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Chapter 1

Today the whole school seemed to be in an uproar, the usual drama pushed back and out of the minds of the attending students. Something was going on, and Rin currently had no idea what that something was.

Rin Arai was a 17 year old space case. She had straight dark brown hair that was slightly layered with fringed bangs, it reached her mid back and if it wasn't just left hanging, then it had a small section up in a cute side ponytail. Her eyes were adorned with thick lashes, and were a deep brown that was almost always mistaken for black, they looked almost feline. These dark features set off her pale white skin that refused to tan or blemish in any way, she did, however, have a few freckles on the bridge of her nose.

The girls body was slender but did not lack feminine curves. She was only about 5'3" but made up for it with her loud personality, though she did have her shyness when it came to anyone unknown or not close to her.

She was currently biting her slightly pouty lips while starring out the lunchroom window in daydreaming oblivion, not really paying any thought to the atmosphere changes around her.

"Hey earth to Rin! Do you see how everyone is acting today? It's downright weird. Some new guy is apparently here and seems to be a really important topic today." her friend Ai asked

Rin came back to earth as a hand was waved in front of her face, and a finger flicked her slightly turned up nose, rather harshly.

"Ow! Ha ha no I really haven't been listening to all the hype…" she answered in her bubbly voice looking at the girl.

"Well I heard he is apparently full inuyoukai and sexy as hell!" another girl giggled.

"Ya, but I heard he is equally scary and doesn't seem to want to talk with anyone! He is a third year, but looks a lot older."

It wasn't as if they didn't have demons at their high school, but it was pretty rare to get a new one and especially one as high up as an inuyoukai. He couldn't be all that scary though, he was probably a cute puppy underneath.

"Has anyone tried to talk to him yet, maybe he's just shy?" Rin asked

"No, a bunch of girls have already tried to get something out of him, but his lips are sealed pretty tight."

That was strange, you would think a new student would be trying to make new friends, not push people away…

"Well, I'm gonna try to talk to him if I see him, who wouldn't want a powerful demon to protect them. Besides, have you heard how wonderfully possessive they can be mm mmm mmm!" Rin's close friend Chika spoke with stars in her eyes.

Rin just giggled at the thought of a dog demon following a girl around like, well, like a stray dog.

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned to see her guy friend Daichi scowling at the group of gossiping girls. Daichi was a tiger demon, and his scowl could be fairly effective.

"Would you girls, please, stop talking about that new guy, its not like some dog is that important anyways, right Rin?"

He looked down at her giving a sweet smile and a pleading look.

"I don't know, we haven't had a new guy, let alone a demon, in quite some time. Girls are bound to talk, I'm even wondering about him." she said with a laugh and bounced a few times in her chair.

"You're so cute Rin, but really, if you want a demon, I'm always open for ya." he said with a smirk as he leaned closer.

Daichi had already confessed to her twice in the last two years. She had politely turned him down, only seeing him as a closer friend or a brother.

It wasn't that she couldn't see his appeal though. He was 5'11" with bright orange hair, and bright orange irises. His facial markings included one black line along each of his cheekbones, and all the girls loved his almost feral look. The boy was a soccer jock, and was well built but not overly so. He knew how to sweet talk a girl and what they liked. But he just wasn't for her…

The guy was persistent though and just didn't want to give up on her. It made her borderline uncomfortable.

"…he he I'll um remember that Daichi. I'm sure all the girls here would be happy to take a tiger demon like yourself…" she said trying to act ignorant to his advances.

He just sighed and nodded while taking a seat next to her. No matter what she had said, he was always sure to put himself in close proximity with her. It had often intimidated the other boys, regardless if they liked Rin or not, or if she liked them for that matter.

"Well, I for one, am very interested to see this mystery guy. He is apparently the son of some big shot whose loaded, and this student is supposedly super smart. Most kids wonder if he is hiding his age, being a demon and all."

"That's true, for all we know he could be, like, 200 years old." Ai giggled.

"Daichi, you are really only 18...right?" someone asked while trying to flirt.

Rin started to drift off again and missed his answer, the thought of who this new guy was , floated around her head, as well as what her friend said about his demeanor.

All the students at the school had to take a mandatory course on demon history and culture. It was their way of showing their respect for the demons, and to educate humans on the differences between the two species.

Rin's favorite part of the class was learning about some of their mating rituals, though it always brought a blush to her cheeks.

Most male demons, full or not, were suppose to be rather possessive and were 'alpha' to their mate, expecting respect and submission. Though some breeds of demons were known to be rather affectionate and obedient towards their female.

It seemed so much more exciting then the typical human story of a boy meets a girl and they get married. Or at least it did to Rin.

She couldn't recall learning much about Dog Demons in class. They were a more rare type of demon. Rin knew one of her childhood friends had settled down with an Inu hanyou, maybe she could ask her about it…

What she did remember was that they were known to be very protective and found their mates through their scent, both male and female.

Wonder if he already had a mate or not… that could explain his attitude towards all the girls.

"Anyone know if this new guy has a mate yet?" Rin blurted out to the group without thinking.

"Uhhh, I hadn't heard anything about a girlfriend….why does miss Rin wish to know?" Chika asked while giggling.

"No reason, just a question, it would make sense since he wont talk to any of the girls." she said while she blushed lightly.

"Oh I hope he doesn't, that would take away all the fun!" Ai squealed.

"If he had a mate here, we would have known." Daichi reasoned.

"Really?" Rin asked.

The tiger demon draped an arm around her shoulder and nuzzled her neck. She tried to pull his arm away gently and not look slightly upset.

"Mhmm, dog demons know almost immediately when their mate is around. They have no choice really, unlike my type who prefers to date around before making any decisions." he said while moving his face away but ignoring her tugging on his arm.

"Oh leave poor Rin alone, Daichi. You can come over with me." A tiger demoness named Emi purred.

Why couldn't he just take her up on that offer? It would make things so much easier.

The conversation finally made its way away from the new guy and settled on the topic of new schedules for the beginning of the year. Courses were hard this year for Rin, she was only a second year, but it seemed the gods wanted her to drowned in school work.

"And I already have like an hour of homework for math tonight! It's only the third week of school, and already the teachers are pouring it on!" Chika complained.

"I hate my teacher for English! Geez, can't she at least speak to us in a language we can understand for, I don't know, like even half of the class!" Ai complained.

"At least we have most of our classes together, well except for poor Daichi" Rin laughed.

Daichi was a third year, so had mostly higher classes then them all.

"It's okay, we have all the same lunch periods" he said

All of a sudden, the cafeteria doors opened with a creak and someone stepped inside. Everyone went silent almost immediately, minus the small whispers that started up after a few moments of shock.

"What's going on? I can't see over Daichi's big head." Rin whispered to her friends.

"Shh, the new guy looks like he is looking for someone in here."

"What do you suppose he's doing, he's just standing there and looking at everyone. Really strange…"

Rin was trying to peak around all the people, listening to the other students to update what he was currently doing. This certainly was a way to make an entrance…

When she finally was able to get a good look at the new student, her heart almost stopped.

He was the most gorgeous creature she had ever seen in her entire existence.

"Wow…" she said, more to herself than anyone.

The guy had white hair that had a silver sheen to it, that reached to right below his butt. It looked smooth and she wanted to just run her fingers through it. He had bangs that reached his eyebrows, they parted in the middle to show off his blue crescent moon in the center of his forehead. His other markings were two magenta stripes along his perfectly sculpted cheekbones and deep red lining along the top of his eyes.

He was at least 6'2", almost a full foot above her, and you could just see how well he was built underneath his long sleeved neat button up shirt. His jeans hugged him in all the right place's, and ended in a pair of black and white checkered van's. Another strange accessory was, what appeared to be, a tail like fluff that fell over his shoulder. ( I couldn't not have the fluff in here ok?).

His skin looked like perfect porcelain, even lighter than her own and he had two pointed ears that were absolutely adorable and enchanting.. All together, he almost looked like an ethereal being or some sort of demi god left here.

During her whole inventory over him, she had failed to notice his making his way over to her, when she did take notice, she saw how graceful he moved, like a predator stalking prey.

"Look, he is coming over here!" Ai whispered.

Audible gasps were heard when he stopped about two feet away from Rin and just stood starring at her for a moment.

She could now see his eyes clearly. They were the most magical shade of amber. Like two perfect topaz stones starring straight through her. She was left totally speechless at the effect he had over her.

"Can I help you?" Daichi all but growled at him, his arm wrapped now tightly around her waist.

The strange demon looked at him and growled towards him in a most menacing manner, and then focused back on her and stepped closer.

He got right into her face and looked into her eyes, then he dropped his face down to her neck and sniffed around the juncture of where her neck met her shoulder. What was he doing?

Rin still had failed to move, even when he had gotten so close to her. He was making her whole system go haywire, and she just couldn't seem to move away from him.

He stopped sniffing, and then did something that both confused her and shocked her.

"Ow!" she yelped as he nipped at her neck and then pulled back to stare at her.

He had bit her! What the hell!

She lifted her hand to her neck and could feel the indent his fangs had made. What in the world was this guy trying to pull!?

"As you can see, tiger scum, this is now mine, get your disgusting arm off of it before I remove it permanently." he spoke in a low baritone voice that sent chills down Rin's spine.

"You bastard! You had no right to mark her without her permission, therefore it does not count, and I can indeed touch her however the mood strikes me!" Daichi ground out with a snarl.

"I did not hear her object, she feels the same pull, and I doubt she would want the likes of you anyways. Now your arm!" his eyes flashed crimson for a moment and he gestured towards her waist.

Rin still had not found her voice, still in shock over being bitten, in front of everyone, and having no idea what was going on.

"Rin, tell this bastard that I can have my arm anywhere I want it." Daichi turned to her and shook her a bit to bring her back to the present.

"Who are you?" was all she managed to say.

"I am Sesshomaru, and you are my intended mate, now tell this filth to remove his arm unless you want me to rip it off."

Sesshomaru, something about that name made her want to jump into his arms….wait MATE?!

"I told you it doesn't count you filthy dog…"

"Your what…? Daichi, I suggest you do as he says, cause he looks pretty serious." she said and wriggled a bit to get his to drop the arm.

"Good giiiirrrrl." Sesshomaru purred to her, before growling again at Daichi.

Daichi growled, but did drop his arm.

"And what if I say she was already my intended Sesshomaru?" he growled flashing his fangs.

"I do not see a mark on her, and it would not matter to begin with. You know the rules of the demon council. Mine."

Rin shook her head to clear her thoughts and then looked pointly at both of the men who looked quite irate.

"Stop it, both of you! Daichi, I have told you, I am not your intended anything. And you, I don't even know you, so I suggest you explain." she said trying to sound firm.

Neither took their eyes from one another, but Sesshomaru did answer her in his low voice.

"Inuyoukai can sense their mates, it is irrelevant whether you know me or not. I have marked you, mate, so no one else may touch you without my consent, no males, that is" he flashed his fangs at Daichi.

"E-Excuse me?" She squeaked.

"You. Are. My. Intended. Bitch." he purred to her and turned his eyes towards her with his still stoic face, though his eyes flashed with something more.

"Bitch? What are you talking about-"

The lunch bell rang, and everyone who had stayed silent until now, all hurried out of the room to get to class and begin to talk about this new development.

Only Rin, Ai, Chika, Daichi, and Sesshomaru were left in the room, all looking at Rin in quiet thought, or anger in Daichi's case.

"I must get to my class and you to yours, come mate." He spoke in a quiet but arrogant voice and reached for Rin's hand.

"She is not some bitch that will simply obey you" the tiger demon stated.

"I am her alpha now, so yes, yes she will." again that arrogant tone.

"Rin, I think you had better say something now…" Ai whispered to her friend who was still quite unsure of what to do.

"Controlling yet sexy." was all she could hear from Chika.

"I….Um…..we…m-mates….wha….I…" she stuttered

"Stop that and come" Sesshomaru stated again.

She stood up, whether to run away, slap him, or to follow him she didn't know. Everything that had transpired in the last half an hour came crashing down on her and her head seemed to feel extra light, her vision tunneling and going black.

The last things she heard were her friends concerned gasps, Daichi's growl, and Sesshomaru's gentle purring as his arms caught her before she hit the floor.

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