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1. Pain

Ryoma walks in to the court, getting ready for practice He has Joined the Seishun High School tennis club. After finishing his junior high in America, he went back to Japan and continues his high school there with his former senpai and friends. The differences are that Oishi didn't attend Seigaku just like them and Taka-san didn't join the Tennis club anymore. But beside that, everything stays the same – only a little bit though. Because for Ryoma, there is a big change happening to him and that is, to fall in love.

Ryoma seats on the bench near the court and wait until the practice time begin. Syusuke walks in to the court with Kikumaru in tow. When Kikumaru sees him, he runs in to him and glommped at him.

"Ochibi! You're early!"

Ryoma stays quiet and try to shove Kikumaru away. Somehow, today he is not feeling really well and he hope that his cat-like senpai will stop glompping at him. Syusuke chuckled slightly then help Ryoma to be free from Kikumaru's death hug.

"Eiji, Echizen is turning blue." Syusuke said to him, still smiling. Kikumaru take a look at his dear Ochibi and hurriedly release his hug.

"Gomen Ochibi! Are you okay? You're not dead are you?"

Ryoma just shrug it off then look at Syusuke. Syusuke smile at him, making Ryoma blushed. He pulls his hat down hurriedly before other could see him blushing.

"Huhh.... I really miss Oishi Nya~"

"Why don't you just call him later? Right, Echizen?"

"Mada mada dane." Ryoma said as he stands up and do some light starching. He takes a slight glance at Syusuke and smile slightly.

That's right. Ryoma is in love with Syusuke. Not like, but love.

First time he realized it, he try to deny it because they have the same sex. But eventually, he accepts it. He accepts the truth of him loving a person with the same sex, moreover his senpai and not just an ordinary senpai. A sadistic one.

Ryoma sometimes wondered how he can fall in love with the sadistic tensai. There couldn't be any good from him beside that he's good at tennis. He is a sadist, weird-smiling person that love to torture other people and he also have a weird taste bud.

But then Ryoma realized. Beside him being a sadistic that loves to torture people, in reality, he is kind and caring person. He cares about other people like he cares about his own family. He has a nice smile and his blue cerulean colored eyes are so enchanting. His eyes. That's what Ryoma really likes from him.

"Tezuka!" Syusuke called suddenly, almost like a whisper.

Ryoma turn and see Tezuka came and walking towards them. Ryoma nodded slightly and look at Syusuke then frown slightly. Syusuke smile warmly and his eyes became soft. But somehow Syusuke looks a bit sad. Ryoma wondered why. Ryoma felt a pang on his heart.

Syusuke and Tezuka are lovers. Even though no body knows it, Ryoma realized it from seeing their eyes. They are in love. All he can do is watch him from the side line and pray for his happiness.

Not long after that, all the regulars have arrived then Tezuka ordered them to run laps. They all obeyed and start running. While running, Ryoma could see Syusuke and Tezuka chat for awhile then join the others.

Ryoma feels like there's a blade stab in to his heart. How he wished he could be Tezuka. But he knows that, that could never happen. But somehow, after seeing Syusuke's expression he became worry. Syusuke looks sad. Even though he keep on smiling like usual, but Ryoma knows that there is something that he hides behind those smile. Ryoma frowned slightly and keep on running.


Ryuzaki-sensei came in to the court and tells them that today's activities already ended. Everyone start to clean up the court, get change and go home.

After clean the court, Ryoma went to the back court and practicing by him self. He throws the ball and hit it to the wall. He keep on practicing but then stop when he heard some people talking behind the tree.

Ryoma walks to where the sound came from, and sees Syususke and Tezuka talking. From their expression, Ryoma knows that they are having a fight. Syusuke looks really sad and just about to cry. Tezuka start pleading and try to grab Syusuke's hand and embrace him. Syusuke pushed Tezuka and start running away from the place, leaving Tezuka standing alone, stunned.

Ryoma feels bad that he saw it and he gets really worry about Syusuke. He then walks to where Syusuke goes and find him crying silently.

Ryoma walks silently towards him Syusuke notice Ryoma presence. He looked up and saw him standing in front of him. He hurriedly wipes off his tears and smiles a strained smile.

"Echizen, what are you doing here? Is there something wrong?"

Ryoma frowned slightly. "There is nothing wrong with me Fuji-senpai."

"Oh really? That's great then." Syusuke said, still smiling the same smile.

They keep on silence for a while, staring at each other, until Ryoma break it, couldn't help it anymore.

"Fuji-senpai, could you just stop it already?"

"Hmm? What are you talking about?"

"That's what I was talking about."


"Just stop pretending that you're alright. Just stop wearing that mask." Ryoma frowned

"Wow.... never thought that you could say such a thing Echizen." Fuji said still smiling.

"I'm serious, senpai."

Syusuke's smiling face slowly changes. The usual smile has gone and replace by a frown. Ryoma sigh deeply.

"W-w.... How?" Syusuke stuttered

"I saw what happened with Buchou earlier. Gomen."

Syusuke's frown became deeper. "Then Echizen, you knew about our relationship?" Ryoma nodded. "I see. I'm sorry that you have to see such an embarrassing thing." Syusuke said sadly

Ryoma shook his head and stare at Syusuke's eyes. "Are you okay senpai?"

Syusuke forced a smile, once again. "I'm okay. You don't have to worry."

It hurts Ryoma a lot, seeing the person he loves so much suffer like this. He wishes he could help him ease the pain he has and make him smile again.

"Senpai, you could tell everything, anything to me if you want to."

Syusuke surprised, seeing his usually cocky, stubborn kohai act like this. He smiles, then tears fall from his eyes.

He cries his heart out while holding on to Ryoma. Ryoma hug his senpai tightly and let him cry in his arm.

A few minutes past and Syusuke gets to calmed down.

"I'm sorry. It's really embarrassing." Ryoma just shook his head as a response. Syusuke smile slightly. "You know, me and him has been going out for a while now. We were so happy. But, that's all are in the past."

Ryoma's eyes became wide. "Eh?"

"I've ended our relationship a while ago. You know, when you saw me arguing with him earlier."

"Ah…." Ryoma nodded. He then looked up and looks in to Syusuke's eyes "Why?"

"Because, even though that he said that he loved me, in reality, it's not the truth." Syusuke said as he looked in to the sky. He smiles a sad smile as he continues looking in to the sky. "While we were still going out, he cheated on me with Sanada. I wonder why he did that to me. I love him so much…. But why…?"


Syusuke sigh deeply "I feel really relived that I ended our relationship. But still… it feels hurt so much because…. I still love him."

"Senpai…." Ryoma said almost like a whisper "Don't worry senpai. Everything is going to be alright and surely, there are many guys out there that are more than willing to go out with you. Maybe the person that is destined to be with you is out there waiting for you."

Syusuke smile "I hope so. Arigatou, Echizen. I feel all better now."

Ryoma smiles. He feels really happy that he could help him. "Uhn." Suddenly, Ryoma feels pain on his chest. He groaned in pain. Syusuke seeing this, worry of his little kohai.

"What's wrong Echizen?"

"Nothing." He said as the pain slowly faded. "Shall we go home? It's getting late." Ryoma said as he search for his bag that he left at the place he practiced alone earlier.

"Sure." Syusuke said as they start walking together "You know Echizen, if you keep act like this, you're really cute."

Ryoma blush crimson red and pull his hat down to hide his face. "Mada mada dane."


"Tadaima!" Ryoma shouted from the front door.

"Okaeri, Ryoma-san." Nanako said as she walks to the front door and greet him. "Doushita no, Ryoma-san?" Nanako asked worry.

"Eh?" Ryoma confused from the question.

"You looked sad."

Ryoma shook his head and smile slightly. "It's nothing. By the way, where are Oka-san and Oyaji?" Ryoma asked as he looks at his surroundings, searching for his parents.

Nanako looked troubled and worry. "Ah…. Right now…. They are…."

Suddenly, a loud crashing sound is heard from the living room. Ryoma and Nanako hurriedly run to the room. There are many glass shards on the floor. Rinko and Najiroh are standing face to face. Rinko already half crying while Najiroh looks tired and desperate.

"Why did you do this to me? Don't you love me?" Rinko said in tears.

Nanjiroh sigh deeply. "I really do love you Rinko, I really do…."

"Then why did you do this to me?" Rinko shouted "When it happened last time, I tried to be patient and I accepted whole heartedly. I even think Ryoga as my own son. I forgave you entirely. But why did you have to do that to me? Again!?" Ryoma shocked at hearing this. His father cheated his mother.

"Rinko, I…."

"I'm tired Nanjiroh, I'm tired. It feels hurt so much. I couldn't bear it anymore."

"Rinko please, I'm sorry. Please give me another chance…." Nanjiroh pleaded.

"Chance? I already gave you the chance that you asked long time ago and you promised me that it's not going to happen again. But now, it's happening again and you're asking for another chance? I'm sorry Nanjiroh…. I couldn't. I don't have any fate in you anymore Nanjiroh…. And the one, who make it disappear, is you. I'm sorry…."

"Rinko…. Please-"

"Najiroh." Rinko said, cutting Nanjiroh sentence "I…. I want a divorce."

Nanjiroh, Nanako and Ryoma shocked. Ryoma couldn't bear it anymore. He doesn't want to hear it anymore. He immediately runs out from the house.

"Ryoma-san!" Nanko shouted from behind, but he ignores it and keeps on running. His parents shocked, then realized that there is Nanako standing in front of the door and Ryoma had heard everything. Rinko slumped in to the floor and cry his heart out. Nanjiroh curse loudly. Nanako looking at the direction where Ryoma has gone, hoping that he will be alright.

Ryoma keep on running until he arrived at the street tennis court where he usually goes with Momoshiro. He sits on one of the bench, panting hardly, and then cries silently.

A minute passed. Ryoma still crying silently until a voice called out to him.

"O ya? Isn't it the brat from Seigaku?" Ryoma looked up and see a pair of dark blue eyes staring at him. "Brat, were you crying?"

Ryoma hurriedly wipe his tear and pull his hat down "Shut up monkey king."

"Brat!" Atobe grunted and sit beside Ryoma. They stay like that for awhile. No one is saying a word. Just keep on silent. Ryoma feel comfortable with Atobe staying beside him and he's glad he didn't asked some question regarding what happened earlier.

The silent is broken as Ryoma voiced his voice and asked Atobe

"Hey Monkey king, what are you doing here?"

"What? Couldn't ore-sama be here? Ore-sama could be anywhere he wants to and you should be happy that you could feel ore-sama's presence."

Ryoma sweat dropped "Mada mada dane, Monkey king."

"What did you say, you damn brat?"

"Mada mada dane. By the way, where's the big guy that always go anywhere with you?"

"Kabaji? He has some family business so he couldn't go to company ore-sama."

"Hee.... I thought you could do nothing without him. So I'm a little bit surprised seeing you fine without him around." Ryoma smirk.

"You damn brat! I challenge you to a match."

"Che. Fine with me. But I don't bring any racket."

"Ore-sama will lend you his spare racket. Be great full you brat."

"Che!" Ryoma grab the racket from Atobe's hand.

Both of them walk in to the court. Atobe gets to serve first then they start playing.

The game continues for more than an hour and they still couldn't decide who the winner is. They keep on going on a tie break.

As time goes by, their strength decrease and Ryoma start losing his concentration. He feels weak and sick. It's feels that he doesn't have any power in him. His moves are getting slower.

"Oi brat. Tired already?"

Ryoma frowned then grunted "Mada ma-"

Ryoma suddenly feel dizzy. His chest hurts just like before. But this time, it hurts more than before.

His breathing became fast. He grabs his chest as he tries to ignore the pain. He falls to the ground.

Atobe shocked. He runs to where Ryoma is. "Oi brat!?" He kneeled next to him. Worry could be seen in his face. "Echizen? What's wrong?"

Ryoma didn't answer Atobe. He just grunted in pain. His breathing became heavy. The pain keep on coming and it became worse. It feels like his heart being stab by a knife. His face is getting paler and paler.

"Itai...." Ryoma hissed in pain.

"Echizen!" Atobe shouted, getting even more worry.

Ryoma try to calm him self but he starts to lose his conscious. He could hear Atobe keep on calling his name but then his voice faded and he couldn't hear anything else and everything became dark.

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