A/N: This one is dedicated to my readers with thanks and affection.

I love those 'ten things' lists, so I thought I'd give an early holiday gift as a gesture of my appreciation. This will make absolutely no sense unless you've read 'Favor me with Silence'. Everything in here is cannon for that universe.

Also, for those who have read my other series, the Age of Voldemort: Most of the things relating to minor characters are cannon for both universes. Specifically, the events Draco relates in 'Design of Space'(third on the list) also happened in the Silence-verse.

Special mention goes to my dear friend, Countess Black, for her continual help and support. She also provided the title.

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He still has his stuffed dragon from childhood. It's called Basil. When the Dark Lord was living at the manor, Draco took to hiding Basil under his blankets, pretending it was Granger he was cuddling.

He once found a muggle lingerie catalogue. As soon as he figures out how, he intends on purchasing Granger some things from it. The hard part will be getting her to wear them…

Greg might irritate him sometimes, but Draco's never forgot that Tiggy and Galten saved him from Wetherell McNair when he was 's why he punched Blaise Zabini in the mouth for calling Tiggy a cow when they were younger. Greg still doesn't know why Draco did it.

He still remembers all the words to 'Herby the happy House Elf' and sings them when he thinks no one can hear.

He draws well. Lately, he's taken to sketching Granger as she sleeps and then hiding them.

Of all the bad things he's ever done, speaking so disrespectfully to Father the night they helped Granger and Potter escape makes him feel the worst.

He genuinely believes Mother can make anything better.

The reason he combs his hair so much is he's scared he'll lose it like Grandpapa Black did. He's checking for bald spots.

He's embarrassingly ticklish. Getting fitted for robes is a nightmare. He usually just borrows one of Father's and spells it shorter.

He secretly wonders whether Hermione saw Potter and the Weasel naked during their trip together, and how he measures up.