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Harry didn't know what to do. All of his years at Hogswarts Draco had been an object of hate. Now he was just confused. Draco being part vampire wasn't that odd, it was the wizarding world he lived in after all. Stranger beings existed. The fact that Draco needed a mate wasn't that bizarre, make sense in a way. Now, the fact he was said mate is what threw Harry.

To think all his friends seemed to do is bad mouth Draco and get into arguments with him. If they knew he had just had his lips on that mouth that insults them so much, they would be furious. In all fairness he also used to be like them. If it was a trash talk Malfoy party he was the king of it. However, since that moment in the corridor in the middle of the night something inside him had changed.

It was now like he cared for the tall blonde. Draco said they were subconsciously drawn to each other because of being mates. Does that make these feelings then? Could his view of Draco change literally over night? When did he start to refer to the teen on a first name basis? Harry hugged himself, he was scared.

Not because Draco was a guy. Harry had known for years he was gay, having once had a crush on Cedric Diggory but that didn't last past third year. Even with all his issues with Draco over the years, even before all of this he could admit to himself at least the taller male was attractive. However, now he saw him in an even greater light; the pale skin, which must have some vampiric roots to be so luminescent. The light blonde hair that fell to his ears and graced his forehead. His lips where thin, masculine with the faintest tint of pink. He was so tall, well over six feet but that height didn't come with a willowy body, he had hard tone lean muscle covering his frame. The most captivating thing about him was his eyes. The smokey grey orbs could grab your very soul. Harry had never thought things like that about anyone before. Every other crush was just the usual "He's cute" or "He is smart" affections. This attraction was so thorough it shook him to his core.

Harry decided it was best to just stay away from Draco. He nodded as he made the decision. It was safer for him that way but he really knew it was only safer for his heart.

It felt like absolute torture. Draco knew he had screwed up horribly; he had gone too far too quickly. Ever since the night in his room Harry had been avoiding him like a plague. That was over a week ago. It felt like his heart had been ripped clean out of his chest. He couldn't believe that he cared so much for the brunette in such a short time but he knew it was because they were mates. His father had made sure he was well educated on this matter.

It had been ten day and it felt like he was dying. This was beyond the thirst he felt, which his pints of packaged blood could do nothing to quench. He felt so empty, broken without Harry near him. The distance between them was putting an unbeatable toll on him. That tenth night Draco dragged himself down to the Great Hall for dinner. Food was nothing to him when his thirst was this demanding; however Blaise and Pansy had begged him to come down. He couldn't just lie in his room withering away, as they put it. He had to agree. Draco had gotten to the point where every movement was painful, the act of walking to the Great Hall was excruciating. When he and his friends arrived to the Hall he sat down as quickly as possible as if his life depended on it. The pain in his body was like a unified constant stab. Blaise sat next to him and Pansy across from them.

"Draco, how do you feel? Any better?" Pansy asked, reaching across the table to grip his hand. Even that loving touch sent a throb through his body.

"Worse." Draco said through clenched teeth.

"Draco, talk to him or go to him. Do something! You're killing yourself." Blaise said removing Pansy's hand having seen the flash of pain in Draco's eyes from the touch.

"I can't. He is afraid of me. You didn't see that look of fear in his eyes when he looked at me." Draco said putting his head in his hands.

"Draco…" Blaise whispered at a loss then looked over at pansy for help but she was just as helpless.

At the gryfinndor table Harry sat with his friends and it took everything in his power not to look over at the slytherin table. Lately Draco hadn't been coming to meals but Harry saw him when he entered that evening. His skin looked ashen, his eyes sunken in surrounded by dark rings and he moved in a slump. It made his stomach ache to see him in such a state. Harry just picked at his food and slid it around his plate. He was afraid his friends could see a change in him but nine of them had said anything. They were chatting about pro quidditch scores when Harry noticed it again. That dull pain in his body appeared. It was all over, head to toe. It only lasted a second, a dull throb coursed through his body. This happened multiple times daily over the last week. It wasn't like real pain but like the ghost of pain. He didn't know why it was happening but in that moment he felt the urge to look at Draco strengthens beyond his restraint. He looked across the room to the other table and saw Draco was clenching his stomach and his face, though half covered by his hair, was full of pain. Harry felt his heart tighten at the sight and his body twitches slightly. Draco was hurting, he needed him. The worry grew inside of Harry but the issue of his friends was still present so he forced himself to keep his seat and his eyes back to his plate.

Draco held his stomach as a wave of pain coursed through him in a heavy wave. He needed to go back to his room. Draco slowly rose to his feet and moved to walk away when the pain suddenly intensified. He became lightheaded and the world dimmed around the edges. He knew he was passing out before his mind blurred like his vision, one name still decipherable. His tall body swayed then gravity grabbed hold of him.

"DRACO!" Blaise screamed as the other swayed and all attention was on the snakes as said boy fell over. The dark teen caught the blonde just before his head slammed into the wall. Snape and Madam Pomfrey rushed over from the teachers table to aid them. Harry was on his feet like many other students but his breath was coming in frantic gasps. His heart tightened further at the sight of Draco being carried out the Hall to get proper attention. Harry remained on his feet, his body felt like a live wire.

"What kind of dim wit faints like that?" Ron asked with a snicker. Harry snapped back to reality at that with his head whipping on his group of friends.

"I know! I wish he would have knocked his own head off." Ginny said with a giggle.

"Maybe he is finally sick of himself." Ron said making the group laugh. Harry stood listening and felt the strongest anger build up in his chest.

"I hope he goes into a coma." Seamus said, "Then he can see how obnoxious his own thoughts are."

"He just humiliated himself in front of the whole school, little ferret won't live that down." Ron said. The anger was creeping up Harry's throat.

"Knock him down a few pegs."

"See what it is like to be looked down on."

"Feel different."

"Know our pain." The voices had no faces as the anger reached its boiling point.

"Shut up all of you!" Harry said slamming his hand down on the table causing everyone to jump. "What makes you all think you have the right to say those things? You don't even know him. He has been through his fair share as well. Also, looking back, maybe if we hadn't been just as terrible he wouldn't have done the things he did in the past. He is a nice guy and if anyone else had just fainted you all would be worried but if it's Draco it's funny? It isn't amusing. He is obviously hurt. Why are you all so cruel to him? Cruel to the man I-" Harry's rant abruptly cut itself short. What was he about to say? Love?

Harry finally looked at all his friends; they were all in shock over his outburst. He ran out of the Hall leaving before they could say anything. He wanted to go to the infirmary, he knew he belonged there but he just couldn't. He forced himself to his dorm. It was still early but he went to bed anyway. He had too much on his mind and the sight of Draco when he collapsed had taken a toll on him. He got under his sheets and curled into the fetal position burying his face in his pillow but sleep was long coming.

The next day Harry just went through the motions of his day. He was kind of and by kind of, he was totally avoiding his friends. He sat in his classes but didn't learn anything. After his last class he was walking to the library, still in avoiding mode, when a pair of hands grabbed him. Harry yelped as he was yanked into a little nook in the hall. He looked up and Blaise was glaring down at him.

"Go see him, Potter." Blaise stated in a way that was meant to leave no room fir question.

"Who?" Harry squeaked trying to sound nonchalant.

"You know who, Potter. He needs you. I don't know just how much he told you but he will not make it without you." The dark teen said grimly.

"What does that mean?" Harry asked afraid it meant what he thought.

"He is dying, Potter." Blaise said bluntly. With those words all of Harry's hesitations vanished, he was going to see him.

"Where is he?" Harry asked with deep seriousness in his tone.

"They moved him to his room. Go!" Blaise said moving to make room for Harry to leave. Harry left the nook and his feet hit the floor running. He had never run so fast in his life. He made it to Draco's room in no time flat, barely watching where he was going it felt like pure instinct was leading him. He put his hand on the knob and the feelings in his heart became more intense but his heart felt light again. Harry turned the knob and knew there was no going back now.

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