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"Honey I'm home," house said sarcastically while bursting in to Wilson's office

Wilson was staring at the papers on his desk he let out a loud sigh he knew that voice all too well and he knew what it wanted, for houses personal bank to buy him lunch.

"You're late again," Wilson said teasingly playing into houses games

"I work all day and this is who you repay me, now feed me winch!" house continued

"Alright one minute," Wilson said continuing to look through his papers

"Ya that's good in all but I'm still going to be hungry in a minute soo buy me lunch," House asserted

Wilson looked up with a sigh, house was like a kid sometimes, and you had to know when to pick your battles this was one he wasn't going to waist and energy on. As he looked up he noticed house had deep circles under his eyes, and they were bloodshot like he'd been up all night.

"Sleep much?" Wilson said referring to his friend's appearance"

"It's hard to sleep when I was thinking about Cuddy's ass all-night have you seen that thing..."

"Deflecting. That's a yes" Wilson said getting up looking at his friend once more he really did look like crap a ting of worry started to build until he decided to quickly dismiss it. When he reached down to turn of his computer he saw one more unattended to paper.

"One more," Wilson mumbled while staring intently on the paper, but being the perfectionist that he was when it came to his paper work he pulled out a ruler to make it straight.

"If I starve to death you have to do my clinic duty!" house yelled getting impatient and just for the joy of being annoying, plus he and been a little on edge lately after his fight with Wilson a few days ago they were fine now but it still bothered house. At the sound of his voice Wilson spun around on the balls of his feet with the ruler still in his hand, then suddenly houses eyes glazed over and hid face turned pale as if he had seen a ghost or Cuddy's boobs.

"You ok?" It was clear he had caught house off guard he stepped closer to him concern drawn in his features

"NO, please don't!" house pleaded staring straight he walked back as Wilson continued to advance.

"House?" ok is he messing with me...Wilson considered the possibility until he saw his friend's knees buckle under himself as he fell to the floor with a thud. The diagnostician continued to shack his head viscously fear flooded his eyes and shock throughout his core, there was very few times when Wilson had seen his friend look this vulnerable.

"Please don't please…dad" the blue eyed mans pleaded whisper, shocked his friend did he call me dad…is he having a flashback Wilson tried to make scene of the situation while trying to calm his friend.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry…don't hit me again" the doctors pleads becoming more urgent as his body trembled and beads of sweat formed above his brow

"House, House, you're ok I'm not going to hurt you, house I'm your friend"

The oncologist shook him firmly nearly shouting at him trying to bring him back to reality, when he finally did. Houses breathing evened out and he realized where he was when Wilson noticed this he slowly let go of him but remained kneeling in front of him as he cowered in the corner, the first thing house saw was Wilsons hideous yellow tie immediately associating it with Wilson. He refused to look him the face knowing what he would see, fear and pity. Houses eyes scanned the room for a while letting the events wash over him as both men sat on the floor panting, shit he thought to himself this is one of those thing we are going have to "talk" and "be open" about, double shit. House grabbed his cane using it as a life line to pull his tired body up and walked out of the room without a word Wilson and the back of his white coat quickly following the limping man out of his office like hell he's going to get out of this conversation Wilson thought, determined to get some answers at the confusing events that took place.