Golden Stare

A Criminal Minds/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Chapter 1

Edward Elric turned over uncomfortably, what kind of crap motel had beds like concrete, anyway? Wait. Motel? He didn't remember going into any motel. In fact the last thing he remembered was...

Oh crap. Where's Al?! The gate opened when he tried to get Al back, but where was he? Where's Alphonse?! He looked around frantically. His entire body ached and his head spun. He was in an alleyway, laying only a few feet from a body. Blood pooled around it, it was a small body wrapped in a cloak. Oh, shit. Al!

"Al?!" his voice was hoarse and his throat burned when he tried to speak. He scrambled unsteadily on his hands and knees towards the body, managing to cover his knees and hands in blood in the process. He grabbed the shoulder of the still body, throwing himself forward towards it as he pulled it towards him. He was so dizzy but he couldn't seem to figure out why. The body rolled towards him with the force of his hand on its shoulder.

The woman's cold dead eyes stared at him. They were clouded and grey Ed squeezed his own eyes shut and looked away. Well, it wasn't Al. The relief that it wasn't Al lying there dead on the cold hard ground was drowned out by the need to get away from the dead body. The woman's blood covered his knees and hands as he desperately stumbled towards the light of the street. It was dark in the alley and the only light came from the streetlamps on the street. He tripped with his hand against the wall, barely catching himself. Pain shot through his head and as he tried to steady himself, his stomach turned with the pain and he sank down to his knees.

What the hell was wrong with him?

He finally made it towards the light but there was no relief on the empty street. He glanced down at his left arm. It was bloody with not just the blood of the woman but someone else's. His? He touched his arm and winced. Yeah, his. Blood dripped from his once white gloves and hit the ground near silently. He could barely stay on his feet as the dizziness nearly overtook his mind. The streets were unfamiliar to Ed. He staggered towards a broken-in doorway hoping for some sort of shelter until he could get his wits about him. He needed to stop the bleeding too if he could. He collapsed just inside of the door. His rolled back the sleeve of his flesh arm and glanced at with wound. It was superficial at worst. He pressed his palm to it and watched as he took his hand away. It wasn't bleeding anymore. He relaxed backwards into the wall and fell unconscious quickly. He was tired and bloody and so damn cold.


Reid ran his hand through his hair and glanced at the clock. It was way too late –or too early—to be in the office. Morgan glanced over at him and laughed, "You, pretty boy, look like you could use a good 24 hour sleep right about now."

Reid rubbed his eyes, "We all do—"

"No one is going anywhere until we get this son of a bitch off the streets." Hotch cut Reid off and slammed some more evidence down on the table.

"We know," Emily sighed and rested her forehead on the table.

"So we know he draws people off of the streets using the voice of a child calling for help, possibly a recording form the television or something he created himself." Rossi said, stoic as always.

"And then he shoots them after covering their bodies in shallow slices. Shallow so they don't bleed out but deep enough to be extremely painful." Morgan added, rubbing his temples with his thumbs and squeezing his tired eyes shut tight.

"The final shot goes to the forehead and ends it all," Emily sighed, her forehead still resting on the table.

"We believe it is a man but there is no pattern to the victims. He's a killer of opportunity." Reid said and rested his head heavily on his hands.

A knock came at the open door. The police chief looked as exhausted as the rest of the team, "Another body's been found."

Morgan swore under his breath and stood up quickly, perhaps too quickly, but he didn't show it.

"Let's go," Hotch motioned to Reid and Morgan. They left together at a painful, but hurried pace. Reid slept in the car on the way there though the ride was no more than 10 minutes long.

They arrived at a scene taped off with yellow tape and surrounded by cops and civilians.

Reid stumbled when he slid out of the seat from beside Morgan. Morgan reached out and caught his collar quickly to keep him from falling flat on his face against the concrete.

"You ok kid?" Morgan asked as they pushed though the crowd.

Reid nodded and they moved together towards the crime scene and ducked under the tape. None of them had slept in more than 24 hours but Hotch didn't seem very affected physically, despite the odd snap at the other members of the team. He approached the body and glanced at the wound on her head. She was beautiful or at least she would have been if there hadn't been blood smeared across her entire body.

"Time of death?" Reid asked the medical examiner.

"About 12 hours ago," he replied. "But I won't know more until I get her back for examination."

"Guys, look at this," Morgan called from the entrance to the alleyway.

"What is it?" Hotch asked, almost succumbing to a yawn.


The three FBI agents started at the large spots of dried blood that littered the sidewalk.

"That's not from our victim is it?" Reid said, more of a statement than a question.

"No, I don't think so." Hotch replied and knelt down, studying the sidewalk. "I think our unsub may have been injured. This blood might just be what helps us catch him."

Morgan beckoned a police officer over and they began to follow the blood.


Edward woke with a start, he heard footsteps. The people coming were making no attempt to be silent. He scrambled to a better attack position. He could get away if he had the right attack position.


"Wait," Morgan held out an arm and the others paused behind him.

"What's up Morgan?" Hotch asked.

"Someone's in there." He replied and drew his gun, the tiredness gone from his face with the new adrenaline.

The others put their backs to the wall and watched as Morgan edged around the doorway, aiming his gun inside.

Without warning a foot flew through the air colliding with his gun and knocking it out of his hand. The foot, along with its body, took off down the street. Without hesitation everyone took off after the flurry of loose blonde hair and red cape. The police officer radioed the other officers, "We're in pursuit of the subject, two streets over. He's headed east."


Ed glanced back; the men chasing him had guns. They were going to get him if he didn't get going. The flesh connected to his metal limbs was throbbing terribly and he was exhausted.

"Hold on kid, we just want to talk to you," a man yelled from behind him. Edward didn't look back, instead he jumped and grabbed hold of a gutter with his right hand and swung up onto the roof.

"What the hell?" Hotch yelled. "Follow him on the ground; he has to come down sooner or later!"

They did but Reid could see, even from his position on the ground, that the kid was getting tired. He was covered in blood and that was never a good sign, regardless of its source.


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