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11. Together Finally?

It's been almost a week since Ryoma last saw Atobe. The last one is when Hyoutei, Kikumaru-senpai and also Oishi-senpai come visit his house. He wondered how he's been. Actually, he could call him and talk to him. Or maybe come to his school. But there's no way Ryoma would do that. Especially, after that kiss in front of his house.

That time, when Ryoma went inside the house and saw his father and Nanako snickering and grins widely, he knows immediately what makes them like that. They saw him and Atobe kissed. After that, they keep on teasing Ryoma for days and He couldn't stare at them in the eyes. That was too embarrassing. But on the same time, he's also happy. Because, that means that his family is fine with his preference. Although he doesn't know how his mother thinks about it, but at least his father and Nanako fine with it.

Ryoma walks slowly through the school hall towards the roof while holding a lunch box and a drink in one hand. As he arrived at the roof, he quickly goes to his favorite spot, take a seat and start eating his lunch slowly, savoring the taste. After all, today's menu is Ryoma's favorite.

As he eats his lunch, his thoughts start to wonder to Atobe Keigo. Now, he's fully realized that he's in love with the said person. He knows that couldn't let Atobe wait for him any longer although he said that he would always wait for him and make him fall for him, and the later is already happening but he still don't know about it. So he makes a decision that he would tell Atobe. . But he's slightly confused about how to tell him his feelings and when.

Deep inside, he's also worried that in the week span of time, Atobe would tire of waiting for him and found someone new. Hopefully not. He said that he loves him. He's also always there for him when he needs someone to hang on to.

'That's right…. I shouldn't worry about that. I believe him….'

"Ara? Ochibi? What are doing eating alone in here?" Kikumaru asked as he came in through the door with Syusuke follows closely behind him.

As Syusuke eyes met with Ryoma's, he became slightly tense. Ryoma realize it and smile warmly at him. Syusuke, looking at Ryoma's expression understand and smiles back at him.

Kikumaru, although he notices the exchange between the other two, keep quiet and walks towards Ryoma and sits beside him. "Ochibi, you shouldn't eat alone you know…. Right nya! Me and Fujiko will eat with you from now on!"

Syusuke chuckled slightly when he sees Ryoma's annoyed expression. "Saa…. Eiji. Don't you think you should ask Ryoma first? Although I agree with Eiji." He said smiling his usual smile, making Ryoma sweat dropped.

When Ryoma sees Kikumaru's pleading eyes, he knows that he couldn't win then nodded his head. Kikumaru squeals loudly and glommped at Ryoma. He should get used to it by now, but no. He never gets used to Kikumaru death hug.

They eat happily while talking about everything. It seems, Ryoma's relationship with Syusuke is fine too. They manage to act as usual. It feels like there's nothing happen between them. Or more likely, they act like before they even dated. Just with a little bit change with how Syusuke would call Ryoma. It seems habit die hard thus Syusuke keep on calling Ryoma with his first name.

"So, Ryoma. Have you found someone new?" Syusuke asked, startling Ryoma.

Ryoma choked on his food, and then hurriedly take a drink. He sighs, relieves then turns his focus on Syusuke and glared at him, makes Kikumaru giggling uncontrollably.

"What do you think?"

"Saa…. Maybe there's someone…. But don't know who."

"Mada mada dane."

Kikumaru now laugh out loud, making Ryoma glared at him. "He has someone in mind, surely!"

"Kikumaru-senpai, stop it!"

Then they heard the bell ringing. They then quickly gathered their stuff and the trash to go back to class. Ryoma sighs deeply. His next class is English. The subject that he's good at and usually he's always sleeps on this class. 'Maybe I should just stay here until the class ended.'

"Ochibi, are you coming?" Ryoma pondered for a while and decided that he would sleep in class instead. He nodded at Kikumaru and follows them. "Ne, Ochibi. Let's have some burger later after school!"

"Ii su yo. Kikumaru-senpai's treats though."

"Mou…. Ochibi…."

In a dimly lit European style room, Atobe Keigo paced back and forth, deep in his thought. It's been a week since him last see Ryoma and hears his voice. He didn't have the courage to meet or call him with what happen last time.

Atobe then stopped on his track, fall unceremoniously on his bed and groaned slightly. It's been a while since the first time he confesses his love for Ryoma. He tried to makes some other approach but Ryoma then decide to date Fuji Syusuke. He's hurt like hell even though he didn't really show it. Instead, he tells Ryoma that he won't give up on him. From then on, he keeps on trying so many ways to approach Ryoma, hoping that someday he would love him back.

Sometimes, He couldn't help but feel giddy and happy, like when that time they kissed on his secret place because Ryoma returned the kiss, or when he kissed him last time in front of Ryoma's house. When he remembered how Ryoma stares at him with those eyes, he couldn't help but feel entranced. He knows that he has hope and that there's a possibility that Ryoma love him back.

He wants to try to confess to him once again. Hoping this time he will accept it as he also heard from the kikumaru that Ryoma broke up with Syusuke. He knows that this is his chance. If He accept him, then they could be together as a loving couple.

Imagining they would be together, as a lover, making Atobe grins wildly, happily. How he couldn't wait for it to happen.

"So, now…. Ore-sama will have to make a plan so when he confesses to Ryoma, everything will be perfect!"

Suddenly, he could hear a clicking sound from his laptop, noticing that he just got a mail. He checked it out. As he read it, he could only sighs. It's an email from his secretary of is small business. There is so much to do.

Sometimes he wondered if he did the right thing. Although he knows that he could do it easily managing so many businesses.

Ever since he was 16 years old, he starts helping managing his family business - being the only child and all. He is the one and only heir of the Atobe Corporation, so one day surely; he's going to manage the corporation. Everyone from the high society knows this and has many expectations from him, especially his family.

On his late 17, he start to do small business all by himself. Now, he has his own small corporation that handles many things, like security department, Entertainments, and so on. He also owns a few restaurant and café.

But sometimes, he still helps on doing some stuff in Atobe Corporation. Of course, he gets some payments from it. There's no way he would work for free although he has enough from his own business. Well, his family never knows about his small business and he intends to keep it that way.

Atobe snap out from his deep thought then start working on his job. He has to finish it quickly so he could start making plan for his date with Ryoma. Everything has to be perfect after all.

On the other side of the house, two people drink some tea silently, enjoying the silent and peace moment that they have. They are Atobe Keigo's parents, Atobe Kazuya and his wife, Atobe Shinju. People would say that they are just like Moon and Sun. They are so different from each other. Atobe Kazuya has a bluish grey hair and black eyes. He is a very serious person and for him, his works is number one. He loves his job and would do anything for it to be a success. Meanwhile, Atobe Shinju, she has beautiful long wavy light brown hair that fall to her mid back and blue eyes. She is an easy going woman and love party. She loves to have some fun and do something flashy.

"Shinju…. Don't you think that these days our son is a little bit…. Strange….?"

"How strange? I think he's absolutely fine." Shinju answered her husband.

"I think that he's somehow being so…. Unlike him….."

"He's being himself so he is still him. Maybe there are just bit changes in here and there. But he's absolutely fine."

Kazuya stare at his wife, confused. "It seems that you know something about Keigo…."

"Of course I know…. He's my son after all."

"Then what would it be? Is there a reason for me not to know?" Kazuya said, hoping to get some information from his wife. Shinju ponder for a while and sigh. 'Maybe if I tell some of it, it's fine?'

"Well…. There's nothing weird for him to be like this. He's old enough…."

"The point is?"

"He's in love." Shinju said with a blissful sigh. She couldn't help it but feels really happy when he notices the change in his son. She's always weak in some sort of romance story, even more if it's her son. It's going to be really interesting.

"Really? That's new….. Do you know who she is? The girl that he fell in love with?"

Shinju tensed slightly at hearing her husband words. "…No…. Why?"

"I just hope that she's a good enough girl to be our son companion. After all, Atobe always have the best. Also, a good gene and background would bring fortune to our family - especially the future. We need a heir to continue the line after all."

Shinju become tensed even more. She couldn't tell her husband the truth concerning her son interest. Actually, she knows that her son prefer for the same gender then the opposite, also the boy that Keigo love. How? Well, all thanks to her curiosity. Ever since she could see the sign that her son is in love, she start to search any information about it. She even asked one of the butlers in the house to follow her son activity and about his friends and to report to her immediately.

In that time, her son always has minimal time with girls, thus makes her confused. Even more when she noticed that Keigo seems to be close to a boy named Echizen Ryoma, the boy who shaved his head or the boy who makes her son shaved his own head, that's what her son said to her.

She chuckled slightly as she remembered the time when Keigo came home with a new haircut. She laughs out loud when she founds out it's because he lose a bet.

She then searches everything about Echizen Ryoma and about the boy family. It's really interesting and somehow, sad. The father known as Samurai Nanjiroh, the legendary tennis player, is a total playboy and somehow, resulting to have 3 children, all from different women. Ryoma is the only child from the real marriage. And now, the wife who she'd slightly surprised when she found out about her, Echizen Rinko, or maybe, Takeuchi Rinko, is a famous lawyer.

Both of them make quiet a lot of money. Adding the money that their son won from the entire tennis match, they are quite wealthy.

When she reads about their medical report, she's a bit surprised when she reads Ryoma's. Ryoma has been sick and his family didn't know about it. The thing that makes her even more surprised is that her son is the one who takes him to the hospital.

'Maybe that's the start of their closeness...' Shinju thought to herself. Then she was slightly disappointed when she noticed that her thought about her son fall in love was wrong. But she insists that she's right. Thus, she enters Keigo's room silently when he isn't there and founds a picture of one Echizen Ryoma, under his pillow. She could only stares at the pictures with wide eyes as all the puzzles starts to fall in to place. Her son is in love with Echizen Ryoma, a boy.

Well, she was shocked; really shocked that she couldn't stares at her son face for a few days. But when she starts to calm down, she's fine with it. She even thought that they would look so cute and more importantly, she only wants her son happiness.

"Shinju, what's wrong?" her husband asked her, making her snap out from her deep thinking. She smiles warmly at him.

"No… nothing dear. Just enjoying the tea…." She makes a decision. She mustn't tell her husband about it. It's her sons' life and she shouldn't meddle with it. But she really wants to see both of the boys having a date though.

It's been a week of him to makes the plan and arranges all the things that needed for the date. He also already called Ryoma a day before to inform him about the date. Well, but of course he didn't tell him where they are going today and what's the occasion. He's going to surprised him and hopefully he likes it and also, when he confesses once more, he would accept it.

Right now, he's standing in front of Ryoma's house; wearing black shirt and trousers also lavender colored vest and violet colored blazer. He unbuttons the first few buttons to reveal his long slender neck and some of his chest. He wears a simple silver necklace for accessories.

He fidgeted slightly on his place as he rings the door bell, waiting for it t be open. After a while, Nanako opened the door, letting Atobe in to the house. She led him to the living room and tells him that Ryoma will be ready in a few minutes.

Nanjiroh and Nanako giggles like fan girls as they sees Atobe's appearance and remembering earlier activities in the house as Ryoma panic with his clothing.

They heard a cough from the door and turn their attention towards it. There, leaning on the door frame is Ryoma. Looking at Ryoma's appearance, Atobe could only stare at him. Ryoma is wearing a white V-neck T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans and black belt. It's really simple but Ryoma looks really good in it.

'Well, he would look good in everything that he wears though. Just like Ore-sama.' Atobe thought to himself.

"What are you looking at Monkey king! And you two! Stop giggling like a school girl!" The two only giggling even more, making Ryoma pouted slightly. Atobe only smirked at him and stands up, walking slowly towards Ryoma.

Ryoma blushed slightly. Atobe surely really looked handsome and sexy. "Yo, Monkey king. Sorry for waiting."

"Ore-sama just arrived so it's not that long." he said, grinning widely. "You look lovely today." He said, making Ryoma blushed even more.


Suddenly they heard some clicking sound and a loud squealing. Ryoma look at the source of the sound and frowns. Nanjiroh is taking some pictures of them and Nanako squealing loudly and happily while holding Yuuka in her arms. "Ooooh…. Aren't they just cute Yuuka-chan?" Nanako said to Yuuka who clap her hands happily.

"Wuahahahahaha! This is great! Come on, stands closer you two! Don't be shy! Hehehehehe….." Nanjiroh is chuckling madly, still taking some pictures. Ryoma's frown became deeper.

Atobe chuckle slightly. "Ma….ma….. Ryoma. Just let them have their fun."

Ryoma blushed again and pouted at the Hyoutei captain. Atobe smile at him and lead him to the waiting car in front of the house. Ryoma could see his family waving happily, making Ryoma grumbled.

After a while of travelling in the car with Atobe, they finally arrived at their destination. Ryoma step out from the car and stare at the building in front of him.

His eyes open wide, jaw dropped at the sight in front of him. "Disneyland? Are you serious?"

Atobe grins widely. "So, shall we get in?"

Ryoma nodded eagerly with a big smile on his face, grab Atobe's hand and drag him inside. Ryoma love theme park, especially Disneyland. When he's still living in America, he used to go to Disneyland LA with his brother, Ryoga. But when Ryoga ran away from home, he stopped going there. That's why he's so happy that he could go to Disneyland again since it's been so long.

"So, where should we go first?" atobe asked. Ryoma seriously study the guide and map then think for a while.

"This way!" Ryoma said loudly and once again dragged Atobe around the place.

Ryoma take him to the 'Tiki Room' for the first attraction. Ryoma looks happy that he could see all the birds singing while Atobe just watch and listen silently. Then they went all around the adventure land, went to the 'Jungle Cruise', 'Pirates of The Caribbean' and off to westernland. There they ride 'Mark Twain Riverboat', with Atobe's decision of course. It's a leisurely trip down the river on a romantic showboat. Although first Ryoma a little bit reluctant to ride it, he came to enjoy it, much to Atobe's pleasure. Next, they went to 'Big Thunder Mountain' much to Atobe's horror as at the end, they get wet.

They then went to another part of attraction to get wet again as they ride 'Splash Mountain'. After that, Atobe quickly drag Ryoma to another part of the attraction, to the fantasy land. They enter the 'Haunted mansion', and ride 'Cinderella's Golden Carousel' also 'Dumbo the Flying Elephant', much to Atobe's embarrassment. They even went to 'It's A Small World'.

They went to Tomorrowland and ride 'Space Mountain' and other attractions.

When afternoon came, they entered almost everything from the extreme attraction to the slow one that's for kids. They also go and take some pictures with all the Disney character that they could find and make them signed the notepad that they have. They even go hunting for them in the Toontown, much to Atobe's embarrassment. But seeing Ryoma's wide smile, make him couldn't protest thus he just let Ryoma drag him everywhere and go to every attraction that he wants to.

They watch the parade on day and night, the electrical parade. Ryoma couldn't help it but smile all day. They really have fun together and Ryoma really enjoy it.

"So, what do you think of today?"

"I really, really enjoy it! Thank you." Ryoma smile brightly at Atobe, making him blushed.

"Well then, shall we go to the next place?" Atobe said as he look anywhere but Ryoma's face, still blushing.

"Eh? Next place? Now?" Ryoma stare at Atobe strangely and look at the time. It's already 8 at night and they would still go to another place.

"Yes. Ore-sama will take you to his restaurant as he knows that you will be famished." Atobe grins widely and drag Ryoma in to the car and of to the next destination.

Ryoma looked at the building in front of him. It's a traditional Japanese type building that surrounded with so many plants and flowers. Ryoma never saw a building like this. It's simple and beautiful. He read the name plate of the place. 'Hyakunichisou?'

Ryoma then looked at Atobe questioningly. "Ne Monkey king, what is this place?"

Atobe smile warmly at Ryoma and proudly. "It's Hyakunichisou, a Japanese restaurant. So you can find many Japanese cuisines in this place. Know you'll love it."

"Aa…. What does it means? Hyakunichisou? It's a weird name."

Atobe only sweat dropped and pouted slightly. "It's not weird. Ore-sama thought it carefully and he thinks that it's a wonderful and an appropriate name for this place."

"Eh? You named it?"

"Of course. This is one of ore-sama's restaurants so be awed with it."

Ryoma sweat dropped at the other antique but slightly surprised. He never knows that Atobe has his own business. Well, it seems that he has so little things that he knows about one Atobe Keigo. Hopefully, he could continue to get to know him, more deeply, little by little.

"Still, it's a weird name."

"Brat. Hyakunichisou is a flower name. In English, it's called zinnia. It means loyalty."

"But why you pick that name?"

"Because the place is surrounded with the flowers and has a good meaning."

"That's it?"


Ryoma could only sigh. "Che, whatever…." Ryoma then grab Atobe's arm and drag him in to the restaurant. Just like the exterior, the interior is also has a Japanese traditional style. Ryoma decided that he likes this place. Not like he will tell Atobe about it though. The waitress recognizes Atobe instantly and shows them to the reserved place for both of them. They were showed to the private room which has beautiful scenery of the back garden. Yuph, he really like this place and hopefully, the food is good too.

The waitress gives them the menus and leaves them to choose for the food first. Ryoma scan the page quickly and smiles happily. Just like Atobe said, they are all Japanese food and many kinds of it.

"So, what would you like to order brat?" Atobe asked as he looks at Ryoma, who's busy, scanning the pages confused or rather panic of choosing the food. Atobe smile slightly at the display. Ryoma looks like a little child that been told to choose one toy from many. "Brat, have you decided what you want to eat?

"Wait a minute." Atobe wait for him. After a while, Ryoma finally decided. Atobe called for the waitress to take their orders.

"Ore-sama will have the usual and sakurayu for the drink also anmitsu for the dessert." The waitress nodded at Atobe then turn to Ryoma.

"I'll have oyakodon but the one with salmon and salmon roe, also Mugicha for the drink and mitsumame for the dessert."

"Is there anything else?" Atobe and Ryoma shook their head. "Then, I'll repeat the orders. For Atobe-sama, you'll have the usuall and sakurayu also anmitsu. Then for the young sir, you'll have oyakodon, with salmon and salmon roe, also mugicha and mitsumame for the dessert." The waitress looked up to the two boys to see their confirmation about their orders. As Atobe nodded, she continues. "Your dinner will be ready in 15 minutes and for the dessert, we will bring it after meal."

With that, the waitress takes the menu from them and left the room to deliver the order, leaving Atobe and Ryoma alone.

"Ne, monkey king. What's your usual?"

"Kamameshi, also kabayaki for side dish." Ryoma could imagine how the dish look like as Atobe named it all. Oh, how he would like to taste them, just a little bit.

"You can try mine….."

Ryoma blushed deeply as Atobe read his thought. "Che, mada mada dane."

They talked while waiting for the food to arrive. And exactly just like the waitress said, the food arrived exactly in 15 minutes. They eat their food happily and Ryoma feels like in heaven with all the delicious Japanese food.

They have a little chat while eating, a simple one. Like their daily activities and if there are any interesting things happening recently also some story about each other. Although it's a simple conversation, He still enjoy it well and surprisingly, most of the time, Ryoma's the one who make the conversation. It feels really at ease when he's with Atobe. He feels relax and somehow, it makes him could tell him anything, everything, even things about him that most people don't know about and that include his family and Karupin. With this short time, they get to really know each other and they're happy with it.

"So, what's with taking me to Disneyland earlier?" Ryoma asked while humming happily from eating the dessert.

Atobe chuckled. "Well, Ore-sama thought that you might be happy with it. There's this great place I want to show you after this. It's near this place so just look forward to it."


"Ne Monkey king… Where are we?"

"Ahn? We're in one of Ore-sama's family park."

"Family…. Park?"

"Aaa…. Grandfather own this park and it's not open for public, mind you….. It's reserved for family and a few closed people only." Atobe said as he keeps on walking deep towards the park. "Let's go that way."

Ryoma followed him silently. Somehow, he's slightly curious. Why would Atobe bring him to this place? Is it even alright for him to be here? And most of all…. Isn't there any light in this part of the park?

Right now, there are only trees surround them and a few light from the sky to guide them through the park. Or more likely, woods.

"Ne, monkey king….. Exactly, where are we going and how far?"

"Be patient brat. Just a little bit more."

"Haa.. ..AAAAAAGHHHH!" Ryoma suddenly shouted. Atobe quickly turn around, only to see the said boy, sprawled on the ground, face down. "Itai….."

"Humph… Hahahahahaha!"

"What are you laughing at you Monkey King!" Ryoma glared at him while trying to stand up.

"Gomen, gomen…. It's just so funny!" Ryoma keep on glaring at him and pouted on his words. Atobe help him stand up, hold his hand and start walking again. "This way, you wouldn't fall down again. Don't want you to fall back behind and lost right."

"Urusai!" Ryoma said to him. If there are lights, Atobe would clearly saw his blushing face.

They keep on walking together. Not saying a word, just enjoy the silence and the voice of nature surround them. Ryoma could feel the warmth radiating from Atobe's hand, making him blush even more. He looked up to see Atobe's face illuminated by the light from the night sky. Ryoma is mesmerized by the sight in front of him.

He then realize, that somehow….. He's not suitable to be with Atobe. Atobe is handsome, rich and powerful from a wealthy family, smart, caring and full of pride. He's everything that every girl and boy wanted to be with. While he, he's just a normal teenage, tennis maniac boy, with some stupid sickness. Of course he has his own name in his tennis career, but still not like Atobe.

Now, with this thinking, he just wondered, why would Atobe interested in him?

"….Ma…..Ryoma!" Atobe called him, stopping his train of thoughts.

"Huh? What?"

"What are you thinking?"


Atobe doesn't believe what Ryoma said, but let it go for now. "Anyway, we're here." Atobe said, smiling. Ryoma then noticed that they were no longer walking anymore. He looks at his surroundings.

High trees surround them in circles and as he looked up, he could see the clear bright sky with so many starts shining brightly. Ryoma stare at them, awed.

He could hear some rustle from beside him and see Atobe laid out a sitting mat and sit on it. Ryoma go next to him and sit in silence enjoying the miracle of nature.

"Ne, Atobe."


"Thank you for today. I really enjoy it."

"Really? That's great then."

"Let's do this again sometime. But next time, I want to go to Disney Sea." Ryoma said, serious.

Atobe laugh out loud seeing Ryoma's expression then smile kindly. "Of course, anything you wish." They went to see the stars in silence again.

Atobe keep on staring at the sky, while thinking of what he has to say to Ryoma to confess his love once more. He's afraid that Ryoma would reject him again and if that's happen, he couldn't bear it. So if this time Ryoma would still reject hi, then he would give up on him.

"Ne Ryoma…."

"What is it?"

"I was wondering…." Atobe said, almost in whisper. Atobe stay silent for a while then inhale deeply and stare at Ryoma's amber, golden like eyes.

"Ryoma…. You know that I love you right?" Ryoma tensed slightly and blushed. He nodded slightly. "I'm hoping that we could be together, if it's okay with you."


"I Really Love you Ryoma. Maybe you still couldn't forget about Fuji, but still, I couldn't let go of this feeling, now when you're not with him anymore, I couldn't help but hoping that we could be together. So…." Atobe said to Ryoma, seriously. He could feel his heart beating really fast while waiting for Ryoma to say a word.

"I….." Ryoma started. He Blushed beet red, his heart pounding uncontrollably. He never thought that it's going to be difficult to say those 3 words to him. Ryoma inhale deeply and let it go for a several time to calm down so that he could answer it confidently, but it just didn't work. Seeing Atobe's serious face, he knows that this is may be, could be his only chance to say it to him.

"I…..Lve….u" Ryoma said with a small voice, almost like a whisper.

"W-what did you say?"

"Mou…. Monkey king. Don't make me say it again! Baka!"

"Well, if only you say it louder then maybe you don't have to repeat it! So, say it again!"

"I… Lve u." Ryoma said once again, face still beet red.


"I said… I LOVE YOU!"

Atobe shocked hearing Ryoma. When he registers what Ryoma said in his mind, he grins happily and lough out loud, relieved.

Ryoma then realized what he just said and his face became even redder. "I… I…. I mean…. What I just said….."

"Hahahahahahaha!" Atobe still lough loudly, making Ryoma start to frown.

"Wh- Just Stop it monkey king! What are you laughing anyway!"

Atobe circled his hands around Ryoma and hold him in his arms, tightly. He sighs as he feels Ryoma's warmth. "I Love you Ryoma…. You make me the happiest man alive today."

"Hmph…. Mada mada dane." Ryoma smiles gently while being hold. He then looked up to Atobe's face, letting him see the smile. Atobe smiles gently back at him. They could see the happiness on each other's.

They stare at each other's eyes deeply. Atobe leaned down and Ryoma could feel his warm breath near his own lips. He closed his eyes and let his lips touches the others, sighing contently.

After a while, they parted and just cuddle on the mat, staring at the starry sky of the night in silence, enjoying their time together.

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