Warning: LEMON! Kinky too, but you already know that ;)

Hinata cooed and purred in Naruto's ear as he hungrily kissed her neck.

"Ooooh, Naruto, right there." She purred, eyes twinkling with lust. Naruto smirked before going down to her shoulder blade and kissed, sucked, and marked it. Soon, Hinata left her husband and grabbed the handcuffs, playing with them, while looking at him with an 'Are ya coming?' look. Naruto moaned softly.

"Didn't know you would go that way." Hinata shrugged before placing both her hands in one of the cuffs and hooking the other to the bed pole.

"Wanted to try something new. Now, Naruto, I'm lonely, do something about it." She commanded. Naruto hissed playfully.

"Oooh, uke AND seme? What a combo." Hinata narrowed her eyes. Naruto snicked before going over to the stand with lots of edible stuff. He raise an eyebrow before picking up the whip cream can. He shook it and placed himself on her. "Open wide." He teased. Hinata open her mouth.

"Ahh!" With that, Naruto squirted whip cream inside of her mouth, filling it until some of it dripped down her face. Naruto smiled and kissed her, playing with the whip cream all the while deepening the kiss. Hinata moaned as her tongue pushed the whip cream to find Naruto's tongue. Soon, Naruto stopped kissing her and looked at the stand for another item to play with, which happens to be chocolate syrup. Hinata swallowed the whip cream and open her mouth again, letting the cool syrup go down her throat.

"Hmm, Hinata baby, you look so good right now." Naruto said as he now poured the syrup over her chest. Hinata moaned as he licked the syrup, giving her a taunting look.

"Naruto, please....." She squirmed, desperatelywanted to touch his golden locks, but knows she can't. Naruto then started to take off her top, revealing a nice sexy black bra. He raise an eyebrow.

"I don't remember you having that type of bra....." Hinata smirked.

"I hid it, of course, for speical occasions only. And, you shouldn't be looking in my drawer anyway." She said. Naruto chuckled.

"I can't believe this is the same Hinata back in the Academy days." He said. Hinata smiled.

"Believe it." With that being said, Naruto continued to play with his ever so loving wife. After getting bored with the syrup, he looked over to see two items he haven't played with yet; colorful sprinkles and cherries.

"Sprinkles? What ever do we need them for?" But then, a bright idea came and now Naruto was grinning like a wild hyena. Hinata saw this and purred.

"What are you thinking?" She asked. Naruto ignored her for a moment as he grabbed the whip cream, chocolate, sprinkles, and cherries.

"I'm making a sundae!" He said cheerfully before spraying Hinata's breast with whip cream. Hinata moaned loudly, panting even, as Naruto poured chocolate syrup on the whip cream. Then came the sprinkles and then the cheeries. He smiled at his masterpiece before eating it whole. Hinata moaned loudly again.

"OH! Ah, ah! Naruto-kun!" She whimpered, her cuffed hands twisting and aching to be loose. Naruto grinned as he licked and teased Hinata's covered nipple, sucking slightly before biting them. Hinata felt her face burn up as he continue to play with her.

"N-naruto, before we continue, there's some toys under the bed." Naruto looked her, his eyebrow up.

"Eh? Toys?" Hinata looked at him through her eyelashes.

"You know......toys." Naruto got this and left Hinata to look under the bed to see a bag. He grabbed it and open it up. His eyes went wide, feeling a nosebleed coming on. Inside the bag were the toys Hinata was talking about.

If a dildo, a whip, a gag toy, a purple color blindfold, AND extra chains were a toy, then Naruto would definitely buy them. Smirking ever so slightly, he looked up at his submissive wife.

"Oi, I didn't know you like to play dirty Hinata-chan!" He said, the smirk never leaving. Hinata looked at him.

"What are you waiting for? Fuck me senseless!" She said. Naruto bit back a laugh.

"Naughty, naughty Hinata. You are already chained. Perhaps, a few more?" He said as revealed the other chains in the bag, looking at her innocently. Hinata blushed before smiling.

"Maaaybe.....Wanna test it out?" She purred, looking at him with lustful eyes. Naruto grinned.

"On your tummy please." With that, Hinata somehow manage to turn herself around and Naruto had placed the chains on her ankle. He purred as he groped her ass that was in the air before sliding under and rubbing her clit. Hinata gasped and moaned.

"Ooooh, Naruto.....don't stop." She whined. Naruto grinned as he grabbed another 'toy' out of the bag, which was the dildo. A viberate one too. Smirking, he slowly lifted up Hinata's skirt and pulled down her underwear (which happens to be a thong. Hinata rarely buy those), fiddling with her hole. Heat suddenly filled her face as she moaned and looked back at him, eyes begging for more. Naruto showed her the dildo and placed it in front of her.

"Suck it." He whispered huskily in her ear. Hinata groaned before taking it in her mouth, sucking slightly. Naruto moaned at the sight. Hinata rolled her tongue over the dildo, sliding it under like it was a real cock with an vein underneath. When wet enough, Naruto took it out and looked at her ass for a few moments. Hinata grunted when nothing happened.

"Naruto! Now please!" She cried out, waiting for something to happen. Narutonodded and kissed her hole, dipping his tongue in and out. Hinata cried out. "Oh! Ah, ah! Ah-ha!" She moaned, twisting and squirming under his touch. Naruto smirked as he licked the hole and stuck the dildo inside of her. She moaned at the lost and gain anew. Closing her eyes, Hinata wrapped her legs around her husband, making him push the dildo inside of her. She moaned.

"Ne, Hinata-chan, you're gonna make me cum before I'm even in you." Naruto whispered. Sure enough, Naruto's cock was restraining against his pants, just nearly suffercating from the lack of freedom. Hinata looked down at his pants and moaned.

"Then....take it off. I'll suck." Naruto moaned at her choice of words and wait any longer. After setting his member free, he turned on the dildo, causing Hinata's mouth to drop in shock and at how good it felt. She was already leaking. Anymore and she might explode.

"N-naruto....." She panted, face flushed from the viberation of the dildo. Naruto licked her ear as Hinata grabbed and stroked his hard as a rock memeber. Before long, she took him in, moaning at the taste. Sweet. She thought as she sucked and nibbled on the head. Naruto moaned as he felt pre-cum flowing from his cock. Damn, they haven't even started yet and already he's about to explode. Hinata then decided to deep throat him, moaning around his hot flesh. Naruto pulled back, causing Hinata to look at him. He took the dildo out and placed it right at her pussy. Hinata moaned. She had forgotten all about her wetness and was forcing on Naruto's. He gently shoved the thing in her, causing Hinata to let out one of the most exotic moans he's ever heard.

"Oh, Hinata....." He said against her bare skin. Hinata panted, her tongue sticking out. Naruto smirked. "Nice." He said. Hinata smiled back as he pushed in and out of her all the while fiddling with her hole.

"Hurry, I won't last....." She whispered as she felt her liquid coming out. Naruto nodded as he left her to get the lube they needed. As soon as he costed with member with the strawberry scented lube, Hinata was suddenly moaning and whining like a dog in heat. "N-naruto...."

"You must have a good sense of smell...." Naruto mumbled as he gently pushed into her anal hole. Hinata had to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

"Oh, oh, oh god!" She panted when Naruto finally got inside. He smiled down at her.

"Ready?" Hinata nodded.

"I'm ready." With that, Naruto started to thrust into her. It was slow at first, but soon, he started to pick up the paste and now Hinata was under him, squirming, moaning, wishing herself to be free from those damn handcuffs she put on.

"Oh god, do it again!" She cried out as Naruto kept thrusting his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper into the nerves that made Hinata moan. Soon, he had founded the spot he was looking for and Hinata was now seeing stars. Picking up one of her leg, to get a better angle, Naruto was now on the edge of losing him.

"So....damn.....tight." He moaned out, making sure to hit her spot again and again. Hinata was now blushing to the fullest, while making noises that only Naruto and Naruto only can hear. Naruto rolled his hips when he got the angle he was looking for, rapidly hitting the spot.

"Oh, oh, oh, god! I'm gonna....Naruto...I-I OOOOOOOOOOOH!" Hinata moaned as she finally released, slowing going down her legs. Some when even landed on Naruto's appearing and disappear in Hinata's heated flesh cock. Naruto moaned as he cumed inside of her, feeling his high coming and going as soon as he did. Hinata panted, laying down her stomach as soon as Naruto got out of her.

"That....was....good..." She said. Naruto smiled and kissed.

"Yeah, it was. Too bad we wasted so much time teasing." He said, smiling. Hinata smiled as Naruto took the cuffs off.

"Yeah, but it was fun." She said. "Next time, though, YOU'RE gonna be the one underneath." She smirked. Naruto smiled, kissed her, and then hugged her.

"Ya know, there are more toys in the bag......" Naruto suggested, eyebrow raised. Hinata blinked before chuckling.

"Oh? Then we don't have to wait too long." She said, kissing him. Naruto smiled.

"Seme now?" Hinata nodded.


A/n: I think I just written one of my dirtiest fantasies XDDDD Oh well. It was kinky enough for me. Too bad I didn't even include the blindfold, that would have been great XD R&R pleaze!