Hinata sighed, slightly trembling as she looked at herself in the mirror. She can't believe she was doing this! This wasn't like her at all! The black-pink bunny ear flopped down in front of her face. Groaning, she tired to straighten it up, but with no avil. Hinata, again, sighed. She was starting to reget this decision, but it was Naruto's fault. She's been sex-deprived for weeks!

"I don't know," Hinata said, looking at her three best friends. "I just don't think he'll be into it." Sakura sighed looking at her friend.

"Hinata, Hinata, Hinata," She started, getting up. "You have to realize that, if you want something bad enough, you have to earn it." She said with a wink. Hinata blushed as the other two giggled.

"Sakura's right. You feel left out, so there's your chance to get the romace started again." Ino said. Even Tenten agreed!

"Kinky sex.....the best kind of sex there is."

After that conversation, Hinata was force to buy....erm, let call them 'toys' for the fun she and Naruto were going to have.

Currently, Naruto was in the tower as the new hokage. Now, Hinata knows how tough it's been on Naruto, what, with having to do paper work all the time (now she can see why Tusande hated it and drink sake nearly every day), but that didn't mean Hinata should be out of game! No, despite being kind, Hinata was a human and humans have needs.

Meanwhile, with Naruto, he was just getting out of the office after a long day's work. Right now, he really needed some time with Hinata. Realizing that their sex life was going downhill, Naruto knew he needed this just as much as she did, and poor Hinata-chan was suffering because of it. And besides, Hinata had told him she had a surprise waiting for him when he gets home. I wonder what it is? He thought, smirking slightly. With that though, he rushed towards his apartment.

Hinata had spotted Naruto coming down the village and, grabbing an black easter basket with pink ribbons on it, walked downstairs and waited.

Naruto took sucked in lots of air before his face broke in a smile and open the door.

"Hello Naruto-kun...." Naruto stopped and, my kami, had a nose bleed that would put even the most perverted boy on the planet to shame.

(With Jiraiya)

He sneezed.

"Goddamn it, someone's talking about me!" He whined.

(Back with Naruto and Hinata)

Naruto's mouth dropped open, as mind was started to scream at him with facts. Standing in front of him, was playboy looking Hinata. She was wearing a tight leather top, exposing her large breasts and curves, the sleeveshanging off of her shoulder. The bottom was a short, pitch black skirt, exposing her slender looking creamy white skinned legs. The type of shoes she was wearing was 3in heal sandle-like shoe with a pink ribbon going aroun the ankle. Her hair was out (as always), but for some odd reason, it looked better that way. Oh yeah, and was wearing fishnet stockings.

Naruto gulped as Hinata walked towards him, smiling.

"Naruto, it's been a while." She cooed in his ear. Naruto looked down to realize a peach color pink tail coming out of the skirt in the back.


"Hinata, I-" She placed a finger on his lips while looking at him with dreamy eyes.

"Shh, say no more." She turned, causing the skirt to flutter. Naruto blushed deeply as his eyes were glue to her ass. "Follow me, Naruto-kun." She said, going up the stairs. Naruto followed, his wide blue eyes not leaving her sight. Upon entering, Naruto realize a few things.

One, there's pink petals everywhere

Two, there's a bottle of chocolate syurp and whip cream on the stand

Three, handcuffs

Raising an eyebrow, he looked at his bunny. She smiled.


"Naruto, we have not had sex in a while," She pouted, making her look even cuter. "I'm lonely." It was such a simple statement, but even then, his cock started to grow even more. He stalked over to her, wrapping his arms around the black and pink bunny.

"Sorry, Hinata-chan, I didn't mean to make you lonely." He looked up and down at her body, his eyes becoming cloudy with lust.

"Then," She started, looking at him with curious eyes. "Play with me."

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