It was an lazy Sunday morning when Hinata was walking down the streets of Konoha. She honestly didn't know what to do. God, I'm so bored! I wonder what Naruto-kun is doing right now. She thought as pictures of her husband started to play in her head. A lazy smile was formed. Knowing Naruto, he's probably complaining about work papers. She thought and laughed, causing several people to look at her. Poor baby. He's working so hard when he's in hokage mode. She thought, a knowing smirk working its way on her face. He needs relaxtion time and he's gonna get it.With that, she ran down to the hokage tower, leaving people wondering what the heck is wrong with the younger generation these days (what? Can't say they were old or else you might think they're 30 or 40 or something.)

Later, with Naruto, he sighed as he felt a throbbing headache coming on. Goddamn shinobi. Can't spell a single word right. Isn't this suppose to be Iruka-sensei's job?! His angry face suddenly deadpanned. Oh....right. During the years, right before he turned 22, Iruka had been attacked by Mist ninjas who had the gull to step foot in Konoha. They left him in a serious state and two days later, he died. At the this, Naruto's anger only build.

He'd lost everything. Everything had been so important to him. The only thing that kept him alive was Hinata, Sakura, Lee, Neji, Sasuke, and Kiba. Everyone else that he knew was gone. Sighing quietly, he continued to work until a soft knock was heard. He smiled. He knew who was at the door.

"Come in, Hina-chan." Hinata came in, smiling sweetly.

"Hello, Naru-kun. I just came to see how you were doing." She said. Narutosmiled, his anger long gone.

"Aw, that's so sweet Hinata-chan. But really, I am fine." Hinata cocked her head to the side at the pile of paperwork and then Naruto's sweet, but tired, face.

"Really? I don't think so. Come take a break with me." She said, holding up a picnic basket. Naruto raise an brow.

"You were already planning this?" Hinata shrugged.

"Yeah, but if you don't want to, I'm going to the hot springs." She said, looking at him with innocent eyes. "Join me?" Naruto smirked.

"Wouldn't miss it."

Later, Naruto was in the bath house when he realized how empty it was. Meh, all of them were probably busy. So much for Lazy Sunday day. He thought and chuckled, unaware of him being watched. As soon as he slid into the water and closed his eyes, a splash was heard. He open one eye to see no one. Now that's weird. Why would- Before that thought was finish, Naruto was suddenly pulled down in the water, catching him in surprise and fear. Something was in here!

Before he open his eyes to find out what, he felt a warmth mouth over his length. Oh god, someone was sucking him! Moaning quietly, He broke apart from the mysterious person and reached the top. He gasped loudly and was about to swim out of the springs when a soft giggle was heard. Not sounding very boyish at all. He turned and was surprise when he saw not a male, but a female in a male's spring, and it wasn't any old female either.

"Hinata?!" Hinata looked at him, eyes twinkling with laughter.

"Oi, Naruto-kun?" Naurto looked at her with wide eyes.

"What are you doing?! You could have been spotted!" Hinata jumped into the waters and swim towards Naruto, her arms wrapping around his waist.

"So? And besides, you needed relaxtion time." She said.

"Yeah, relaxtion time. Not wife-nearly-gave-me-a-heart-attack-inside-of-a-male's-hot-spring time." He said. They both ended up laughing.

"I know, but I was bored. No company, no talking. Nothing. Plus....." She whispered lustily into his ear, causing his member to twitch and harden. "I'm horny." With that, Hinata ducked down and began to suck on Naruto. Naruto groaned.

"Nnnnnngh......Hinata...." He panted, looking down at the smirky waters of where Hinata's head is. Damn cloudy water! Shit, that feels SO good. Again, Naruto groaned, crossing his legs without meaning to. Soon, Hinata's head poked up and licked the dripping water off Naruto's chest.

"Hmmm, Hinata." Hinata giggled again as she bit his nipple, causing a louder groan to erupt from Naruto. "Ah! Ah! Oh!" Hinata's tongue traced back to his ear, nibbling and bitting it until Naruto became mush. A needy, panting, blushing mush. "Hina, l-let me get inside you." He whispered, causing her to moan and close her eyes at the idead.

"O-okay." With that, Hinata's slender body was up and out of the spring, causing Naruto to drool at the sight. A wet, naked, Hinata. With a firm body. Damn, man, I'm so hard. He thought as his wife (yes, he's protective) walked out of the springs and was on all fours.

Insert nosebleed.

With Hinata being wet, everything was dripping. Including......

Wrong choice of words, insert mega nosebleed.

Hinata looked behind her, eyes shining in want and nearly laughed when she saw all the blood.

"Come on Naruto! It's getting cold!" She said, shaking her ass as an example. Naruto nearly rushed and tripped out of the hot springs just to get it. Hinata moaned when she felt a warmth tongue slipping in, licking slowly and painfully, like a dog licking its wounds. "Oh, oh! Ah....." She looked down at Naruto, who was pericing her with his blue intense eyes, showing how much torture he was going to put her through.

Hinata whined when she felt two fingers rubbing against her clit, slowly until it became wet. Then, he poked one finger in and began to finger her. Hinata closed her eyes again, her blush fully staining her cheeks.

"AH! Oh god, Naruto! More....." With that, the second finger entered, all the while the tongue never moving from her arse. Biting her lip, Hinata slowly tweaked her large breasts, causing her to moan in pleasure as they became hard. "Ah, ah, fuck! Naruto! In please!" She panted, looking at him in deseprate want. Naruto chuckled as he nipped her hole, causing her to squeak slash moan, before he pulled away, revealing his harder-then-hard member.

"Fuck it, Hinata, look at what you've done to me." He moaned, stroking slighly as pre-cum dripped. Hinata moaned as the first shove, the head just barely being covered, and then she let out a whore moan (a moan in which sounds like a bitch in heat in case you are wondering) when he shoved again, this time, his head finally going in. He then started to move.

"Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes! Oh god yes! NARUTO!" She felt her body tremble at the realese and Naruto's low groan, though it was still heard. She panted, her legs giving into the weight. She looked at Naruto.

"Amazing tongue. As usual." She said. Naruto chuckled.

"I do my best." He said, hugging her. Suddenly, another male came in and gasped.