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Chapter 28

"Greetings, Lady Rin."

Keeping her eyes lowered to the floor for an extra moment, Rin bowed lowly while letting out a breath she hadn't been aware was being held.

Her eyes slowly rose as her posture was righted.

She took in the three demons seated before her, each placed behind a large connected desk type structure with wood that looked very old but very well taken care of. The designs carved into the front were obviously hand carved as the detailed work was quite breathtaking.

Curious eyes wondered along the rest of the room, the size of it being smaller than what she would have imagined, thought the ceiling was vaulted and rather high up.

This sort of meeting was clearly meant to be of a more intimate gathering as opposed to watched by others….she wasn't sure if that made it worse or better.

The walls were a neutral tan color, though tapestries were spread out periodically, each depicting scenes of what she could guess were the three lands. Three main tapestries hung behind each Lord, rich in color and depicting the symbols of their individual lands.

Or so she could guess as Katsu's was a moon in deep blue with crimson accents, just as Sesshomaru had explained.

The room overall seemed to be a giant arrow of color that gradually tapered over to the main attraction that was the three rulers of the lands that were centered on everything.

Rin felt her mood and observational wonder somber up when she met three pairs of eyes once again. Her back dropped into a bow again for her lack of attention span.

There was one woman seated on the far right, hair a shocking green while her skin was tinted a lighter leafier color. Her eyes were devoid of any color except for single black elliptical pupils that stared unblinkingly at the human before her. She sat very stiff in her seat.

The teenage human could feel the proper behavior that masked a more feral nature of the woman just roll off of her.

Her eyes shifted over.

Seated in the middle was Katsu, whom Rin passed over rather quickly as she couldn't quite look at him straight when he looked so serious. The lack of a smile of his face made him look like a stranger to her.

Though from what she had seen he was fully decked out in formal attire and his startling silver hair was held high in a bright blue silk embroidered ribbon as opposed to his normally relaxed ponytail.

She ideally wondered if he would resemble Sesshomaru more if he wore it down, or was it Sesshomaru would look more like him?

"Well come closer, human. It is meaningless to waste our time and yours if you are only going to gawk and further prove your insuperiority." She was jolted by the deep voice coming from the left.

Rin quickly let her feet take her further in before coming to a stop a mere few feet away from the demons before her, a small stand waiting for her to take position.

She guessed it was there way of making it clear that she was on trial and beneath them all.

Rin bowed again briefly while looking over the final demon.

Black hair left to fall free around him and a series of marks that covered his forehead. Eyes a bright ice blue that seemed to reach into her, searching her in a way that made her feel decidedly vulnerable.

"Forgive me, My Lord." She said a little breathlessly, now fully aware of the silence of the room.

All three seemed to shift before her as she spoke, settled even more into their roles.

A moment longer and Katsu stood up.

"Rin Arai, Lady Rin I suppose would be more appropriate at this point in time, you have been summoned her to be evaluated on your ability to serve as the Mate of my son, Lord Sesshomaru, heir to the Western Lands" His voice was stoic and it made Rin think of her own mate.

At least now she knew where he must have gotten it from…

"This is a long used tradition, human, and one we take with the upmost seriousness." The green woman spoke up, also standing.

"In less biased cases," The final Lord stood while shooting a look of contempt towards Katsu "you would have already been stripped of you mated status and Sesshomaru shamed for going against our ways and joining before approved."

The tension in the air could almost be tasted as Rin waited for them to continue. She tried to remember what she had been told before entering, definitely recalling not to speak before spoken to or asked.

"But as times have changed and new generations make their way to the forefront, we have decided to continue with this tradition, even if it has morphed a little." Katsu spoke calmly, not even glancing at the perturbed man beside him. It was clear who held more power.

"Yes, yes, time does move on, Katsu. As it moves on now why we dawdle and make excuses like children. Let us begin." The woman spoke, sounding the slightest bit exaggerated.

Both men seemed to nod in agreement while the woman spoke.

"I am Lady Mayumi, Ruler of the Northern Lands." She made a barely audible tilt of her head in way of a bow but Rin didn't have the mental capacity at the moment to catch onto the degrading action.

"I am Lord Satoshi, Ruler of the South. I believe you are already acquainted with Lord Katsu, Ruler of the West and conquered east, so yes, let us begin." The dark haired male spoke before seating himself once again.

The other two rulers followed suite a moment later.

Rin could feel her muscles tense at what exactly beginning would entail, every horrible scenario flashing through her head over and over while she was reminded they could sense her emotions through Lord Satoshi's amused look in his bright eyes.

"To be mated…" Katsu began after folding his hands in front of him. "Is not something as humans have made it out to be."

His eyes bore down upon her.

"For demons, it is not merely a piece of paper or short ceremony, an agreement between a couple and the government they live under. It is something stronger. Much stronger." Rin leaned forward in curiosity.

"To be mated is a commitment of the highest degree, something meant to last through eternity and into the afterlife. A connection that, if broken, is to feel the pain of having one's own soul ripped from their bodies." She shuddered at the haunted look that entered his eyes for a moment.

She recalled now that Katsu must know what he's talking about as he was on his second mating after Sesshomaru's mother.

"It is beyond human understanding, as well as their own mental limits, how intermingled and tangled together the two souls of mated demons become" Lady Mayumi spoke up now.

She pulled up one of her sleeves to reveal a shockingly blue colored mark that climbed its way from her finger tips to underneath the fabric of her sleeve. It looked as if blue vines were climbing her skin.

"Though each demon species show their mated status in different ways, the importance of it never falters nor fades."

"And you're lucky you're mated to an Inuyoukai, some demons mate by literally fusing their souls together." Lord Satoshi quipped while vaguely gesturing with his hands.

Rin almost wanted to pray for the woman who was or would be mated to him…

"Each species is different, that is indeed true, but as you are mated to an Inuyoukai now, I believe it is appropriate to educate you more on that front." Katsu shot Satoshi a look again.

"For Inuyoukai, the pull of a mate is exceptionally strong, as some species are slowly drawn to each other and court for a time, much like human dating, Inuyoukai are struck right away. It is a sort of….magnetic pull for both, or in your case, one party, a pull that cannot be ignored. It goes beyond like and dislike, some hate the connection and its absolute power, but in the end the two cannot be separated for long."

"Much like a dog to his bone, eh Katsu?" Even Lady Mayumi had to roll her eyes at that one.

"It is not to be taken lightly, Satoshi! You make jokes so easily, and yet your vote was to immediately annul the mating because of your feelings towards Lady Rin's lack of understanding of the seriousness of her situation!" Katsu attacked.

"I do not doubt the seriousness, Katsu, I am merely making a point that I do not think you should be such a one to lecture upon the importance and pull a mate has." Rin's eyes went wide at the blatant insult, before furrowing in confusion.

Satoshi picked up on it quickly.

"Does the girl not know of your own infidelity then? You are your human woman after Lord Sesshomaru was already born. Where was your pull then, Katsu?"

"You are making a fool of yourself Satoshi." Mayumi commented carefully. "Your personal feelings towards his situation and your own shall not be used against this case."

"This entire trial is a mockery! And we are all fools!" He shouted while Rin flinched a little at his tone while his hands, tipped with black claws, were thrown towards the sky.

A few beats of silence passed while Katsu looked pained about something and Lord Satoshi's breathing huffed in and out.

Lord Satoshi spoke a moment later.

"A thousand years I was mated, Lady Rin. A thousand years I shared with one person, I was hers and she was mine. I am not Inuyoukai but my species also is able to recognize their mate at an early stage upon meeting them."

Rin raised a hand to her mouth in shock, surprised by the seemingly joking man and his abrupt turn of attitude. She could see the faraway look in his eyes.

"Satoshi, you do not-"

"Silence, Mayumi! This girl who thinks she is so worthy needs to hear just what she is doing!" Everyone seemed to take a step back.

Rin also noticed now that instead of just k-9 fangs, this demon had all small pointy teeth, intimidating in his venerable state to say the least.

His eyes flashed back to her own brown ones and she froze once again.

"There was little courting time in between the two of us, my father was already grooming me for my position as ruler, and she herself was a nobleman's daughter from a town three days' time away. We met when she had been visiting with her father, as my father had known the man for a time." He spoke lowly while glaring at her.

"After our initial meeting, I used my authority and moved her into our home and we were mated within two moon cycles."

The dark demon removed a portion of his robe to show off a small circular burn mark over his left pectoral. Rin looked over to see both Katsu and Lady Mayumi with sad expressions on their faces.

"A thousand years later and I find myself alone once again. She died in a silly rebellion against my father a few months before he would die and I would take the throne. An accident really, but my species isn't so lucky that we die when our mate does."

Rin looked up at the man with a soft face, feeling his grief while trying to process this all. She wasn't quite sure what it had to do with herself yet.

"This mark over my chest is one of mourning and regret. We do not die with our mates as it is our job to protect them, if failed we are to live with shame. I will never take another mate, human. Ever."

Now that was devotion…

"It was not your fault, Satoshi, you did not know.." Katsu tried to put a hand on his shoulder.

"Do NOT try to comfort me, you dog! I came in here today to do this trial, not use it as a way to whine about my own failures! I am merely using my tail to point out that SHE is not fit for a mate, as I feel the same for you." Rin watch the man spit out between his teeth.

"You felt the pain of separation from your first mate, the pain of your child, and yet you still chose another. Mating is something deeper, being true mates, and this mockery of one disgusts me."

"It doesn't matter that I'm human, it matters that you are worried because I didn't feel an immediate pull that I will leave Sess- Lord Sesshomaru?"

As soon as her voice echoed around the room, Rin slapped her hands over her mouth. Sometimes, she really needed to know when to keep her mouth shut.

Everyone looked towards her and she felt her face turn blood red.

"It is not the fact that you are human, girl, but the fact that your species makes a mockery of something sacred. If someone so revered as Lord Katsu of the West is not able to stay with someone for eternity as he is meant to, then what makes you different?" Lady Mayumi questioned this time.

Though luckily her voice seemed more so on the curious and bored side then the hostile side. Something Rin couldn't help but give a sigh of relief to.

"I would like to speak out now against my own business in this matter." Rin watched as Katsu bared his teeth when Satoshi stood once more. "Sit down!"

The man did so grudgingly.

"My situation is not to be compared with this girl's, not my son's. When I was mated to Sesshomaru's mother it had been a political alliance-"

"Yet you loved her still! We all saw the way you looked upon her in the early days of your mating"

"Silence Satoshi! I am not disputing the fact that I loved that woman. I am disputing the fact that she was my true mate! I had never felt the pull towards someone, as my Izayoi was not even on this earth yet, and I had believed my duty was more important than such feelings!"

Rin had never seen the dog demon make such an emotional display, and it was the first time for her hearing his own side of the story compared to Sesshomaru's.

"That is why I stated some of us hate the pull. Despise it. Because as soon as Izayoi walked into my life, nothing mattered. Not my duty, not my kingdom. Not anything. I felt the pain of separation when I left Sesshomaru's mother, and I still felt as if it was not enough to right the wrong I had done! But that does not mean that my son will follow the same path, nor does it with this human before us!"

By the end of his rant, Katsu was breathing heavily and nearly yelling.

"Mating evaluations do not usually go like this." Lady Mayumi threw in after a moment while looking at Rin.

Katsu continued anyways.

"My son feels the pull so strong towards this human, something he detested before, thought they were lower than dirt!"

"Thank you Katsu…" Rin mumbled, remembering the early days of her relationship.

"I have seen him, as you will see him when he is evaluated as well. This is his true mate, something I regret not finding until I was already with a son and honorable mate. It would be against our very demon nature to keep this girl away from my son!" Katsu huffed out before finally taking a seat.

Rin's cheeks were tinted the slightest pink at that particular emotional confession about her mate, imagining his face if he had been present.

"That is all good and true, Katsu, though I will have to see it with my own eyes. But it does not dispute the fact that this human feels no pull. She does not understand our ways nor does she take this seriously." Satoshi began, just sounding tired now.

"The only reason I have accepted your human mate is because I believe you would ultimately kill her and yourself before you could be separated." She heard the dark man almost mumble to himself.

"I am Lord of the West, you have no say against my mate!"

"Exactly! But I do have a say in hers and your sons!" He brought his dark eyes back to Rin. "So tell me, human, after all you have seen and heard today, why you should be allowed to stay mated to Sesshomaru? Why I shouldn't just rip him and you apart by separating your bond?"

"It is not up to you alone-"

"But you are curious as well, Mayumi. And you doubt as well as I do." Rin watched the two demons on either side of Katsu interact while taking in his question.

This had not gone at all how she had expected

But this sort of question she was ready for.

After watching this group of three powerful beings acting like a soap opera for the past hour, all the talk of mates and such, and Rin was finally grasping just how serious this all was to them.

"I can answer you, you know." She spoke up finally after a moment, all three pairs of eyes on her.

"Oh, can you?" Rin watched Lady Mayumi roll her eyes again in a good natured way. Sort of like aw lets humor the human guys.


"As long as you'll bear with me while I try to put it into words." She said, trying very hard to keep the sarcasm out of her voice while clenching her fists a little.

"Please then, enlighten us, Rin." The dog demon spoke up, though Rin could tell he was rather tired of the whole thing and would rather just get to the happy part already.

Lord Satoshi just sat there looking grumpy. She didn't know if she wanted to squish his cheeks into a smile like she did with Sesshomaru sometimes, or hug him for his loss.

Either way, now was her time to speak.

"For Sesshomaru…he's like….I don't think love is the right word for how I feel…" She began attentively, trying to straighten her thoughts. "I mean, for humans it is called love, but as you've pointed out, My Lords and Lady, that's not really enough for you."

"Love is an emotion, this is deeper than that" Lord Satoshi snapped.

Rin nodded in understanding.

"And I'm sorry something like that has been ripped away from you. I can't imagine what it felt like but I hope to never experience it. Having Sesshomaru removed from my side would be like…I wouldn't be me. Like here I am, but take him away and you would have a shell of a person." She glanced around nervously. "If I'm…making any sense."

No one said anything still so she pressed forward.

"Towards Sesshomaru it's like I can't even remember what life was like without him. I'm human and very young compared to you all, but before this all began…it's like my life is a book and it didn't start until he came into my life." Rin thought out loud fondly, feeling herself float into a sort of fluffy haze and she tried to pour out her feelings.

"And even when he's not around, before we were mated, it's like I can feel him on my skin." She traced a pattern on her arm. "When he's around, even if you have my scent blocked from him right now, I would still feel him crawling over me. A tingle sort of."

"A tingle?" She heard Lady Mayumi ask with a bit of humor in her voice, though Rin didn't hear it at this point.

"Sort of. He's just….part of me."

"The bond between mates. Something that can be removed." Satoshi pointed out.

Rin shook her head in denial quickly while shooting him a disarming smile. She had more confidence now, though maybe that was just in her head.

"No it was before that. We've fought before, you know? Like normal couples. Even broke up once awhile back. I used to be so unsure, but I'm sure you can blame that on human emotions or deficiency or something." She went off again. "But it didn't work out well, being apart."

"This doesn't feel like I'm in a relationship with him. Or that I'm just…mated to him and marked by him. It's like…oh I don't even know how to describe it…" Rin moved her hands in front of her to grasp for an answer.

"I'm finding this all quite cliché, Lady Rin."

"Funny, that's how it sounds to me when I try to describe it out loud too." She agreed with a smile again, still thinking.

At least that shut him up for a minute she thought on the side.

"We're not just in this together because of a pull, or me on a whim wanting to be with ademon. It's not Sesshomaru having a brain aneurism that he'll regret later. Well at least I hope not…" She stopped herself again.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to assume anything or speak for Sesshomaru in front of these people.

"I guess that's silly, you'll have to ask Sesshomaru about this stuff yourself, but for me… Me needing Sesshomaru? Needing what only he can provide for me? Not monetarily mind you, but I just…I just need him." Rin said with a sudden conviction, it was sort of surprising even to her.

"I need him. Utterly and completely. He could drag me anywhere, do anything to me, ask anything of me, and at the end of the day I would do it no matter what. Me needing to be by him isn't a choice or some silly pull…"

"It's inevitability."

And with that, Rin felt tears sort of glaze over her eyes. Almost scared to be saying that out loud, but ready to put everything on the line for the man she loved. Hoping and praying that these three people who could steal her existence could feel her turmoil and nerves on this.

"It's kind of scary to realize that. And to realize you could lose that." She spoke mostly to herself, though she knew they could hear her.

An eerie sort of silence settled over the room until Lady Mayumi spoke quietly.

"Thank you, Lady Rin, you are released now. Lord Sesshomaru will be brought in and then you shall be made aware of our decision."

Now knowing what else to do, and too afraid to look up at the face's before her, Rin gave a small nod and turned, retreating to the doors in which she had entered in from.

As soon as she exited, Jun was waiting for her, obviously ready to throw a snide remark at her before going silent when she lifted her face.

He cleared his throat.

"Hello, Lady Rin….allow me to show you back to your rooms while you wait…" He trailed off, unsure where the bubbly teen had gone from before.

The walk to her temporary room was a quiet one, Rin only speaking right before Jun left.

"How long until I get to see Sesshomaru?" She asked quietly, her thoughts to tangled up to do much else but whisper.

"My Lord….Lord Sesshomaru is in his quarters…his questioning shall begin soon. You will see him after the decision is made." The man in front of her stated carefully.

"And I get to see him regardless of the answer from the council? Even if it's bad?"

"Well…yes. Even if it's bad. Excuse me, Lady Rin."

As soon as the door snapped shut behind her guide, Rin threw herself back on the bed, loosening the too tight garment she had been placed in earlier that morning. It was barely mid-morning, but the day felt as long as a year so far.

Rin stared at the ceiling before groaning quietly.

"Sesshomaru you idiot…making me all emotional. Now what do I do if I lose you?" She mumbled, now even more scared after her emotional epiphany of losing the stoic demon.

Her eyes slipped closed after a moment and she felt herself drift away.

"Rin….Hey, little girl….": A rude voice was making its way through her mind. "Hey stupid!...Rin! Hey Rin!" And it wasn't being very nice.

Rin's eyes shot open and she flew up in bed, pupils darting around the room when something hit her in the face.

….a pillow?

"Well, finally! Do you know what I had to do to get here? It's this sort of day and I find you sleeping? You humans and your needs" Ok, she was very confused, that sounded just like…

"…Inuyasha?" Inuyasha! Wait what?

The half demon just gave her a lop sided smile from the door.

"Yes it's me, now come one, get your ass up!"

"B-but, I'm not supposed to….you're a boy, they said no men…." The half demon rolled his eyes and quickly grabbed her wrist before pulling her up and out of the room. "Where are we going?" She asked, mind still fogged from sleep.

"To go see a certain mate of yours, where else? He's just about ready to rip someone's head off so I figured I should come grab you before he did something drastic."

Now that her mind was fully awake, Rin tried to stop their progress down the hall.

"What? I'm not supposed to see him till after the council decides!" She tried to tug her arm back, afraid to ruin any chance's they had at this turning out good.

Inuyasha scoffed.

"Like Sesshomaru or I actually listen to the council? Come on, he's not that far and I think you both need this."."

He pulled harder until her feet began to move again and carried her to a large door at the other end of the building, much like her own. It was weird not seeing anyone bustling around.

"How did you get me without getting caught anyways? I was supposed to have a guard and everything!" She questioned while he casually entered the room.

"Everyone was waiting outside the council doors for the decision and I had a little fun with that guard of yours. He's still running around trying to catch me." The hanyou laughed out loud before pushing her fully into the room and turning around. "Be careful in there, you don't have much time. I think he's gone pretty crazy or somethin'"

Rin took that in for a minute before turning around and freezing, a pair of bright red eyes directly in front of her face.

"Dear Kami, Sesshomaru!" She leaped back, though she didn't even make it an inch before she was pulled into a tight embrace.

Her body naturally melted into it after all of the stress and fear from the day. This had been totally unexpected but welcome…

…Until she noticed how tense the atmosphere was.

Pulling her neck away from the crook of Sesshomaru's she took in her mates appearance for the first time in what seemed like forever.

His hair was as dishelved as she had ever seen it. Eyes were a bright red with those creepy blue irises. His claws were fully extended and he seemed to be roving over every inch of her, smelling and touching.

What had someone said about newly mated demons being extra territorial?

Oh that's right…they were.

"Sess….shomaru? What's wrong, Fluffy?" She tried to coax a reaction out of the man in front of her but with no real success. He buried his face back into her neck and nipped at the mark there, tearing away at the cloth to show her mark.

"Mine….My Mate, Rin…." He mumbled into her neck while growling lowly…this was certainly as animalistic as she had seen him in a long time. She had been so eager to see him earlier, but that was wiped away with concern as she tried to help him a bit.

"It's ok, Sesshomaru. You need to calm down. Your Rin, I'm your Rin, it's ok." She looked up to see Inuyasha's silhouette standing outside of the door and called to him.

"He still can't smell you, told you he was a little nuts. He was totally calm and his normal bastard self at the meeting with the council, but after he got back I think his brain fried a little when they told him to wait longer." Rin nodded in understanding.

"Once his instincts settle down in a minute, you'll have your normal asshole back. I think this council thing took a bigger toll on him then he let on. Stressed im' out." Inuyasha said a little smugly before a paper weight was thrown at his head.

"You insolent whelp, how dare you suggest that this Sesshomaru cannot handle something as small as the council."

"And he's back." Inuyasha now walked down the hall and out of her sight while she turned back to Sesshomaru.

"Sesse!" Rin threw her arms around him.

"Come Rin, we must find the healer and have her reverse the effects of your covered scent, and then we are leaving." Were the first things she heard before she was being pulled yet again, towards the hallway.

This time she stopped though with a tug of his hair.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute! What are you talking about?" Sesshomaru's eyes were still red so she spoke carefully but forcefully. "I just got done with the council a few hours ago, so did you, why are we going now!"

A bit of fear entered her when she was pressed up against a wall all of a sudden.

Sesshomaru nuzzled her neck and spoke into her ear.

"Do not be afraid, mate. I am merely a bit less then stable right due to these idiots trying to tell this Sesshomaru what to do." Rin gave him an are you stupid look.

"I'm not afraid of you, stupid! I'm afraid of us getting caught and the council deciding to annul the mating, making all my effort worth nothing! Now stop your growling and lets just wait to see what they say."

Everything felt like it was moving fast again, one minute she's crying to the council ready to obey them, the next is her back with Sesshomaru and him wanting to bail.

She gently disengaged herself from the wall, happy that he let her.

He watched her with wary eyes though and she made sure not to make sudden movements. He still looked less than in control and she didn't need to be pounced at the moment.

"I love you, Sesshomaru….but I don't think we should leave."

The man before her gave her an incredulous look.

"Are you disobeying this Sesshomaru, Rin?" A bit of authority back in his voice. " I do not care what this council says and I have been kept from you long enough. We will go." He made a move towards her till she held her hand out.

Deep breath, Rin.

"No, Sesshomaru. We need to stay. I want to do this right…." At his look she conceded. "Or at least try until they tell us no and you do it anyways."

Rin longed to leave this place, but it would seem like such a waste if they all of a sudden left now… Nope, she needed to stay strong.

Once again, she felt herself being pressed in between her mate and the wall, a wet tongue racking over her mating mark and making her shiver.

"When did my mate become such a rule abider, Bitch? We are mated and that shall not change, so why do you insist we stay even against your Alpha's wishes?"

Rin was about to answer when her mate made it clear it was a rhetorical question by slipping his tongue into her mouth.

The kiss was full of fire and she could feel her mating mark, as well as other bodily areas, pulsing before a commotion was heard behind them.

Sesshomaru jumped away from her and held the intruder up by the throat, Jun as it turned out, and growled loudly in his face. The man being held above the ground looked from Rin to his assaulter, before trying to speak through a lack of air.

"It looks as if I've found you….how convenient you would be here."

"State your business before I rip your tongue out, you underling." Sesshomaru growled.

"Sesse-" Rin started to admonish before Jun spoke through coughs again.

"I just thought….you would like to know the councils made its decision…" He spluttered while Rin's eyes widened.

"Sesshomaru, you put him down! Now!" Said demon looked over his shoulder and growled at her in warning before slowly setting the mad down and backing up to wrap a hand around her waist to warn him away.

Jun grasped his throat before muttering something about mated males. He began again after a second.

"I am to inform you that I am to take you to get your robes on, Lady Rin."

"Wha-" She began."

"Your mating ceremony shall take place this afternoon and we have a lot to get done." Jun ended looking pointly at Sesshomaru's constricting grasp.

Rin's heart stopped.

"So…so does that mean…?"

"The council accepts your mating, Lady Rin of the Western Lands." Jun said in exasperation.

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