran upstairs. I shut the door behind me and fell onto the bed and broke into sobs. Renesmee came up on the bed and laid next to me. I hugged her to my chest and someone knocked on the door.

"Go away!" I shouted. Alice opened the door and walked in anyways. She ran over to me and hugged me close.

"It's okay Bella just please come down stairs," she pleaded. I looked at her and nodded my head. I grabbed Renesmee and descended down the stairs. I walked up to Edward and tapped him on the shoulder.

"I need to talk to you alone," I said. He nodded and as we went outside Tanya glared at me.

"What is it?" he asked coldly. I held out Renesmee not trusting my voice.

"So you had a kid with some guy you really truly love," he said. I nodded my head. I did have a kid with a guy I really truly love. I pointed to me and him and it started to click in his brain.

"Me and you," he said . I nodded and he took Renesmee into his arms.

"All be right back," I said clearing my throat. I walked inside and everyone was in front except Tanya.

"What the hell are doing out there with my boyfriend!" Tanya snarled.