Crabbe and Goyle:


He could do an impression of Snape that left the whole House roaring.

He had a secret crush on Looney Lovegood. He thought she had pretty hair. Only Greg knew.

His Mam knitted the ugliest hats known to wizardkind, but he wore them with pride.

When his Dad died in Azkaban, he cried on Greg's shoulder.

He knew Malfoy looked down on him but was friends with him because he felt a little sorry for him. If he'd known the phrase 'poor social skills', he would have applied it to Draco.


Ever since his Mam ran off with that Halfblood, he's wanted to hate her. Can't, but he wants to.

He knows Milly thinks he's thick and loves her because she doesn't mind. She just likes him for him.

He misses having someone to share the sweets Tiggy makes him. He's taken to Owling some to Draco.

He doesn't mind that Granger's a mudblood, really. She's the only one who ever told him she was sorry to hear about Vince.

He knows Lucius Malfoy is the one who paid Tiggy's bride price so Galten could marry her. He thanks the ancestors every night in his prayers. And pounds Draco's enemies to a pulp, of course.