This was written for the UnGen challenge on Supernaturalville. The challenge was to write letters to Santa from the POV of any SPN character.

Dear Santa,

My name is Sam Winchester and I'm six and a half years old. My brother told me if I wrote you a letter I might get something I wanted for Christmas but I wanted to know if I could get something for somebody else.

See, my brother and me, we move around a lot because of Dad's work. I'm still not exactly sure what he does but Dean says it's important so it must be. I found out when I started school that most kids don't move like we do. Most kids have a house and most kids have a mom.

Dean says that we had a mom but I don't remember her. Dean does. Sometimes when I ask him about her he tells me to shut up and not to talk about it but then other times he'll just say something about her without me asking. Like one time when Uncle Bobby made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Dean said they were almost as good as the ones Mom used to make. And not long ago Dean cut off all of his hair. When I asked him why he said it was because his hair looked like Mom's. He said that makes Daddy sad and he didn't ever want to make Daddy sad.

Dean tries really hard to do everything that Dad wants him to. He takes really good care of me when Dad's not here and even when Dad is here he's still nice to me most of the time. Sometimes he calls me a little asswipe but it's usually because I stole the last bottle of Coke from the fridge and if I ask Dean he will probably give it to me anyway. Sometimes I just like to see if I can get it without him catching me. That's when he calls me asswipe.

Anyway, what I'd really like for Christmas is a mom for Dean. I know Dean wants to live in a house like we used to when I was a baby. Sometimes I find him looking at the picture of Mom that Daddy keeps in his big book and his eyes are wet. I think sometimes at night he cries because he misses her.

Dean says you have to be really good to get anything from you so I've tried really hard this year, Santa. And I promise I'll be good next year too if you'd just do this one thing for Dean.

I don't know where we'll be on Christmas day but if you call Uncle Bobby I bet he can tell you where we are. I really hope I've been good enough for Dean to have a mom. That's all I want for Christmas, Santa.

Your friend,

Sam Winchester