The Greatest Weapon: Vindication


Spyro knew that the time would come, and after a couple of days of brooding over his eventual demise, he had decided there was nothing more to do but welcome it. He felt no pain, he no longer had to wonder why he had been killed, the answers came to him freely and without effort as though a waterfall of knowledge was being dumped into his brain.

"It was some ride wasn't it, Spyro?" a familiar voice asked welcoming him into the next world.

"Yes, Ignitus, it sure was." he replied smiling back at the new chronicler.

"Life, it always is the grandest of rides, and now that yours has reached an end you will now begin to fight to return to its glory, only to find that such a glory will never be yours again. Trust me I have gone through this same experience myself many times over. I think that only Shandra can relent my self-pity now."

"Yeah, I saw here just before my time passed, I think she's trying to escape back here to be with you."

Ignitus laughed at him briefly, "You'll get used to this life eventually."

"Oh, yeah, you already know that." Spyro chuckled briefly.

"You would like to see Cynder?"

"Yes," Spyro exclaimed his face lighting up as the joys their love had brought them returned to him and flooded out the lust for a return to life.

Cynder eased around the corner of the chronicler's chamber and at her first glimpse of Spyro's beaming face she full on charged at him in excitement. Spyro charged back at her and they collided into a warm embrace in the center of the room, no words needing to be said for the moment.

"Spyro," Cynder muttered lovingly.

"Cynder" Spyro returned.

"I'm sorry that," Cynder was cut off.

"There is no need for that now; there was nothing that either of us could have done. Beacon had been taken in by The Greatest Weapon. There was absolutely nothing that you or I could have done." Spyro encouraged.

"I missed you," Cynder replied pulling her head back from Spyro's shoulder and looking him square in the eye.

"I missed you too," Spyro replied moving in on Cynder's lips and slowly, gently kissing her.

Terrador came into the room along with the other guardians as the walls of the room seemed to fall away into an open view of the starry sky.

"I never thought this day would come," Terrador muttered under his breath while taking in a full view of the sky. "It appears that we have all failed at our jobs just when they were almost complete."

"Not so fast Terrador," opposed Ignitus who was gleaming with happiness. "With the guidance we have given them they will be able to keep control of themselves once again just as they had before Malefor. It seems that we have done them enough Terrador, they can get by without us now, and I think that is the greatest of things that we could have given them. Thanks to Spyro, now they are free from the opposition of dark energy once more. The Greatest Weapon was a manifestation of all of the fear they had, and it simply played on those fears to take the order, us, down."

"I don't think that it could have happened any better." Cyril announced.

So the world was free of darkness for the time being, but so long as there is good in the world there will be bad, this fate is inevitable of all things. Someday a new evil would arise and the dragons that had been saved by Spyro, Cynder and the guardians would have to bring up a resistance to it, but for now all was well.

"Oh, Ignitus, can I meet my parents now that I'm passed?" Spyro asked.

"You have already met them," he replied looking down upon him indifferently.

"Shandra is your mother, and you killed your father."

"That was my father?"

"Yes, I am afraid so. A close and odd encounter with a dark crystal when me and Shandra had hid in a cave from Malefor must have somehow concepted you. We may never know how or why, I can only tell you that it is. Even the darkest of things are able to create good, Spyro, don't make much of your father."

"Oh, I won't, I'm more Flash's son than I was that things anyhow."

"Spyro, you know who that reminds me of?" Cynder asked.


"Sparx, I miss that crazy little dragon fly."

"Yes, he needs to hurry up and get here too" Spyro laughed.

"You wishing that I was dead already are you?!" asked a yellow adult dragon fly that look all so familiar.

"Sometimes I do!" Spyro laughed flying over to him and gently putting him between his paws.

"Oh, come on! It's not fair!" he laughed from inside Spyro's hands.

Eventually they all started playing around letting themselves revert to a second childhood, their work done, their obligations complete. Joy for them now was endless. Even though they never again would ponder in the greatness of life, they had something even more to subside with: each other and that truly was all that they needed.

A/N: With my final days on this archive coming upon me now I felt that this was a most appropriate ending to my most popular series. I usually mar my endings with a dark and light out come and I think I have gone with a lighter side in this one. I'd like to thanks everybody who has stuck through this one and read it, it is you guys that allow this place to keep going.

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