"No! No way!" Brown eyes flashed red, hair lengthened and grew wild, dark markings flickering into being. "Not on my watch!"

He moved.


It had started out in the usual fashion: Koenma calling them for a mission.

It was simple. There were odd fluxuations in the barrier between Ningenkai and Reikai in a park near Kurama's mother's home.

Yusuke was given a strange device and asked to go scan the disturbance, Kurama opting to go with him… 'just because', which of course translated into 'I don't want anything like that near my mother'.

Simple. Easy. Only assigned to them because they were nearest.

Or… it should have been.


For the record, neither YYH or LOTR belong to me. It'd be fun if they did—all sorts of things I could do with them—but they don't.

An idea I've been toying with for a while and finally started to type up. This is just a teaser-type chapter. The rest will be significantly longer.