Blue lips,
Blue veins.
The color of our planet from far, far away.


It's a color that has lots of meanings, you know. Psychology books will list tranquility, loyalty, depression, and exhilaration in different shades and tones. A constant in our lives; above us in the yawning sky, at all four corners as the ocean. Everywhere.

Blue only has one meaning for Daniel these days.


She's wearing a cerulean scarf the first time he sees her- long and thin, looped carelessly around the fiery hair that she's left down. Careless, he supposes, is also what seems to suit the shade. It's bright, it's perky, and it's not the Charlotte he will come to know at all.

When they first speak she gives a little smile- maybe sort of a smirk, partly just a turn-up of one corner of her lips.

Daniel stammers and forgets the color of the damn scarf.


He knows it's a given, but her eyes are blue too. It's not a very nice thing; they're cold. She will forever remind him of Kai- a piece of the Snow Queen's wicked mirror trapped in her iris. Not quite a frozen heart yet, but he worries that if she goes on this way it may.

Even if those impossibly blue eyes are just Hell frozen over, he still wants to defrost them.

He wants to be her Gerda.


It's the color of her shirt when they land on the island. Later on it will strike him with deja vu for all the wrong reasons, reasons he doesn't want to remember.

But he'll always remember that shirt- torn in a corner, sweat-stained, mud-stained, a few seams pulled at the edge. Just a little bent out of shape, like the two of them.


Blood isn't blue inside one's body... a bit of a myth, really. But the utter redness of it sends the thought flickering through Daniel's mind. It's something that someone can never really know.

This blood should have stayed where it was.

The fact that this is something he thinks about as Charlotte dies in his arms makes him sick. He can just hold her close as her voice goes weaker, her skin whiter. Her lips change too.


The swing set creaks and the eyes watch him, cautious and curious at once. He feels caught up in the tide, swept out to sea, and he doesn't know if he'll be lead somewhere better or much worse.

The periwinkle dress flutters in the breeze, and for all he says to her, all that she replies, there's just blue.

And later, while the bright sky smiles, Daniel will close the curtains and think of no colors at all.


A/N: Meltalviel, this one goes out to you! Sorry it's so short, long fics just don't seem to gel with me. =] I'd also like to point out that I actually ADORED all three of your requests, and I have a bit of an urge to do the other two as well. So if you see the other two floating around with your name in the summary, there you go. :) I hope you enjoyed this little something, and that you have a lovely Christmas! Oh, and a huge thanks to Northern Wolf for organizing the Lost Secret Santa this year.

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