Naruto struggled against the ropes tied around his body. When he realize it was pointless, he sighed. Damn, Hinata sure know how to tie a man up. He thought before struggling again. A chuckle was heard and Naruto looked up and drooled.

Hinata was standing in front of him in a very, very tight police uniform. The top was left open, revealing her breast and the shorts she was wearing was so damn tight. She tipped her hat, looking at Naruto.

"My, my. What do we have here?" She purred, walking towards him. Naruto could have sworn those shorts were squeaking every time she walked.

"M-miss, can you let me go? My family is worried about me." He whispered as a blush appeared. Hinata stopped in front of him, smirking.

"Oh? But you've been a bad boy. You went against the law." She said. Naruto's blush grew.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, just please....let me go." He whimpered as Hinata bend down, giving him a good view of her breasts, stroking his cheek.

"But....I can't let you go. You need to be punish." She whispered in his ear, eyes shining in glee. Naruto shivered as he looked at her in fear, but was turned on so much.

"H-how are you going to punish me?" He squeaked. Hinata smirked as she pulled him up and then pushed him, trying to make him bend over.

"Bend, and you will see." Naruto eyes went wide.

"N-no! You're not gonna...." Hinata narrowed her eyes.

"Foolish boy! You break the law, you get punish for it. Now, bend over. It wasn't a question, it was a command." Naruto shook his head as Hinata crept closer to him, looking murderous. Before one could act, Hinata had pushed him hard enough to make him trip over his own two feet face forward, his ass in the air. "Don't test me boy." She snarled before going to the back of the room to get something. Naruto whimpered. Damn, he was harder then ever. Hinata came back with a long black whip in her hand. Naruto gulped.

"W-wait, can't we just talk about it?" He asked, his cock growing painfully hard. Hinata smirked.

"Nope." And with that, she cracked the whip against Naruto's bare ass, causing him to moan slash yelp at the stinging pain.

"T-that hurts!" But I love it so much more! Naruto thought, looking at Hinata with pleading eyes. Hinata smiled at her victim.

"Good, then maybe it'll straighten you out." She said and cracked the whip again. For a few moments, nothing but Naruto's whimpers and plead and the sound of the whip were heard. Finally, Hinata stopped. Naruto's ass was now red from the bruises he got. Hinata kissed him before walking towards the end of the room again, getting three more items. Soon, Naruto's vision vanished and there was something placed in his mouth that was round. He gagged. "Now, be a good little boy while I run some errands real quick." If Naruto could talk, he would, but as it was, the thing in his mouth closed all speeches he could make. Hinata chuckled and walked out the room.

Hinata was busy wetting up the dildo that was played with earlier with cold water when she looked up to see another toy that goes around a male's special place. She smirked. Perfect. Soon , she came back in the room. As if sensing this, Naruto whimpered.

"Sweetie, you look absolutely hot when you're tied and gagged." Hinata said, causing Naruto to moan as his cock was leaking pre-cum. Hinata saw this and immediately placed the cock ring on him. A loud moan of protest was heard.

"Now, now. Can't have you cum yet. I'll make it enjoyable, I promise." She purred into his ear as she readily place the dildo near his arse. Then, she forced the dildo in, cause Naruto to scream around the gag and shiver at the coldness. As she thrust in and out, Naruto's moans got louder and louder. Tears dampened the cloth around his eyes. Damn it, I need to cum!He thought as he tired to wriggle around in attempt to lose the cock ring. Hinata, who saw this, shook her head in a disapproval and spanked him. Naruto yelped.

"No, you're being a bad boy again." She said. Naruto whined in returned. Being pleased by this, Hinata continued to dig the dildo deeper into Naruto. Naruto's cock was alread red, and the pre-cum was slowly leaking out. Sighing, Hinata stopped and looked down at Naruto's major boner. "Troubled? I'll help!" She smirked at the whine and took off the cock ring, placing her mouth of the head instead.

Naruto screamed as he cummed into Hinata's mouth as wetness dripped down her legs. Panting heavily, Naruto threw himself back, feeling a bit numb in that area. Hinata chuckled as she took off the blindfold and gag. "Felt good, didn't?" She asked. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, it did." Hinata then looked at him with sorrow eyes.

"I didn't actually hurt you, did I?" She asked in a whispered. Naruto shook his head.

"Not at all. Though, my ass is a little sore from the beating." He said as he winched. Hinata rubbed his sore ass.

"I'm sorry. Wanna kiss?" She smirked. Naruto laughed and hugged her.

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