Ok so this story is about a deaf Edward meeting a hearing Bella. Will they fall in love, or will Bella not knowing sign get in the way? Read and find out!! Hahaha I hope you enjoy! Im writing this cause I am in an ASL class and I love it soooooooo much! Everyone should take one! It's so cool!

Bella's POV:

Ugh. Today is the first day at my new school. I just moved from Phoenix where I lived with my mom, Renee, and my step dad, Phil. Now I live in the small rainy town of Forks WA. I sighed and got up and got ready for school. I was not looking forward to the day, being the new girl was most likely going to mean a lot of attention and I hated attention. I grabbed my bag and walked outside to my truck that Charlie, my dad, had got for me from a friend of his. It wasn't a long drive from Charlie's house to Forks high school, so within six minutes I was pulling up to the school. I parked in the almost empty lot and headed for the office. It was nice and warm inside and I was greeted by a nice sweet looking lady.

"Hello, you must be Isabella Swan." She said giving me a warm smile. I nodded as I approached the desk.

"Yes, but please call me Bella." I said quietly. She nodded and mumbled an 'of course' before typing something into her computer.

"Okay, well here you go, here's your schedule, and map of the school." She said handing me a bunch of papers. "School starts in a bout twenty five minutes, so you have time to look around, figure out where all your classes are." she said sweetly.

"Thank you" I murmured before leaving the building. I turned the corner and ran right into someone, causing all of my papers to fall. "Im so sorry," I said grabbing all of my papers, the boy I ran into was helping me pick them up, but he didn't say anything.

"Im really sorry," I said again trying to get him to say something, but still he didn't respond. When all my papers were picked up he looked at me with an apologetic smile, he was gorgeous, he had bronze wild hair, and bright green eyes that made me want to cry. He stood up and offered me his hand, I took it and he pulled me up.

"Sorry about that," I apologized for the third time. He frowned and pointed to his ear and shook his head. I gasped, was he…was he deaf? I held up a finger telling him to hold on as I tried to remember some signs my friend in phoenix had taught me. Hi…are you…deaf? I asked nervously. He nodded. Then signed something I didn't understand. He saw my face and chuckled. He reached in his binder and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil. He wrote something down and gave it to me.

Hi, im Edward Masen, what's your name? I read, I was about to write something down when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw a teacher smiling at me.

"Hello, im miss shields are you new?" she asked me kindly. I noticed she was signing as she asked me verbally. I nodded my head.

"Yes, I just got here." She nodded.

"Oh, well it's nice to meet you, im the sign teacher here. I noticed you met Edward, do you know sign?" she asked, I sighed and shook my head.

"No I don't, but suddenly I really want to learn." She laughed and signed what I said before I could stop her. I looked at Edward and saw that he was slightly blushing. I looked away blushing myself. "Can you tell him my name is Bella, and that I am happy I met him?" I asked, she nodded and signed to him. She smiled at me and signed back.

"He says it is very nice to meet you, and he wants to know if he could see your class list." I nodded and handed him my schedule. He looked it over a broke out into a breath taking smile. Then he signed something to miss…miss…shields, I almost forgot her name. She laughed. "You have third, fifth and six periods together. You also have lunch the same time, but everyone does." I smiled just as the bell rang, I wondered how Edward knew when the Bell rang but the teacher did some sign making him sigh.

"Thank you for helping me talk to him, umm…is there any room in an ASL class?" I asked her. She nodded.

"Yes, hold on," she signed to Edward, and he sighed again, he looked at me for a second before turning and walking away. "He likes you…I can tell," she laughed as she saw me blush. "Now would you like to be put in an ASL class?" she asked me. I nodded furiously; I needed to be able to talk to Edward. She nodded and we heading into the office. "Hello Ms. Cope, we need to switch Bella's foreign language to ASL please," she spoke sweetly. Ms. Cope nodded and typed on her computer.

"Okay your all set, your first class is now ASL instead of Spanish." We both thanked her before leaving and heading to class. Miss. Shields was my teacher for first period now.

"Edward is in this class you know," she murmured when we were almost there. That shocked me; if he was deaf shouldn't he be in like a higher class? Oh well, Im happy he is in the class with me. We entered the room and I immediately saw Edward in the corner of the room, he saw me and smiled. "You can go sit in the empty desk next to him okay?" I nodded and walked over to him. I sat down and gave him a smile just as miss shields began talking and signing.

"Okay class, as most of you noticed we have a new student in our class, so when ever you can help Bella, please do. In fact, Edward, why don't you take Bella in the hall and teach her some stuff we have learned okay?" she asked him. He nodded and we both got up. Edward walked up to her desk and signed something. "Just teach her chapter one and two, okay?" he nodded and we went into the hall way and sat 'Native American' style on the floor across from each other. We opened our books and on the first page were a list of signs, I gasped, there were about fifty words. Edward laughed and grabbed my hands in comfort. I blushed at his touch and looked down, he slowly let go pointed to a box that said A, B, C.

I looked at him with a worried expression. He shook his head in a way that said 'don't worry' and flipped the page until he found one with all the letters on it. He brushed his hand across them all, showing me he was going to do them in order. I nodded and watched him, copying whatever he was doing. After we had both done it about five times, he pointed to me, silently asking me to do them alone. I took a deep breath and slowly attempted to do the correct signs.

When I was done he gave me a big smile and nodded in encouragement. After I did the alphabet about four more times he got a serious look on his face and pointed to the list. He pointed to a word then began showing me how to sign it: nice. I watched and he swiped his right hand palm down across his left palm. I copied him and he smiled.

He pointed to another word: meet. He lifted both of his hands and made a fist except he didn't bring in his index fingers, then he brought both hands together. Again I copied him and he smiled. Next he pointed to a saying on the page: nice to meet you. He did the first sign and the second sign then pointed to me. I did the same and he nodded his head. Then he started to show me some more signs, but the bell rang, kids started coming out of their classrooms so Edward and I stood up and went in the classroom to get our backpacks. He walked me to my next class and I thanked him, he had taught me how to say 'thank you'. He smiled back and nodded his 'your welcome'. I hadn't learned very many of the vocabulary from the page, but I did learn about eleven of twelve words, and I learned the whole alphabet.

See you later he signed before walking off. I smiled at the thought of seeing him soon, I had only just met him and yet I could wait to be near him again. During my second period class all I could think about was Edward, and all of the signs he had just taught me. I was going to learn to sign, and fast, I needed to be able to talk with him. I think I might be falling for Edward Masen, I wonder if miss shields was right…maybe he likes me to, gosh I sure hope so.

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