The Demon Prinny, Zero.

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Chapter 1: Why am I a penguin?

When Lelouch allowed himself to be killed to erase not only the memory of the "Massacre Princess" but to stop the clashing of nations that plagued their world, he never thought it would turn him to a Penguin in some strange version of hell.

"I hope your happy son, dood." Emperor Charles zi Britannia growled. "Dead and cursed to be a "prinny" until we make up for our sins.."

"Shut up father, dood," Lelouch growled, tempted to throw his father and his useless brother Clovis at the zombies hemming them in, even though he was technically outnumbered by the prinny versions of his father's minions. "this is actually the only up side to this whole affair,dood!"

"You threw away power for something as useless as world peace, dood!?" Clovis screeched in disbelief as he had been doing for the last week. "First you kill me over those filthy Elevens and now we are surrounded by zombies with only Cornelia's knights, father,Bartley, and the few dead knights of the round, dood! But that is all useless since they are penguins like us, dood!?"

"Goodbye Lelouch, dood!!" Shouted the Prinny form of Clovis with his long blonde hair as him, the Glaston Knights, Bismark, and the various dead enemies Lelouch made including the fat Prinny Bartley grabbed him and tossed him into the air, obviously expecting him to die as they had thrown him at the Zombies.

To the shock of the bastard squad Lelouch pulled out a umbrella to slow his fall and then aimed at them with a automatic grenade launcher.

"Holy shit doo-" That was as far as Clovis ever got as Bartley used his massive for a prinny blade to slice the grenades in half as his geass shined in his eye, exactly three seconds before they went up in a massive explosion Bismark gained this stupid look on his face that conveyed his feelings on the matter as he snatched the Emperor and Marianne to try and jump away from the explosives.

"Damnit dood!?" V.V. screams as both halves of his body were being devoured by two separate zombies, he would spend the rest of his immortal life as a pile of...well feces.

Meanwhile with Lelouch who was blown away from the site,

Thank god I didn't explode like a normal Prinny, Lelouch thought to himself as he took stock of his surroundings only to see a...coffin? great a blue haired child lacking a shirt and only wearing some boots, a cape, and some red shorts. Must be a demon child just by the aura I feel coming off of him, not to mention the two pieces of hair in the shape of an antennae..

"Who the hell are you!?"Shouted the hyperactive red headed demon girl with a devil tail and bat wings. "Your not a member of the Prinny Squad are you!?"

The fact their were many weapons surrounding and used on the coffin lid and maybe even on the boy inside was a big clue at how demons think, the fact that she immediately aimed the gun that had been in her hands at his head was the other clue of what was probably going to happen to him.

"Who dares disturb my slumber!?" Stated a arrogant voice that definitely sounded like the owner was confident in his own power.

"Ahh hello Prince!" The girl stated. "You just hold that thought while I your loyal vassal kill this obvious assassin, okay!"

"What the!?" The prince stated in shock and what sounded like petulant outrage. "I am Laharl son of the Overlord and this is the type of assassin I get!? A Prinny!?"

"Sucks to be you huh Prince!?" The girl stated in a semi cheerful tone.

"Who the hell are you and are you even my vassal!? Or is my real vassal the pathetic looking Prinny!?" Laharl stated in disbelief and some anger. "And for that matter where the hell is my old man and the servants!?"

"Well actually I, Etna am your last loyal vassal since your father, King Krichevskoy died two years ago by choking on a black pretzel.." The girl introducing herself as Etna exclaimed. "Naturally most of the other vassals made off with as much of the treasury as they could and even now are fighting over the title of Overlord!"

"What!?" Laharl shouted as his eyes glew with crimson energy and his hair antennae stood up straight in his outrage. "I am the son of King Krichevskoy and the rightful heir to the throne of the Overlord!! How dare those disloyal bastards try and take my birthright!!"

"That's just sad.." Lelouch stated plainly. "Why exactly did you sleep for two years? Were you poisoned or something?"

"Poisoned!?" Laharl roared in rage. "Damnit that is most likely what those bastards did, they probably thought such a weak poison would kill me, well guess again!! Ah ha ha ha hah!!"

"Right.." Etna muttered to herself with a sweatdrop forming on her head, slightly worried that he would realize she poisoned him two years ago. "Let me just kill the assassin for you my Prince, PRINNY SQUAD, GET YOUR BUTTS OUT HERE NOW!!"

"Dood!!" Shouted seven retarded looking Prinnies with only three of them actually armed with the Prinny trademark twin swords, of the three of them only one of them held his sword the right way. It's hard to be threatening when your "crew" are holding twin swords upside down by its sharpened point with this idiotic look of stunned pain, twin fishes, twin sex toys, twin eggbeaters, twin inflated condoms, twin plastic swords, and finally one holding his swords right but staring in horror at the ground at his feet where the lit bomb laid after falling from the pouch he tore open to retrieve his swords. "This sucks, dood!!"

'Bam, bam,bam' Lelouch calmly picked off the Prinnies outside the blast radius with his medium barreled double barreled pistols with built in bayonet like sword blade on the underside of the bottom barrel. He may not be much with bladed weapons like Suzaku, but he was very good with guns so he saw it as an equal trade off, the best part is he was able to use the "mana" from the deaths he caused in life to enhance and change the default Prinny weapons he was given. It truly was amazing that his gambling talents would come in useful in the netherworld, better yet he still had a few "friends" from his old life to call upon in an emergency.

'Boom' the explosion tore through the four unlucky ones in the blast radius, but then like all Prinnies their "corpses" reformed in a pile near where they "died", out of nowhere these pink Prinnies bearing stretchers towed them away with very little care to the nearest Netherworld healer who would make sure to get their fee from the Prinnies masters. Naturally most masters pay since it is a huge slight on their reputation if they don't do it, apparently right up their with not being able to go to the bathroom by yourself, having a Prinny working for you is a mark of status saying that you are at least a minor lord.

"Holy shit!?" Laharl stared at the scattered remains of Prinnies. "What the hell are you!? Dirty Prinny!?"

"My name is Lelouch," Lelouch responded calmly. "I am nothing but a foolish sinner that caused more harm than good, but I still believe even here that the only ones who should be fired upon is those who are prepared to fire.."

"So...if you want to kill something then be prepared to be killed by your opponent is what your saying?" Etna responded in a deadpan way. "So if I just went and killed a baker I should expect to be killed with a rolling pin? Bwa ha ha ha hah!? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, how have you even survived this long in the nether world?"

"Like this.." Lelouch stated from his spot over forty feet away, knelt over panting as Etna suddenly realized she was surrounded by barrels of dynamite, some claymores, C4, and finally a bunch of pipe bombs.

"Well...shit." Etna stated as the explosives went off in a large explosion.


"Oooohhh...what hit me?" Etna stated as she looked at her hands only to see...flippers!? "!!!!!"

Outside the doorway..

"Wow, your really are evil!?" Laharl stated as he heard Etna's screams at finding herself a Prinny, but the minute she found out that she was already being reincarnated would cause her to rain ungodly amounts of pain of Lelouch's fragile body. "But why did you pay for her to be reincarnated? Isn't that a little soft of you?"

"Not really when you realize the method is called the "carrot and the stick" method of negotiating," Lelouch stated calmly ignoring the shrieks of rage from within the room as Etna was being escorted to where she would be reincarnated, through a coincidence and secret bribes of "certain" persons she would end up back in her old body and with all her memories of her previous life, unbeknownst to Maderas she would also partially regain some of her stolen memories that included parts related to her love of Lelouch's father and her promise to protect his son. Ironically this would be very bad for Maderas later on since she is a very vengeful soul and as time goes on more of her memories would come back, naturally she would start earlier on measuring Laharl's worthiness compared to the measuring stick of his father's existence. "her death and rebirth as a Prinny is the stick and her reincarnation as herself is the carrot, hence she will be less willing to try anything against me again.."

"Or she'll just kill you in your sleep.." Laharl spoke up cheerfully.

"Brother?" A male voice spoke up from a Prinny with brown hair and costume. "Is that you Lelouch?"

"Rolo?" Lelouch stated in seeming shock.

"Brother!!" The violet eyed prinny with brown hair and skin rushed forward to embrace the purple form of Lelouch.

"Easy Rolo," Lelouch stated calmly, a look of regret on his face at the teenage assassin that for a year was his younger brother, even later dieing for him despite his callous feeling towards the boy. "I'm here now little brother.."

"So I see you found out about your artificial brother, huh Lelouch!" Stated the bubbling pile of shit with a beak that was once V.V. "How does it feel to know that assassin sent to kill you was made from your mother and father's dna, did it horrify you at his betrayal, hmm? Are you angry I had the last laugh, undoubtedly he killed you once he realized you truly didn't care for him! Ha ha ha ha 'splat'.."

The two Prinnie's looked at the golem that walked by with the living pile of shit attached to its foot with some disbelief, Laharl looked more traumatized by the realization they had been chatted up by a shit stain..

"Now this I never expected.." Lelouch stated in some shock after the revelation that not only was Rolo the symbological brother of Lelouch Lamperouge, but the real life brother of Lelouch vi Britannia and Nunnaly vi Britannia.

Author's notes. Yes I know I have other fics in the works but my muse couldn't stand to leave this particular thought alone, so here it is.

I also put out a challenge on a Code Geass/Disgaea crossover. The challenge is to have the Code Geass characters end up in the beginning of Disgaea and try to fit their canon persona into the story, of course you can have fun with it, like say the ghost of destroyed Knightmares end up their as well. You can of course start the crossover anytime during Code Geass. But the characters particularly Lelouch must start out as Prinny since they are sinners, doesn't matter if you give them strange abilities like a version of the Geass to use in the Netherworld but they must remain Prinny for at least three chapters, you can also have it start real early in the Black Rebellion where a freak accident kills Lelouch and he ends up in the netherworld and takes over a bunch of Prinny while working as the strategist for Laharl, namely run herd on the Prinny forces so that he can reincarnate to complete his work in the Human world with partial aid from Laharl as payment.