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It was Friday afternoon at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry and his friends had changed out of their robes into their leisure cloths. They were sitting on the bank of the lake appreciating one of the last rare sunny days of the year. Ron was skipping stones on the water as the rest lounged.

"So, Harry, you are going to Hogsmeade tomorrow, right?" Ginny asked from his side.

"Yeah." He said watching Ron toss stones.

"Well, do you want-" she started to say.

"Oh great, look who it is." Ron said chunking a rock into the lake. They all looked to where he was glaring.

Walking toward them was the last group of people they ever wanted to see. Walking along the edge of the lake in all black was Draco Malfoy and his sidekicks. When they got within earshot Ron just couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"It's good to see you working on your tan Malfoy." Ron said with a chuckle to the long-sleeve clad teen. They came to a halt and glared at the equally pale wizard.

"You got a problem Weasley?"Pansy asked harshly from Draco's side.

"Only with that ferret next to you." Ron said making his friends laugh. Crabbe and Goyle cracked their knuckles which made everyone rise to their feet. Harry stepped in front of Ron just in case.

"Potter, I suggest you keep a muzzle on that weasel of yours." Draco said as he put his hands on his guys' shoulders.

"I'll try to, so long as you try to keep a leach on those bulldogs of yours." Harry said with a hard glare.

"Sure thing, Boy Wonder. Come along now children." Draco said giving Harry one last nasty look before walking off.

"Of course, daddy." Pansy said playfully as she skipped after him. She grabbed his hand and continued skipping swinging his arm as the rest followed after them. Draco looked down at her and smiled at her antics.

"That was odd." Hermione said as she took her place at Ron's side.

"Did he just smiles?" Ginny asked in shock.

"I think so but who cares?" Harry said "Let's just forget about him." They all nodded. Harry spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out trying to forget about Malfoy and his smile, which was slightly harder than he thought it would be.

It was Draco's thirteenth birthday when his parents gave him the talk. Not the normal talk about puberty or sex, it was even more important. They told him what he was going to become. He was sitting in his room reading a book when there was a knock at his bedroom door.

"Come in." he said closing his book. His father and mother walked in, they sat on the end of his bed.

"Drakey, we have to have an important talk." His mother said putting a hand on the knee of one his crossed legs.

"Alright, what about?" Draco asked a little concerned, it sounded very serious.

"It's hard to explain," his father said "but I'll try my best. Son, for generations the Malfoy family has had a secret. Back two hundred years ago on of our ancestors, Aldiss Malfoy, had a child with a vampire, Cecilione Tananarivy. The child was named Charnas Malfoy, he was a unique hybrid, and he had all the powers of a wizard and a vampire. Unfortunately, he also gained the thirst for blood.

Well, back then it was forbidden to mix the races, so one of the higher up wizards created a curse of sorts. Now, all the male descendents of the Malfoy family will have the "curse" of Charnas. Draco, you as one of the Malfoy males will also have our curse." His father finished and let it all sink in. Draco stared with wide eyes at his father. It had to be a joke, a sick and twisted joke.

"You're…….lying….." Draco said in a small voice. His parents looked at each other, his father looked ashamed.

"I'm sorry, Draco. I'm not, wish I was but I am not." His father said. Draco was in complete shock, he was part vampire.

"Drakey, listen, you will need a mate. They are necessary because only their blood can fully quench your thirst for blood. You will find them between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. You won't gain the thirst until your seventeenth birthday. Do you understand?" his mother asked as she finished explaining.

"Yes mother," he said ever resilient "but, how will I find them?"

"You will be able to smell them. One day you may pass a person and nothing will happen. Then the next day you pass them and you smell them differently. It is that simple. Are you okay, Drakey?" she asked squeezing his knee.

"Well, mother to be honest, no. But if that's how it is then that is how it is. I'll just have to get use to it." He said. His mother smiled and nodded but his father just kept his head down. "Mother, can I have a moment with father alone." He asked.

"Of course, honey." She said getting up and giving him a kiss on the forehead. She walked out after giving Lucius a pat on the shoulder.

"Father, what's wrong?" Draco asked once they were alone.

"It's my fault you'll have to go through this. Daily meals of blood, and having to depend on one person your whole life. Without your mates blood over time you will die. I'm so sorry Draco." Lucius said refusing to look at his son, he was too ashamed.

"Father, don't blame yourself." Draco said scouting over next to his father. "Yes, it is all really hard to swallow and I'm afraid but I would never blame you. This isn't your fault, it's no one's fault. This is how things are, and getting upset about it and blaming yourself won't solve it. I don't blame you and never ever will. I love you, father." Draco said wrapping his arms around his father's neck. He hugged him tightly. Lucius was shocked by his son's wisdom. He wrapped his arms around his son and hugged him just as tightly.

"I love you too, son." He said fighting tears of pride for his son.

That was how Draco learned he was part vampire. He had just turned seventeen that summer and the thirst had come. He was desperate to find his mate ever since. He was just finishing up a pint of blood before he did his rounds in the sleeping castle. Sometimes being a prefect wasn't the greatest thing. He finished the blood and threw the bag that it came in away. He sighed as he left his room to go petrol the empty hallways.

Harry couldn't sleep. No matter what he did he just couldn't fall asleep. After an hour of trying to fall asleep he finally gave up. He crawled quietly out of bed and got the Invisibility Cloak out of his trunk. H e silently left his dorm and the common room. He wrapped himself in the cloak and started wandering around the castle.

Harry knew why he couldn't sleep. He just kept thinking about what happened down at the lake that afternoon. Yeah, Draco had been a jerk but that smile. He looked like a completely different person when he smiled, he looked almost bearable; almost, handsome.

Harry shook his head violently at that thought. Why had he thought that? He hated Draco, smile or not. He was extremely disturbed by that thought. He had stopped paying attention to where he was walking.

Suddenly he slammed head on into something. It knocked the breath out of his lungs and went him sprawling out on the floor. His cloak was knocked right off of him. He sat up wheezing for breath and looked right at Draco Malfoy.

Draco had just been walking along when he plowed into something. It had slammed mostly into his chest, so his breath was knocked out of him. He stumbled back before falling down to the floor. He was sitting down coughing for breath when someone fell in front of him. The hall had been empty, where had they come from? When the person sat up he was shocked to see a wheezing Harry Potter in front of him.

"Potter!?! What the hell?!?!" Draco yelled as he surged to his feet. Harry scrambled to his feet grabbing his cloak as he went.

"What the hell yourself, Malfoy!! Watch where you're going!" Harry yelled back.

"I was watching where I was going! You were invisible for fucks sake! How was I suppose to watch out for you when I couldn't see you, you fucking moron! You watch where you're going!" Draco yelled down into his face. Harry knew he had a point but would never admit it.

"Go to hell, Malfoy!" Harry yelled into his face. They were having a screaming match inches from each other faces.

"No, you go to hell, Pot-" Draco started to say when a smell hit him. It was a new, delicious smell. It was his mates smell, he just knew it, but the hall was empty. Except for……Harry. He leaned forward and sniffed at Harry, he had to wrong.

"What the hell, Malfoy!? Did you just sniff me?!" Harry yelled taking a step back. Draco couldn't believe it.

"You're-" he started.

"Boys!!" a voice yelled from down the hall. They looked and saw the tiny Professor Flitwick stomping toward them. "It is the middle of the night. It is no time for a tiff. Now, I will forget about any punishment it you stop at once. Potter, to your room. Malfoy, you finish your rounds and return to your room as well. Am I understood?" he asked up at the teens.

"Yes Professor." They both said looking down at him.

"Good, now go!" Flitwick said putting his hand on his hips. They hurried away in different directions.

Harry hurried back to his room. He got into bed completely ticked off. He couldn't believe the nerve of that bastard Malfoy. He finally fell asleep after an hour of cussing Malfoy out in his head.

Draco rushed through his rounds and then hurried to his room. He slammed the door behind himself. He was panting as he leaned against the heavy wooden door of his single room. He had smelt his mate and it was Harry Potter. It was impossible but he knew it was true. His body had reacted to the smell, he had instantly wanted to drink Harrys blood and other things had reacted. He glared down below his waist. He huffed as he changed into his night cloths and climbed into bed. He was extremely thirsty but he knew the blood in the refrigerator that he kept in his room would do nothing for him. He curled up into a ball and tried to sleep but he couldn't. He didn't get a minute of sleep that night and by morning he knew he needed to talk to Harry. He just didn't know how it would go over.

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