The Demon Prinny Zero

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Chapter 8: Suzaku the Fool

"Splendid job...son," General Carter stated with false exuberance hiding his disgust that the...female Angel in front of him used to be male, thankfully said Angel seemed to lack even a single original thought in her head, but then that was the same with many of his men. Now he just needed to think about what to do with his...daughter now that she had been soiled by filthy demons, thankfully that fool Gordon would be dead either at the hands of Kurtis or his robotic "friend", and the only loose ends left were the demons themselves. "with your help the Demons infesting this realm will never be a problem again!"

"Thank you sir!" Suzaku replied with a beaming smile, ignorant of the disdain he was being regarded with by the human soldiers staring at his skin tight outfit, but then it was an open secret she used to be male and was trying to romance other males namely because it was expected of a woman... "I am proud to do my duty as an Angel!"

Unknown to Suzaku her fellow Angels regarded her with some disdain over her single minded minion mindset, but then she really didn't have to face them since reports of a possible demon attack caused Vulcanus to order a large portion of the Angels assigned to the EDF Fleet to intercept them. Sadly said demons were the various daughters of Morrigan and Lilith who were incensed over the attempted assassination of their mothers, unfortunately they saw the introduction of such fine female Angels as a offering to sate their bloodlust, and soon afterwards their was much revelry as the Demonesses helped such stiff and formal Angels to loosen up...without their clothes.

Unaware of the sudden rise of fallen Angels being inducted at the...hands of some very amorous Succubus, Vulcanus watched the impending confrontation with confidence, and congratulated himself for finding such a powerful but easily manipulated minion to follow his orders like gospel.



"I'm conflicted," Laharl confided to Lelouch as they watched Gordon get shot from behind by his supposedly loyal robot with some type of sonic blaster while trying to protect young demons from the EDF soldiers trying to gun them down, Gordon then sacrificing himself to save the outraged Kurtis who was angered by the cool way Thursday was trying to kill children even if they were demons, but what was the most interesting thing was the appearance of the large robot who introduced itself as Thursday even as Thursday revealed himself to be Friday who secretly replaced Thursday on orders of someone named General Carter. "I don't know if I should avenge my vassal, watch the show unfold, or deal with the invasion fleet..."

"I have Rivalz taping the entire thing." Lelouch replied calmly even as he contracted certain...professionals to deal the EDF Fleet, mostly because he had a feeling that Laharl had no intention of moving until this situation had resolved itself.

"But it wouldn't feel the same not watching this happen live," Laharl stated in a petulant tone even as he offhandedly destroyed a bunch of EDF Ships without even sparing them a glance. "this is way better than All My Demons! I mean real life drama, mystery, suspense, and a heaping dose of good old fashioned murder! It has everything!"

"Why did he have to get addicted to soap operas?" Lelouch muttered to himself, not that he would deny that he watched them himself, but then the thing he would deny was buying the networks that had been planning to end them in favor of reality tv and had the execs either thrown into the pit of eternal sodomy or the pit of endless waiting lines.

"You won't take my chastity!" Suzaku cried out as she opened a gate to Celestia with Lilith hot on her naked heels, causing Lelouch to idly wonder why those two didn't just get married already? He knew for a fact that Rivalz kept dying from premature detonation caused by high powered nose bleeds rather than throws, the footage of Lilith hunting Suzaku because of an attempted assassination while systematically tearing her clothes off piece by piece was interesting to a point, but the following desperate, passionate, and borderline BDSM sex was a little much.

"I doubt Suzaku ever had chastity to begin with," Lelouch stated with a sigh as he shook his head. "it figures his punishing himself complex would lead to wanting to be punished inside the bedroom and dominated both in and out of the bedroom..."

"So he has a bad angel complex?" Jeremiah asked with a raised brow that turned to a shudder just thinking about the fact that Suzaku used to be a man and hit on him in a woman's body, with the information just provided he realized that he had done it purposely in order to get punished by his mistress, "I need to get a memory specialist to try and lessen my trauma over this information or at least plenty of booze..."

"Here." Lelouch replied handing him a couple bottle of hard liquor made from hellfire oranges, the fact that he chose to keep one hidden on each side of his cape protected by potent mystical and technological defenses show a certain attachment to it.

"How is it going with Ms. Kozuki?" Jeremiah asked as he casually accepted the liquor handed to him.

"She's pregnant..." Lelouch replied in a dead tone.

"Did she cheat on you?" Jeremiah asked in a kindly tone.

"No idea," Lelouch replied with a sigh. "she retreated to the item world for some reason and nobody wants to help me from the former Black Knights who recently arrived and for some reason Rollo has been going around saying variations of his name with an uncle in front of it..."

"Congratulations..." Jeremiah stated in a stunned tone as he stared over his Prince's head to Kallen who was holding two small children in her arms, the boy looked exactly like her but with the Prince's eyes and hair, and the girl was the spitting image of the Prince except for her eyes and her hair.

"Hello Lelouch..." Kallen stated in a soft tone as she looked at him with hidden affection.

"Hello Ms..." Lelouch began as he turned towards the woman who still had his heart only to freeze up at the sight of a little girl who looked like him except for certain features and of all things a Prinny hoodie that radiated power, the boy next to her looked like Kallen except for the eyes, the hair, and the strange Prinny ball cap on his head that seemed to be looking at him.

"Oh dear..." Jeremiah stated as Lelouch fainted like a distressed maiden, honestly his Prince's frail constituition maybe somewhat of a joke, but fainting like a Princess was going a bit far in his opinion!

When he found out that Nunnally was more macho than her brother in a lot of issues including having a sizeable female harem he was distraught for weeks, he then teamed with Tohdoh to correct his Prince's physical frailty by forcefully incarnating him as a human again so that he could be trained, and naturally many a woman was pleased due to his looks.

Thankfully for Lelouch's chastity Kallen was unwilling to share and was forceful over her displeasure, which attracted a number of masochistic Succubus who enjoyed her punishments very much. But then that was still weeks in the future.

Before that point though Morrigan would come across the group and demand the return of property that the EDF and the Angels stole, namely Kos-Mos and Jennifer who she traded Suzaku to her sister for, and soon after the plan to invade Earth and Celestia was drawn up.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Sorry for the looooong wait, its just my dad was sickly for months which was less than conductive for a writing mood and then he...died a couple months ago. I believe I have gotten over it even if I miss him everyday. But then more crap kicked up when my mom brought in her ass of a boyfriend that she had left dad for, the situation quickly degenerated over time as he did his best to lay down on us like he does mom, and it ended in a verbal confrontation that resulted in him and my mom running to hide out at a friends place as the bastard hit my brother over the head with my Mom's cane cracking his skull.

Naturally we are out of sorts, my mom visits once in a while as we try and work things out between the three of us, and I wish that her boyfriend gets everything he deserves.

The bastards a thief, deadbeat bum, and a connoiser of Weed and beer who blows my moms money like it's a never ending well leaving her penniless month to month, the guys grade A scum stealing from not only his nephew who he stole's check from the military, but his brother's pinkie ring. Thankfully for his brother he had the sense to go find the scumbag to ask where his ring was, found him heading straight towards a pawn shop with it.

Heck according to our neighbors who happens to include the scumbags brother he actually had sex with his sister's adopted daughter or stepdaughter, which shows his lack of a moral compass and why his wife threw his ass out. The guy's good at the con artist thing I think because he has one of those voices that can put you at ease, sounds like a kind guy, but I wouldn't trust him as far as an ant could throw him.