Bella POV

Before I had time to reply Tanya grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the ground. I tried to push away but, it was no use. She put her hand up and scratched my face leaving a trail of blood to drip down my neck. Her face turned from fury to hunger. I tried to scream but, it got choked back by fear. I got light headed from the blood and tried to net pass out. Tanya grabbed my head and tilted it to the side. She started to snap at me neck and I finally let out a long scream. Edward came running through the door and he had a horrified look on his face. He grabbed Tanya's waist and pulled her back. The rest of Edward's family came running in and looked at Tanya struggling and snapping in Edward's arms. Alice ran over to me and sat me up.

"Are you ok?" she asked worried.

"Yeah I-I think I'm fine," I said not sure, "Just let me clean off the blood. I'm sorry." I looked back over at Tanya and she snapped again. I ran upstairs and washed off in the bedroom. I went back down and grabbed Renesmee off the ground. She touched her hand to my forehead and showed me Tanya on top of me. I flinched and pulled her hand away.

"It's ok she is not here anymore," I assured her. I made Renesmee some and put her in the highchair. I walked over to the fridge and got out Renesmee's sippy cup. When I turned around Edward was standing right there. I jumped and the sippy cup fell out of my hand. Edward grabbed it with cat like reflexes and gave to Renesmee.

"What do you want," I sighed. I looked up into Edward's eyes and they looked hurt.

"Are you sure you're ok Bella?" he asked.

"Yes, I was more worried about you guys and the blood." I turned back to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. When I turned back around Edward was still there. He looked down at my chest and I realized he was looking at the "B" necklace he gave me before he left. I put my hand over it and walked over to the counter. I set the bottle down and Renesmee started crying. I walked over to her and took her out of her seat. I put her on the floor and she walked over to Edward.

"I wove you daddy," she said.

Edward POV

I ran in just as Tanya was snapping at Bella and grabbed her waist and pulled her back. He tried to break my grasp but, I wouldn't let her. The rest of my family came running in and Alice helped Bella up.

"Are you ok?" my sister asked frantically.

"Yeah I-I think I'm fine," Bella said, "Just let me clean off the blood. I'm sorry." Her last line made me mad at how she was only worried about the blood. She ran upstairs and I sent Tanya to the hotel. My family gave me a huge lecture on how Tanya needed to go. I told them no but, inside I didn't what I should do. Bella walked in the kitchen and fed Renesmee. I walked over to Bella as she was digging through the fridge and when she turned around she dropped Renesmee's sippy. I caught it and gave it to Renesmee.

"What do you want," she sighed and looked up into my eyes.

"Are you sure you're ok?" I asked

"Yes, I was more worried about you guys and the blood." She turned back to the fridge and got a water bottle. When she turned around I noticed she was wearing the "B" necklace I gave her right before I left. Sadness and love swept through me. She clasped her hand around the necklace and her expression was sorrowful. Renesmee started crying and Bella took her out of the highchair and set her down. She came running over to me and I looked down at her.

"I wove you daddy," she said.

Bella POV

Renesmee ran upstairs to Alice's room and played with her. I was left to face Edward alone. He just looked at me with a wondering expression. I walked outside and the light breeze ruffled my hair.

"It's a beautiful sunset," Edward said.

"Yeah it sure is," I whispered. I turned to look at Edward and he kissed me long and hard on the lips. I sat frozen not moving and then pulled away from him.

"No it's not right I-I can't," I said. My heart ached and I fought back the tears.

"Bella, this is right. I'm so sorry," he said frustrated pinching the bridge of his nose, "How could I of been so stupid to not realize we belonged together." I looked up at him and he was telling the complete truth. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him. He kissed me hard and fast, barley letting me breath. He picked me up bridal style and ran up the stairs to his bedroom with the king size bed. He put me one the bed and we slipped under the sheets.

I woke up and the sun was shining brightly in my eyes. I rolled over and hit something hard and cold. I sat up and looked down at my naked body and Edward already dressed right by me. My heart raced when I realized what I had done last night. I pulled the little blanket off the bed and wrapped my self up in it. I got up and changed into clean clothes and went back to Edward. I took in a deep breath and sat by him.

"Do you really love me?" I asked.

"Yes and I made a huge mistake before. I'm so sorry," he admitted.

"Thank you for telling the truth." I said, "We should go downstairs." We got up and Edward took my hand and we walked down the stairs. When we turned into the living room Tanya was sitting on the couch and her head snapped over in our direction. My body froze with fear.