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Chapter 26

The air in the room was thick with the smell of desire, both occupants quietly panting as they intertwined on the bed in the center of the room.

It was only a short few days now until the council meeting, however blind Rin and Sesshomaru were to that fact right now. Rin had gained the birth control she had been seeking, taking the every couple of months shot as opposed to an everyday pill, and her

and the demon had begun to build into a frenzy as of late.

And today things were looking as if they might go all the way, to Rin's utter amazement. Maybe it was the look in his eyes, or the way he was feeling her up but it really felt as if something were going to happen to Rin….

And if that didn't rattle her nerves, nothing could.

Currently she was laying beneath the massive body above her as Sesshomaru trailed teasing kisses over her neck, licking almost obsessively over where he would lay his mark of claim. Rin felt as if every nerve ending she possessed was on fire, her mind trailing the hand that was teasingly rubbing her lower abdomen but never any closer for more than a second. She surrendered a sweet moan into the darkness when her boyfriend tugged on the lob of her ear.

"Se-Sesshomaru, please….." Her voice was breathy and quiet, though the desire in it was clear, drawing the aforementioned demon's head up from his work of courting marks. A dark smirk took hold of his features.

"What is it you want of me, Rin?" His condescending tone would normally have irked her, however the light sheen of sweat on his chest and back let her have some reprieve from the embarrassment.

He wanted her just as badly.

That hand trailed to the top of one thigh before tugging a bit on her still in tact and on panties, claws scratching lightly at the thin material. It was a few more moments before

Rin could find her voice again.

"I….stop teasing, y-you brute." She whispered huskily, using her own teeth to take hold of the perfectly pointed ear in front of her, earning a low growl that was as close to a

moan as Sesshomaru usually gave.

Rin was getting better at getting what she wanted from the man, knew what to do to work him into a frenzy so he thought he was in control while she collected the benefits.

After a mere moment of final hesitation, the underwear was slowly pulled down her legs, the large body above her leaning up from his position to get the item all the way off.

It always disoriented her a bit to be completely naked in front of Sesshomaru, as his stare never wavered while looking her up and down. Like a morsel that just needed to be consumed. A light blush settled over her features before Rin cleared her throat to bring the attention back to her face.

Gold eyes snapped to her own brown pools, a look of passion and…..love, hopefully, was dancing in the two orbs.

"You are beautiful, my mate…." The deep voice was much more gentle than normal, a tone Rin had come to associate with his behavior when they were alone together.

"Oh not really…" Denial that only a teenage girl could feel entered her veins, making her heart ache at the idea of someone as gorgeous as Sesshomaru even thinking that about someone as plain as her. She cast her eyes down.

Maybe she was just imagining his lust for her…

A hand cradled her face and forced her to look back at him again.

"I would never lower myself to be with someone I did not find worthy of myself, physically nor intellectually." The blunt truth struck her chest, making her want to bop him for being superficial as well as hug him for his sweetness.

"If you say so….mushy dog demon, blah" Rin blustered and rolled her eyes while blushing, diverting her eyes again from the intense stare.

The weight of the body on top of her was lifted and removed, causing a shiver to pass over her at the loss of warmth. Looking back, Sesshomaru was on his knees now betwixt her legs, glaring lightly at her and looking very much like the aristocratic being he was born to be. After a moment of hesitation, Rin spoke again.

"Fine. Your Rin is amazing, as the great Sesshomaru wouldn't have it any other way." She rolled her eyes again but was happy to see that her efforts earned her the view of Sesshomaru removing his t-shirt before his body settled back on hers again.

"Much better, Maaattee."

"I do try. But I think we need to even up the playing field a bit, it seems I'm always the only one that's naked and we just can't have that." Rin spoke softly, trying to put some humor into the suddenly serious atmosphere, her eyes begging the demon to go along with it to calm her nerves a bit.

A gasp resounded through the room when a finger rubbed teasingly above her clit.

"I can smell the apprehension all over you, Rin. Divesting myself of the rest of my clothing before you are more relaxed would be very counterproductive as to the direction I would like to head." His voice was teasing, but Rin could detect the undertone of concern as that finger rubbed up and down along her slit.

"N-No….I'm fine, promise." Her voice shook, but the look in her eyes was one of determination. Rin let her back arch off the bed when a claw ghosted itself directly over her nub, her breathing coming out in short pants now. She watched Sesshomaru from under her lashes.

Sesshomaru continued to let his hands play over her body while his head lowered itself to lay below her breasts, a soft kiss placed between the two. He seemed to search her eyes for some sort of confirmation, only stopping his ministrations to remove the rest of his clothes when he found it.

The sound of a zipper being pulled down set her nerves on edge, her skin crawling with fear and anticipation. This really was a whole new level for them and it was scary….

….Though Rin felt as if it were long overdue.

A set of grey boxer briefs were exposed as Sesshomaru neatly removed and folded his pants before throwing them on the floor, earning a giggle from Rin at his OCD neatness. The youkai shot her a look before leaning over her and bringing his lips to her ear, his hot breath shocking her senses.

"Are you sure this is what you want, Riiinn?" The girl in question could see the red tint that had taken over the usually golden eyes, as well as see the intimidating bulge going on in those briefs.

A moment of tense silence passed between the two of them as Rin thought her decision over clearly.

When she spoke again, it was with distinct conviction, her arms coming to wrap around her soon-to-be mates neck.

"Absolutely positive." There was a swift smile felt against her neck, before Sesshomaru set his lips against hers with a passion not previously felt. Rin let her mouth fall open when there was a nudge against her lips, letting the demon have access to her warm cavern.

There tongues wove around each others, before Sesshomaru took control and explored her mouth, his hands wrapping around her wrists to hold her down. Rin felt a jolt of hot white lust at the show of power from the man, surprised at her own feelings.

"You will be mine forever more now, Maaaatee." The deep timber of the voice in the dark spoke of untold emotions.

Soft kisses were placed all along her face, working the trail down to her collarbone and chest, all surprisingly tender as the demon obviously tried to settle her. A nipple was sucked in Sesshomaru's mouth, where he suckled it for a few moments before stealing her breath with a little nibble every now and then.

"Sesshomaru…." His name was a pleasurable sigh on her lips, her fingers digging into his hair and carding through it. Rin found most of her anxiety simply melting away as passion took over, clouding her mind to anything unpleasant.

The dog demon continued his work on her chest, switching between both breasts to make sure both peaks were a deep red, shimmering with his saliva and almost painfully sensitive. He gave a harsh growl when she tugged on his hair to bring his face back to hers, teeth and tongue clashing together as the sexual tension built.

In an abrupt move, Sesshomaru pulled back and grasped both of her legs directly behind the knee, widening the space he had made in between them. A kiss was placed again her inner thigh as he steadied her hips and leaned his mouth down to her nether regions.

Rin threw her head back in anticipation as warm breath fanned over the sensitive skin, her own hand reaching for a breast to help ease the pain of arousal slightly.

Her eyes opened after a moment of stillness, her body crying out for the denied contact as she looked down to see what the hold up was. Red eyes stared back at her in predatory delight, flickering back and forth between her face and active hand.

"Sesshomaru…." A questioning tone implied this time, those burning eyes snapping back to meet her own before he smiled at her causing his slightly lengthened teeth to pop out and press into his bottom lip.

That look made Rin whimper lowly in need.

"Patience, Riiin. Allow This Sesshomaru to prepare and pleasure his bitch." With that, he lowered his face to where the need was most, rubbing his nose sensually over the exposed skin before dipping his tongue lightly in-between her lips.

His tongue flattened out and ran the length of her nether area, the rough texture winding Rin's nerves up tight as a bowstring. Her body attempted to arch off the bed, but was held down by a strong hand on her lower stomach, keeping himself in control as always even when in such a vulnerable position and time. Rin allowed her voice to rise as that sinful tongue finally flicked over her clit, a heavenly mouth quickly sucking the bud in to heighten the sensation.

"Oh! Um…..Oh Kami, Sesshomaru!" Her hand squeezed the sheets while her eyes closed in ecstasy, failing to notice the whereabouts of her demon's other hand.

Before she realized what was happening, a long finger was being pushed into her wet passage, curling to rub against her sensitive walls. Rin clenched down and cried out, her eyes flying open to catch a heated glance from the demon before he was back to work.

"You are so wet for your alpha….your desire is climbing, I can feel it on my tongue, Maatee." The sexual words were making it harder and harder to form a coherent thought, as Rin seemed to have developed a liking for this sort of dirty talk as of late.

A fact that Sesshomaru just loved to abused.

A second finger joined the first as they were worked in and out of her body, Sesshomaru keeping up his oral ministrations at the same time. His hair was a bit mussed from her fingers and the light layer of sweat had only increased as Rin's body enticed him.

Rin had the passing thought of how she must look then, hair probably all over the place, entire body flushed red from the panting. A hot mess compared to the man in between her legs.

Those two fingers curled inside her body again, sending sparks off behind her eyes while a fang scraped against her sensitive nub. It was all so much.

Her hands sank into his hair again and Rin grew closer to her peak.

"I'm…..s-so close…oh fuck…" Her words came out in between her breaths in unsteady tones and volumes, everything focusing into one very specific point in the world. Rin's mind cried out that she shouldn't be coming before Sesshomaru like always, that this time was supposed to be different, but her body screamed for release as a final flick of a talented tongue sent her over the edge.

Rin barely suppressed her urge to scream his name as her body convulsed around those fingers, Sesshomaru working his mouth to work her orgasm to the very end, drawing it out of her almost brutally.

When her vision returned, as well as her senses, the dog demon was staring down at her in barely suppressed amusement and lust, his lips still glistening with her essence.

"Good Giiirl…" Sesshomaru purred, his voice taking on an even deeper timber with his demon side so close to the surface. Rin had the decency to blush before letting her eyes trail down to those boxer briefs again.

Sesshomaru noticed her line of vision and made a reach down to remove the only material between them, only stopping when Rin placed a hand over his in a clear 'wait a moment' sign.

"I…." She started out looking completely embarrassed, her hand shaking the slightest bit. Her youkai seemed to take this as a sign that she had changed her mind and began to pull away.

"There is no pressure, my Rin-"

"N-no….I just….let me do that for you." The words came out in a rush, leaving her even more breathless then before, her eyes looking down at her shaking hand instead of the red eyes she felt studying her.

After another moment, the demon seemed to become resigned to see where she was taking things.

"Very well." With verbal confirmation, Rin made a move to get on her knee's to better remove the garment, earning her a little growl from Sesshomaru. Her eyes turned up to his in question.

"I apologize, instinct dictate that you be under me in your proper place." She gave his a dry look but Sesshomaru seemed to rein his instincts in after a moment to let her have her way. Rin moved slowly but surely towards her goal, her heart pounding.

Sesshomaru followed her lead, though his eyes were clearly wary, and sat down to give her better access.

A small hand experimentally ran over the under garment, fingertips tracing the bulge before grasping the elastic band holding them up. Rin too a bit of a deep steadying breath before beginning to pull, sending her boyfriend a grateful look when he arched up to help her.

When she had successfully gotten the fabric off and throw on the floor, Rin could only stare for a few moments.

Sure it wasn't the first time Rin had seen the male sex organ, and she had felt Sesshomaru's along her belly or against her thigh multiple times, but actually seeing it made her nervousness return a bit.

Though it wasn't gigantic like some of the lame pornos made them out to be, Sesshomaru's….what should she even call it? Cock? Dick? Member? There didn't seem to be a word that she could think that didn't make her blush.

What ever it was though, it was clearly larger then your average bear.

"It does not bite, Rin." The voice of Sesshomaru brought Rin out of her head and back to the situation at hand. She blushed lightly before nodding absently, reaching a hand out hesitantly.

The dog demon hissed as she ran her fingertips around the silky crown, eyes wide at the soft texture and beading pre cum that was beading already. Gaining confidence at the sound, Rin wrapped her entire hand around the base and gave an experimental stroke.

It was soft skin stretched over a metal rod it seemed, though it obviously felt good going by the building rumble in Sesshomaru's chest, his hips beginning to pump into her small hand. This was the first time she had been so up close and personal with Sesshomaru's….piece's. He had experience orgasm from their heavy petting sessions before , or when she would grind against him, but she had never done this before.

A passing thought of bringing the organ to her mouth to suckle it as he had done for her made her lick her lips. She didn't think she was quite that brave yet, but Rin filed it away for future use, her mind wondering what he would taste like.

In her absentminded musings, Rin had failed to notice the desire building in Sesshomaru at her touch. By the time she felt the tremors rocking his tense body to was too late to react before she was pushed down on her back once again with a demon leaning over her, both wrist's held captive over her head.

"I can not wait any longer, are you sure this is what you want, Rinn?" His nose skimmed over her collarbone, fangs nipping here and there. Rin could feel the sex rolling off of his in waves, all tense muscles and held back desires, though she had a distinct feeling that he would stop if she said no.

One look into those eyes of his though, seeing the emotion swimming there, sealed Rin's fate.

"Make me yours, Sesshomaru…." Rin whispered into his ear while wriggling her body for effect.

The demon above her nodded in an almost grave way, as if this was the most serious thing he would ever do. Not that binding someone to yourself forever was anything to scoff at.

Ever so slowly, Sesshomaru lowered his hips back into position between her legs, his hand coming to grip the engorged shaft to line it up correctly.

They were really gonna do this, Rin realized, momentary panic over coming her at the thought of him regretting his decision at one point or another. They were really going to be joined here physically and then emotionally later forever and ever. No till death did them part.

Her mind was brought out of the panic by the feel of his cock's head nudging her entrance, looking for purchase inside her untouched sheath.

"I love you, Sesshomaru…..with all my heart." She whispered, noticing his ears perk but no answer was given in return.

That was quickly forgotten however when Sesshomaru began to gently enter her, his eyes scanning over her constantly for discomfort or change of mind. Rin reached up and gripped strong shoulders for support feeling completely surrounded by everything that the demon was, and now he was inside her as well.

"Are you ok?" The deep voice above her sounded concerned as her eyes shut and her nose crinkled a bit as she was stretched in new ways. She nodded her head briefly and hitched her legs up a little to wrap around his hips.

When Sesshomaru seemed to pause above her, Rin peaked up at him wondering if that was it.

"I am sorry, Mate." The dog demon spoke lowly while licking lightly under her chin in an apologetic way. Before Rin could inquire as to why though, Sesshomaru shot forward with more power then before sending a sharp pain radiating from her core to the rest of her body.

Rin cried out in surprised pain, her nails digging into Sesshomaru's back. Everything was still for a moment while Sesshomaru licked up the few tears that had made their way down her cheeks, a contented growl rolling through his chest to rock them both.

"Miiiiinnneee…My Bitch…" That tone of voice was having a strange effect on her as the pain turned into a dull ache, strands of pleasure breaking through her haze.

Red eyes stared down at her with more emotion then Rin ever recalled seeing previously, Sesshomaru seemed almost vulnerable right then. Wriggling her hips in invitation to get on with the show she reached up and placed her lips against his, pulling his body in tighter to hers.

"Ah!" Rin shouted out to the ceiling when Sesshomaru's hips shot forward this time, though the majority of her feelings were now pleasure, her sensitive walls pulling him in closer when he pulled away.

The dog demon above her was losing his composure it seemed as he appeared to fight with himself to be gentle, every muscle tense around her.

"S-Sesshomaru…..nn ah…." Rin let her voice go free as the world seemed to focus down on just the two of them, her hips beginning to thrust back at Sesshomaru though in a much more sloppy fashion then his.

The growling never really ceased as Sesshomaru buried his face in her neck again, sucking at the skin between her neck and right shoulder. He was letting his hands wander again, one holding her head so it was tilted back, the other keeping his balance so as not to crush her. His body was glistening in the low light around them, his own occasional grunts of pleasure urging Rin towards her second climax of the night.

Rin tried to move her head to look Sesshomaru in the eye but was surprised when this got her a snarl and flipped over onto her stomach.

"Wha- Kami!" The dog demon pulled out of her briefly to pull her to her knee's before plunging back in with a more fevered pace then before. This angle allowed him to go deeper as well, stealing Rin's breath as she tried to support herself on her forearms.

Two positions in one round, Rin could only imagine what their later couplings were bring about, her mind spinning as the demon thrust inside of her, fitting perfectly as if they were made for one another.

Pleasure pulsed between them, the smell of sex filling the room.

Sesshomaru draped himself over her back in a way that made Rin feel secure and nervous all at once. Like the world could crash around her at any moment if he were to move.

His hand ran slow circles over her stomach, dipping into her slit every now and then to push her closer to where they both wanted to be.

"You're so close, Maaaate. You must come for your Alpha, show him he chose the right bitch for himself. Prove to me you earned his mark, Riiiin" The voice sounded far away in her ear, her body straining with everything it had for release while the command helped her along.

The light hold Sesshomaru then took of the side of her neck with his teeth was what sent her over finally, a scream of his name echoing around them while her body arched as much as allowed.

"Mine." Was mumbled around her neck before Rin felt those deadly fangs sink into her exposed flesh, forever binding them together as one. She felt him pulse inside her as his own orgasm was achieved, her insides being coated in his seed, while his bite continued to hold.

Everything around and in her was him, and that feeling almost made her want to climax all over again, keeping her body shivering almost violently in aftershock.

Once the dog demon released her, he lapped at the wound to make her feel better it seemed, though it was only a little soar compared to her core which felt thoroughly used right then. Sesshomaru careful removed himself and went to lay on his back, pulling her with him as he did so to tuck her into his chest.

For her first time that had been…..a lot. And her emotions and body were rather drained, everything seen through a bit of a post collital haze.

Silence permeated the room while they both took in what had just happened.

"I love you too, My Mate."

A soft sentence barely spoken as a whisper sent Rin's relaxed body into action, her eyes springing open and her breath stopping in her lungs. She quickly turned her head to look upon her…..mate, now, only after attempting to fight the hold on her waist to no avail.

The golden eyes she had fallen in love with were back, and staring at her intensely while his mused hair made him look like a wild animal.

"I-I'm sorry?" She stuttered, unable to compute.

Sesshomaru rolled his eyes and gave a small snort before pulling her back against him, his chin resting on top of her head and a much quieter rumble rolling through his chest to calm her racing heart.

"I believe you heard me, but if your human ears have failed you I shall repeat it once more. I love you too, Rin." His voice started out half amused but ended with a feel of such tenderness that Rin could feel tears filling her eyes, sliding down her cheeks to blot in the fine bedding material.

"I…..um….That's g-good." She babbled. "Cause now you're kinda s-stuck with me for eternity and all…." Her tear choked voice came out muffled as she hugged that strong arm around her to her chest, interlacing their fingers together.

"Hn, as you are stuck with me."

With that comforting thought, Rin allowed herself to be held as covers were pulled over them and Sesshomaru settled himself around her, licking her new mark every now and then in obvious pride.

"Thank you, Sesshomaru." She yawned out before letting herself slip into a peaceful sleep.


"Katsumi would you please stop stroking Daichi's tail like that until after he isn't holding that breakable picture frame? Thank you!" Rin yelled out politely from across her front lawn, lightly laughing as her friend flipped her off when the rabbit turned away for a moment.

The day before they were to go to the council and Rin had had the pleasure of waking up with Sesshomaru still wrapped around her for the first time in their entire relationship. Well, ok not the first but it had been the first time he had unclothed and with bed head.

Rin had had to keep her emotions in check when the thought of what happened last night. Not so much the sex, which had her blushing like the school girl she was, but the three words she had finally gotten.

Her overall giddy attitude had clearly confused Sesshomaru, making him suspicious of her mental and physical state.

After he did a thorough look over at her health and how she was feeling, he had come out with a demand that she move in with him.

That very day.

Rin had laughed it off as a joke, but was quickly being pulled into it when her mate had shown her the truck he had rented waiting for them outside the front door.

So here they were, her parents staring at her in suspicion while all demons in the area were giving her varying degree's of goofy smiles and smirks. It was obvious that the high necked shirt she had begged Sesshomaru to let her wear was not doing a good job at hiding anything..

At least Kagome, Izayoi, nor her parents had seemed any the wiser with all the chaos around them.

Though she would have to be careful when picking out Kimonos later with Izayoi and Kagome, as the appointment had been set for that afternoon.

Rin set down another box inside the truck and wiped her brow, turning to look at her house and wonder why she didn't feel more regret leaving it. Her parents had been angry when she had come out and told them of her plans to move, but had been accommodating enough when they heard about the ceremony coming up.

Seems as long as she was married to a demon it didn't matter anymore where she went with him.

"Well of course he's going to mate me, what else would happen you silly puppy?" Rin came out of her train of thought to turn and see Sesshomaru standing over a hopping Katsumi.

She strutted over to them to hear what was going on that had her mate smiling like that. It made him look…..exactly like the demon he was, she realized with a giggle.

Sesshomaru looked up at the sound of her approach and wrapped a possessive arm around her, returning his gaze to Katsumi only after pecking her on the lips in greeting. Being mated apparently looked good on the man as he was being much more affectionate today then usual.

"What you guys talking about?" She inquired while looking over to make sure that the boxes being carried out were ok.

"We-" Sesshomaru was interrupted by an excited Katsumi, who grabbed the passing Daichi with surprising strength.

"I was just thanking your mate for the introduction into Daichi's life! I owe him for, like, EVER!" Rin and Daichi's eyes shot up to the dog demon in question, astonishment clear on their features.

Sesshomaru smirked at the Tiger.

"B-But….my parents introduced and…oh my Kami! What did you DO!" Daichi burst out, trying to pull away from the bunny who just wasn't having it. She turned bright green eyes filled with sadness towards him until he settled down with a sigh. Seemed someone was getting more used to a certain girls presence.

"I have known Katsumi for many years now and knew she was around your age. I understood her family was in touch with yours and simply suggested the idea of your mating to them to pass along. You did not expect This Sesshomaru to leave you unmated with my mate unsecured to me yet, did you?" Daichi's jaw looked as if it were about to fall off it's hinges while Rin stared in amazement at how underhanded her mate could apparently be.

"And I'm so glad he brought it to my parents attention! I didn't know you were looking for a mate, so when Sesshomaru said you indeed were I just had to jump at the chance." Everyone rolled their eyes at her bad joke, though she was still cute tugging on her ears. "Get it? Cause I'm a rabbit demon?"

Daichi did a face palm and groaned out loud, though Rin could have sworn she saw a smile tugging at his lips.

Rin shook her head and laughed at her friends predicament.

"Anyways, we have lunch with my parents but I just had to thank you before we left. Come along, pumpkin!" Katsumi pulled on a still stunned Daichi's arm and they left.

"You are a very bad dog, Sesse." Rin giggled, not really mad.

"I'll show you how bad I can be later, Rin." He whispered in her ear with a nip to her ear, sending shivers down her spine before she pushed him away in bashfulness.

The rest of the early afternoon was all it took to get everything loaded and moved out. Sesshomaru hadn't been that concerned about grabbing any of the furniture or big items, claiming she would have no need for them in his room anyways, so Rin had settled with making him take everything else.

She still won most of the arguments but was learning to let others go, as was he.

When everything was said and done both of her parents had hugged and kissed her with more emotion then she had thought they possessed. Rin had promised to be over all the time and have dinner with them when Sesshomaru worked late.

Even with all that happened, she was still young and not quite ready to completely start her own life without her parents.

"You take care of my little girl, you hear me?" Her dad spoke gruffly to hide his emotion, pointing a less then daunting finger in Sesshomaru's face. Rin swatted him on the back when he had seemed about to make a smart-ass remark, making him settle for a nod and a handshake.

After that Kagome and Izayoi had swept her away to the dress maker to pick everything out. Rin had never been put in traditional clothing, and was a little nervous about it all even with the two other girls excitement in the air.

Tomorrow they would arrive at the councils place and spend the night apart from each other, as was proper, before regrouping in the morning to ready themselves to meet the council.

"Oh this is going to be so cool! Shopping for your mating and then we can shop for the baby when it's born! I-I'm so happy!" Kagome only had about a week to go now until the pup was due, so her hormones made her a bit over emotional.

Rin handed the girl another tissue and patted her on the back as she blew her nose noisily.

They arrived at the Taisho's mansion, to her confusment, and everyone stepped out into the sunlight.

"Come on, dear, we're almost late and this woman is a rather big pain when kept waiting." Izayoi said with a shrug of her shoulders and a roll of her dark eyes.

"But…this is your house? What does she do, live in the basement?" Rin inquired as they stepped inside and headed off to the drawing room at the end of a hallway. Kagome laughed but just kept tugging while Izayoi patted her shoulder.

"Honey, there isn't much need for traditional clothing these days so we had to make a special request to her. She works for Sesshomaru doing something or another, only continuing her work with clothing for the council and a few choice mating's. Very hard to get her to cooperate too." Rin gulped in nervousness but allowed herself to be pulled into the room with a tall brunette standing in the middle surrounded by some of the most beautiful fabric Rin had ever seen.

The woman turned towards them and gave them a smile.

"Hello Mrs. Taisho's, this must be the blushing bride." The woman had silver eyes, the only indication to her demon status and her age, as they seemed very wise. Something tickled in the back of Rin's brain about her voice but she just couldn't place it….

"Hello Misaki, thank you so much for seeing us. This is Rin." Izayoi stepped into a short embrace with Misaki while Rin's eyes widened.

"Yes, I believe I've already sort of met Miss Rin here. I told you Sesshomaru would get your message!"

The woman she had talked to before Sesshomaru had gotten home! The seemingly young and naive secretary that took her message….

Rin felt her cheeks flame in further embarrassment when she thought of Misaki also seeing her freak out all that while ago at the party. Of course something like this would come back to bite her in the ass….

"Hi there…" She mumbled bashfully.

Misaki laughed lightly after hugging Kagome and then let her eyes go sharp. She obviously took her job rather seriously.

"Ok, you guys were a bit late so I'm going to have to work faster. Stand up on this step and hold your arms out so I can measure. You move and I may accidentally stick you with a pin or two, you got me? Splendid!" She clapped her hands while Rin marveled at where the nervous secretary went.

When she hesitated Kagome gave her a gentle push in the right direction. She stumbled to the top of a round white circle where three mirrors stared at her, just like a bridal store. Rin looked at herself and sucked in her stomach behind her shirt, suddenly a bit self conscious.

Misaki smacked her gut and pulled at her shoulders to straighten out everything, working fluidly with the measuring tape, not writing anything down but seeming to remember everything she spoke allowed.

"Ouch! Sorry, sorry!" Rin yelped after her arm twitched because of an itch. Kagome and Izayoi tittered a bit but looked away when she glared.

"Almost done, then the fun part begins." Misaki spoke while never pausing in her work.

Rin sighed in relief when her arms were let down and the seamstress began to pull out some of he fabrics.

"Ok, so I'm guessing we are going with the west's royal colors? Yes?" Misaki fired off while eyeing Rin up and down like a Barbie doll about to play dress up. Rin ideally wondered what type of demon she was and if it had anything to do with how tough she was.

"Of course! We just need you to work your magic on the design." Izayoi spoke up, her eyes greedily taking in all the choices.

"I know." Misaki answered sweetly, her voice sliding over Rin's skin raising Goosebumps. She could see how Izayoi called her potentially a pain.

"Just how did you get so good at everything in this field?" Rin inquired while the lady continued to shift through the fabric placing it against her skin and against the other choices. Misaki flashed her a smile.

"I'm a spider demon, detailed webbing and attention to detail are what I do." She raised her hand to blow on her knuckles in confidence, and Rin finally noticed how….spidery, they really were. Thin and pointed at the end, the careful way she held the fabric, it was beautiful in a creepy way….

But she didn't want to piss the woman off, that was for sure.

When Misaki seemed to have a decent spread picked out, she began to tug on Rin's shirt.

"Wh-what are you doing! We don't need to do that, do we?" Rin panicked at the thought of the mark being exposed in front of her two favorite female family members. Misaki just wasn't having it though as she used surprising strength for such a thin woman to pull her hands off and away….using just one of her own.

Oh being human really was stupid sometimes!

"Um, no. I'm sorry My Lady but you normally don't wear western clothing underneath everything. And believe me you're going to be hot enough in all the layers you're required to wear (women wear up to 7 with their kimono)"

Rin continued to babble and struggle, making Misaki roll her eyes in amusement.

"My Lady, you are already mated I do not see why you are so shy about your body. I'm sure Master Sesshomaru would be appalled that you are covering such a fine mark."

Everything seemed to stand still in the room for a moment while Misaki had a light bulb come on.

"Oooooh….secret, gotcha. Sorry, Lady Rin…."

Izayoi tore away from her seat and jumped up to Rin, an unreadable expression on her face. Rin, knowing it was futile to resist, let her and the spider demon pull her top off revealing the fresh mark.

Kagome and her mother-in-law gasped.

Rin prepared for the anger she was sure was to come next, her eyes closing.

Next thing she knew there was a mass of women wrapped around her, squeezing the life right out of her body. She gaped in surprise at the wide smile that was spread across both of the girls face's, and scowled at Misaki's innocent laugh.

"Oh, I knew that man was hiding something from me!" Izayoi cawed, forgetting the dress all together for the moment.

"I'm going to pull those little ears so hard!" Kagome followed.

Suddenly a million questions were being thrown at her while Misaki studied the fabrics and her body again.

"When did it happen? How was he? Do I need to tell Inuyasha to kill him?" Kagome fired off.

"Where did it happen? Was it planned? Are there grandchildren on the way!" Izayoi followed loudly.

Rin turned the color of a cherry and tried to slump down on in herself, mumbling answers and excuses for the questions. That little game went on for a good ten minutes before Misaki snapped her long fingers and brought the attention back to herself.

"I've got it! I'll have it ready by tomorrow and meet you before the ceremony the day after!" Rin thanked her while the other women waved absently. "I'll just be….taking my leave now."

"Wait, you can't leave me-"

"Congratulations, My Lady." And then she scurried out.

Rin groaned and tried to shush the girls in front of her, swatting their hands away when they touched the all to sensitive mark.

"All right, all right! That's enough. Freshly deflowered virgin here? Embarrassed? Settle it down ladies!" She waved her hands and they finally retreated to a better distance. Rin rolled her neck and sighed. At least it had gone better then was planned….

"Does the council know?" Izayoi asked while looking thoughtful.

Rin snorted and gave her a look.

"And I would tell the demon council about my first time in bed why?" Both women looked at each other, making her feel slightly uneasy at the glance exchanged.

"Welll…..as soon as you step in the building, they're going to know, right?" Rin nodded with a roll of her eyes. " But you didn't approve a pre-ceremony mating, right?" Rin snorted but shook her head.

"They won't take to kindly to being kept out of the loop with the heir to the Western Lands, dear." Izayoi explained.

"But Katsu is on the council, and he already knows. So why would it matter? And Kagome slept with Inuyasha before their ceremony. Which didn't even happen!" She said confused and a tad exasperated.

"Yes, but Inuyasha is a half demon, bless his soul, and the council doesn't really care. Plus, Katsu is just so excited right now, I bet you it hasn't even crossed his mind to be concerned about it."

"And we did too have a ceremony….it was just a human marriage followed by the demon councils reluctant blessing" Kagome smiled cheekily.

"Fine." Rin answered dryly. " Then what will they really do about it? Not give us their blessing to an already sealed deal?" There was another uneasy glance.

"Oooh nothing much….just cncl r mdlkasdla…." Kagome mumbled to fast for her to hear correctly. Rin shot her a come again motion.

"I said….cancel your mating to Sesshomaru" The words were spit out before she jumped up. "Oh, look at the time! Inuyasha must be expecting me home any minute! How time does fly!"

"You live upstairs right now, dear" Izayoi pointed out.

"Riiiight. And I had better get started wobbling up those stairs! I'll let you handle this, Izayoi! Bye!" She rushed out while Izayoi turned back to a frozen Rin.

She walked over and patted to new daughters hand.

"It's really not that bad, honey. And they rarely do that sort of thing, anyways. Far to messy." She laughed while Rin blanched more.


The woman kept going on in an airy tone, obvious to the tense girl right beside her.

"Oh yes, very bloo- um I'm sure it's nothing! And look, here's Sesshomaru to take you home! Love you both, salutations and all that! See ya tomorrow by!" The other woman sprinted out of the room past her adopted son.

Sesshomaru approached her wearily while Rin tried to pry her jaw back into place.

"Are you all right, mate?" He asked while pulling her into his lap to nuzzle her mark.

Rin finally snapped out of it and hugged Sesshomaru, using more force then needed. Her nerves all over the place again.

"Juuuuust dandy, Fluffybutt."

"We should return home to pack, Rin. It is getting late and we must be ready to leave at six sharp tomorrow morning. That only leaves us a few short hours before our separation from one another, and I would hate to leave my new mate without my scent all over her…." Sesshomaru's seductive words were ignored however while Rin stared into space.

"Pack, yes….."

She got up in a daze, her mind whirling with worry, and walked out towards the car like a zombie. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow but followed a moment later.


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