The Cousin, is a story about trust, about denial, and about love. I hope you are sitting well because now I'll take you to Bella and Jasper's world of two teenager worlds that collide, once again.

Jasper P.O.V

We were back to Forks again, and I couldn't be more nervous. I was nervous about meeting Bella again, I was nervous about starting school here, I was nervous about what Bella would think of me, I was nervous if I got any friends here in town, and I was nervous about if things had changed between Bella and I. It was 8 years since I had seen Bella, I missed her, I haven't heard from her, and I haven't tried to contact her either, why I don't know... I live with Rosalie, my twin sister, my mom Emilie , and my father Taylor. Rosalie also missed Bella terrible, we where going over to her house today. I hope she's home, it would be awkward if her mother or father would be home, or if we couldn't recognize her. I was waiting for Rosalie, she was busy choosing a pair of shoes, why did she have to be so damn girlie all the time?

"Come on Rose!" I yelled to her, again.

"I'm coming" She sighed, and walked out of her room with…... some shoes, I don't know I'm a guy!

Rose had really grown the last couple years, I could understand the way other boys looked at her, but "Irrrrrk" I don't think of her like that, she's still my little sister by a hour. I wonder if Bella have grown like Rosalie... Stop it! God dammit! You aren't supposed to think like that Jasper!

When we reached the house, I noticed three things at once. First: The only thing different with the house was that I think it had gotten painted since last. Second: Two new cars were in the parking lot, both trucks, both old, and both old orange painting stinking on them. And thirdly: a boy bike was standing in front of the house. And as much as I know, Charlie doesn't even know how to ride a bike.

I'm pretty sure Rosalie also noticed the boy bike, because she clearly looked it up and down as we walked to the front door. I hesitated before knocking on the door. Suddenly all the nervousness got replaced by angst and a childish frustrating of not knowing what was going to happen.

"Coming!" A women voice yelled. I heard a bump, I couldn't help but smile the women had tripped, I'm sure of it.

"Fuck!" she cried out. But she quickly started to walk to the door again, I could hear her, surprisingly not high heals, rub against the floor as she walked.

Suddenly the door opened revealing Bella, she was clearly not the little girl I knew when I myself was a small kid. Her hair was dark brown as I remembered, just with the change that her curls were no longer small and cute, instead her hair was floating down her shoulders. She had a slender body, long legs, perfect curves, and a sweet big smile on her beautiful face, small freckles was playing around her nose, almost invisibly. Her lips looked incredible soft and rosy colored.

"Oh my god! Rosalie! Jasper!" She squealed and hugged Rose with so much love and caring, I could fell it. Then she lungered herself at me, I almost fell backwards.

"Hey Bells," I whispered in her ear. I could fell her against me - I mean really fell her - I could fell all of her, and I loved it, a bit too much.

"Hey Jazz, I missed you both so much!" She said and broke the embrace, all to soon to my disappointment.

"We missed you too, Bella" Rose answered, probably smiling, I don't know. I wouldn't look anywhere but Bella, in the moment. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life.

"Who is it Bella?" I heard somebody say from behind Bella, then before I knew what was going on I looked from Bella to the intruder.

A guy stood tall behind her with a small smile on his lips. He had brown hair, slithery orange, he wasn't as bulky as I, but still had muscles. Just by looking at his hair, I knew he had just been in a make out, probably a really good one, since his eyes shinned with slithery anger, and confusing. Just as his eyes fell upon Bella, a felling I would enjoy to not see in his eyes rolled into work: love.

Ohhhhh! "Then Edward Came" almost made me cry... Maybe it's because I'm hearing "Love The Way You Lie" by Rihanna and Eminem right now...

Love Isabelle!

PS: I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I know I did.


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