I do not own the concept of this story, nor the plot. I adopted the idea from Basill, who wrote the original.

WARNING: Fem!Harry, time traveling, Dumbledore!bashing, swearing, and other things I do not care to name. Just be aware you were warned about things in this fic.

RATING: I am keeping it at T for now. I will change it when I need to.

Alice blinked, the scowled. She glared at the carpet like it was all it's fault for her having visions of her past. Her power couldn't be getting any stronger, could it? Or was whatever it was that was holding back her memory finally dissolving?

She wanted to know, really badly too.

The latest one had been of pain, like she was being tortured in battery acid as long as she was kept conscious. Burning pain that she had heard the others talk about: the change. It was agonizing, burning, flaming up her sides before making her feel as if she had blacked out. But there was another pain: betrayal, treachery, and a fire worse than the transformation. It burned everything it touched, leaving her no reprieve before it flickered and faded quickly. The change was nothing compared to that.

Jasper watched his best friend sigh as she finally rolled over in the king sized bed that they shared whenever, pulling the large white fleece blanket with grayscale wolves and trees decorating the bottom over her slim frame. When she had bought it, she couldn't help but just get it on impulse, which she almost never does when shopping. She usually plans ahead for that.

He could feel the depression descending again. Despite her bubbly nature, there were times when a strange sadness would wrap around his little sister and made her seem extremely depressed. It was at those times that Jasper felt practically useless, because when that happened, he couldn't do anything to distract her or take away her pain.

He walked forward, climbing into bed with her, wrapping arms around her waist. He buried his nose into her hair, which she had left alone that day. It was smooth and slightly curled, messy. It was the reason she spiked it. It was the only way she could get rid of the messiness.

Jasper loved it. He let his love for her wash over her, hoping to sooth her or to just bring her to the surface. This continued for a while, her steady breathes lulling him slightly. She could always do that to him. He closed his eyes, waiting for her to come back to him.