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Rin woke up feeling like a train had run over her head. She could feel the over head florescent lights boring down into her closed eyelids, and knew looking into light was not what she needed right now.

The lunch time experience slowly began to make its way into her mind, the strange angel looking man, being his mate, Daichi's growling, those amber eyes. It was like some sort of movie playing through her mind.

"You are finally awake, I see. Pathetic human woman cannot manage to keep herself conscious."

The deep baritone of Sesshomaru made her jump, and her heart speed up. She felt her self flush in embarrassment over her fainting episode, but it was a lot to take it!

"Ohhh…where am I?" she asked in a small voice, her quiet nature shining through.

"The school infirmary, that tiger wished to carry you here, whatever relationship you have with him ends now." he said firmly.

That commanding tone was getting to her, her usually pleasant disposition being overshadowed by this guys demands.

"For your information, he is just a friend, and I feel nothing more for him regardless of what he may feel for me. And it is not your place to say who I hang out with, thank you." she said in a sugary sweet voice.

"Actually, it is, I am now courting you and will be your alpha. Submit."

He didn't seem to talk much, getting straight to the point. It still made her angry. However, her curiosity did work its way to over power that anger.

"W-What do you mean 'my alpha' and 'courting me'" she asked and then attempted to open her eyes.

The light was not a welcomed thing, but his face seemed to calm her nerves, she felt safe. A strange reaction to someone who was trying to control her.

She looked around the nurses office, the sterile white walls seeming to move for a moment before finally focusing. Rin tried to look anywhere and everywhere, but at him. If she did look into those eyes again, she knew she would most likely be struck into silence , just by his mere presence.

He huffed and gave a light growl.

"Did your education over my kind teach you nothing?"

"We only cover so much, your majesty" she said in a sarcastic voice.

"Hn. Your sarcasm is not needed nor appreciated. I can smell it on you, you are my mate. Meaning that once I claim you and place a mark on you, it is your duty to bare me strong pups and submit to your Alpha. The proper Inu term, is bitch." he stated as if giving a lesson to a slow child.

She did remember something about Inuyoukai females being referred to as such. Though, to her, it still sounded like an insult.

"I am only 17 years old, why in the world would I want a mate yet, let alone think of letting you 'claim' me or having 'pups' with you?" she asked, more in astonishment than actual anger.

"It is simply what is to be. That mark on your neck wards off other demons, and human males as well, warning them that you are mine."

"So that's why you bit me…?"


Rin admitted she could be a quiet person, but this man was absurd. She could read his eyes fairly well, however, it would be helpful if he could elaborate more.

"Okay, so what does all this mean for me right now?" she asked hoping he would answer.

Just then, the nurse entered the room and looked between the two of them and gave a long sigh.

"Mr. Takahashi, how about you let me explain things to her, and you can go to class?" The woman asked trying to be wary of the demon.

"Very well, I will come for you after school, Rin." A thrill shot threw her when he spoke her name.

"Wait how did-"

With that , he left, leaving the two woman to talk.

Rin didn't know where to even begin with her questions.

"I know this is all quite overwhelming. I was not aware that Sesshomaru would find his mate so quickly, my apologies Rin." she started.

"What do you mean 'so quickly'?" Rin asked suspiciously, was this planned?

"He ended up at our school because he had smelled his mate within the building, or that was his thoughts. I had no idea he would feel the need to search you out, and in such a public setting." she shook her head. "Most boys would like to avoid finding their mate for awhile when still in high school, some even collage."

"Ok…Can you just go over what the basics are with him? It seems he is not into conversation." Rin half giggled. She had to admit, he was sort of funny in his silence.

But if what she said was true, why had he been so keen on seeking her out? He had to be only 18 or 19 to get into the high school, right? This was all so complicated.

"Honey, dog demons are a very….peculiar types. I know you guys don't cover them very much in class, but I would suggest you look up some information on them. Even I don't know that much of them."


With that, Rin politely asked to be sent back to her class and left with more questions than answers.

The rest of the day went by rather quickly, she not having time to chat with her friends or to run into Sesshomaru. But a lot of time to think.

The more she thought about it, the more appealing the idea of having a mate sounded. Hadn't she just been complaining over typical romance's? And this Sesshomaru was certainly sexy enough. Maybe she could pull away some of that tough domineering layer and could find the puppy she had imagined earlier…?

Or maybe she was jus bein her normal optimistic self.

She certainly didn't want to be totally submissive, but it was kind of an honor to be taken as a mate by a demon….or that was what she had learned in class…She could at least give him a chance.

By the time the final bell rang, Rin was determined to get her answers and to maybe get him to convince her to try this 'courting thing' out. Her hand instinctually went to the mark on her neck, she could still feel it so clearly.

"Rin! Finally! We have been looking all over for you!" Ai screamed as her and Chika found her in the hallway.

"Soooo how was the whole waking up in the nurses station next to a sexy asshole mate demon man?" Chika asked in all seriousness.

"Uhh….This wasn't really w-what I had in mind for my second y-year in high school. But it wasn't so bad. He was there so I guess that means he's concerned for me…The nurse said to research his type a bit though"

"Can we see that mark on your neck? With those teeth, he could give you a hickey in, like, two seconds….Damn! When do you think that will fade?" Ai asked.

"Oh wow Rin! I remember learning about courting marks! He got you good girly!" Chika laughed and ran her fingers over the bump.


All three girls turned to see the dog demon in question himself standing a few feet away. There was a considerable amount of room made for him by the students, the cafeteria incident fresh in their minds.

"Uh…hi" Rin said quietly.

"Hi Sesshomaru!! I'm Ai, and this is Chika! I really like your….fur thing!" the girls giggled.

"Rin. Come. I will take you home." he turned, and seemed to expect her to follow.

"Arrogant sexy bastard…"Chika whispered, forgetting he could hear them with his demon ears.

"I-I guess I gotta…go?" Rin said as more of a question and started after Sesshomaru.

The two girls waved and then turned to whisper to each other while giggling.

Once Rin caught up with Sesshomaru, she fell into step with him, he seemed content to not say anything, though he did place a light hand on her lower back to guide her, it seemed.

Everyone starred openly. A new student, a demon no less, and quiet Rin, together. It was bound to gain attention, though with all her questions, Rin didn't really notice.

"I usually walk home…so…" she said while attempting to turn down the street and out of the parking lot.

He stepped in her way and almost herded her back toward the way he wanted her to go.

"I will be taking you home from now on, mate. And picking you up, for that matter." he stated. That stoic mask never slipping.


"It suits my purpose." was all the reply received.

"T-this is your car?" Rin didn't know much about cars, but she could tell this was a nice one. It was a deep blue convertible mustang that sat low to the ground.

It was not as if some of the students didn't have nice cars, but this car was really nice looking.


He opened the passenger door and waited for her to seat herself before he lightly shut it. In the next moment he was next to her, pulling out and speeding towards the directions she gave. It seemed he liked speed.

The car ride was silent, he didn't seem inclined to talk, and the silence was welcomed to her, her brain spinning still. It did feel nice to be in his presence though. But why?

He should be some weird demon pervert who bit her and acted like a controlling prick with a stick up his ass. So why was she so comfortable with him?

Sesshomaru stopped in front of her house and opened her car door for her. He lifted her for a moment, and seemed to breath in the scent of her hair, before setting her back down.

"Be here on time tomorrow, or I will be forced to come fetch you inside the house." with that he sped off, leaving her feeling lightheaded from his touch, and downright confused.

Rin walked into her house.

"Rin?! Is that you? I told you that I wanted that laundry done! Did you do that? NO! Now I'm going to be late and it's all your fault!" a woman exited the kitchen and scowled at her.

"I'm sorry mother, I was going to be late to school and didn't have time to finish everything." The girl said in a soft voice.

"Just get it all done, and don't forget to iron those slacks I need!"

Rin sighed and smiled at her mother while walking into the laundry room, she would have to save thoughts of her demon guy for later.

When Rin was 7 her mother and father had been killed in a burglary while she was over at a friends house. The young girl had no other family and was put into foster care until age 8 where she was taken in by the Arai's. She had stopped speaking for awhile after the accident, and her adoptive parents had begun to think her slow.

They were good people, just with bad attitudes sometimes. It never felt right to get mad at them when they spoke to her in such a manner, when they had been the ones to take her in and away from child services and foster homes. So she would just smile and nod her head and do as they say, it was no use to get angry, and they did have their good points.

"Thank you Rin, now…go do your homework or something. I'll be back in the morning and your father will be home by 10." with that the woman left and Rin climbed the stairs to her room.

Rin opened the door to her room and collapsed onto her twin sized bed. Her room was covered in pictures of her friends and family. The bed had a nice, deep purple duvet and an abundance of squishy pillows. A small picture of her and her parents sat of the desk in the corner of her room along with her computer.

She supposed she had better get up and begin to get some answers about this whole mate business. Rin grabbed her phone, looking for advice and information from someone who had experience, before going online.


"Hey Rin-chan!!" Kagome squealed on the other line

Kagome Higurashi was two years older than Rin and was currently living about twelve hours away by car. She was mated to an InuHanyou named Inuyasha and Rin remembered her stories vividly, of when he first came forth with this information.

Apparently he was a real hot head and very indirect in his feelings sometimes, but Kagome had ended up being with him, after all.

"Kagome! I miss you!" the girl giggled into her phone.

"I know! I swear I'm going to take Inuyasha with me to visit you this summer! How is school going? Anything new?" Kagome asked in her hyper voice.

"Oi, wench! Who are you on the phone with? Is it that damn Koga again?! I swear I will rip him apart!"

Rin could make out Inuyasha's voice on the other end, and giggled at his jealous tone of voice.

"Hold on. NO ITS NOT, GET OVER IT!" she shouted. "Ok, ha-ha sorry Rin, so what's up?"

"Well… hehe funny thing today… you wanna tell me um all about inuyoukai? he he…" She asked in a bashful tone laced with seriousness.

"Why do you sound so nervous Rin? And what on earth would you want to know about DOGS! INUYASHA STOP TOUCHING ME!"

Rin heard a smack and what sounded like a growl, she couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"ha ha so I'm guessing inu's can be….kinda perverted?"

"Rin, you wanna tell me what's going on? And…shut it, you know that's just Inuyasha and his damn protective-ness. I might be pregnant so he feels the need to touch me at ALL times."

"Oh Kagome that's wonderful! But um… a new guy kind of came out of no where at school, and um, well, I'm apparently his….m-mate ha ha" She choked out.

"….INUYASHA! Oh Rin…that's so cool! What's he like, name, age, kind, etc! details girl details! INUYASHA COME HERE AND STOP POUTING!"

"Ok, bitch!, what did you want now? And I was not pouting!"

Rin began to talk, hoping Kagome could catch it all. She re lived the whole lunch room experience and then what everyone, including Sesshomaru, had said to her. By the gasps and growls she heard, Rin guessed they had heard her.

"Wow Rin, that almost beats my experience when Inuyasha pushed Hojo through a wall and picked me up declaring for 'all the males to back the fuck off or die'" She laughed.

"Rin, you're the mate….of Sesshomaru?!" Inuyasha growled out.

"Uh I guess so…" she laughed nervously.

"Bastard, that's just like him too."

"You know him…?" Kagome and Rin asked.

"Ya, remember how I told you I had a half brother, Kagome? Well his name is Sesshomaru, but he is never around me, can't stand the jackass. You got yourself one hell of an alpha there, Rin." Inuyasha said.

"Oh…great, so you kinda know him." Rin asked.

"Oh good Inuyasha, then help the poor girl! I hated you at first so I cant imagine what Rin is feeling right now! And I thought you said that he was an older brother? How could he possibly still be in high school?" Kagome asked while giggling at her mates growls/

That was right! Hadn't Kagome said her Inuyasha was really a couple hundred years old? And Sesshomaru was older…?

"He is older, by a century or two, but he probably is doing what I did. Inuyoukai need to be close to their mates, and demon council probably pulled some strings to get him into the same school. We don't really look our age and can pass for high schoolers, though Sesse looks around 20 by now." Inuyasha explained.

Oh god. He was way older than her. Though in demon years she guessed it worked differently. She would have to address that with Sesshomaru later on, if she decided to go with all of this.

" Alright then…And actually, I'm not really angry, I already knew that most male demons acted like this, besides the silence, he apparently hates to talk. I'm just confused mostly, and would like to know what I'm dealing with here. I don't know how to act or what this mark exactly means." she laughed.

"Your right Kagome, this girl is really positive, and a push over. Sesshomaru will like that."

"Don't be rude!"

"Alright, alright women. What do you need to know, didn't you have classes on this or something? Kami knows I had to go through enough of human health and history courses."

"Uh…what do I need to know? Like expect?" she asked.

"That's a loaded question, For now all you need to know is you're stuck with him. That's it. He's a possessive asshole when it comes to things that are his."

"And Rin, your gonna be hearing him growl a lot, one is a, back off, your too close to her, another one is a ,I'm not happy with you little miss, and the last one that I remember is this cute little purring growl when they're tryin to soothe you or something like that" Kagome said while giggling.

"How am I suppose to tell them all apart? I thought growling was just, well, growling." Rin laughed kind of awkwardly.

"Uh…Inuyasha, let her hear you do them"

Rin could hear the Hanyou's protests and then defeated sigh.

"I'm only doin this once, wench, so pay attention." He growled.

The three talked for the next half an hour, going over the beginning of a courtship and what it all entailed. It was definitely much more complicated than what Rin had anticipated, and some of the things that were expected of her if she liked him were rather embarrassing.

Rin would definitely need to look up more on the demon council, too. Inuyasha hadn't really touched on it much.

She went to bed later than usual, still giggling over Inuyasha's cute little puppy grrr's. This could be fun, if she could get over his attitude, and her own embarrassment at dating such an…animal ha-ha.

Tomorrow she would see if she could get more answers out of Sesshomaru, and look up some more stuff online.

She told Kagome she would call her once she decided whether or not this was worth giving an honest chance to and she would tell her more then.

Pretty simple right?….she hoped.

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