HA! Thought I'd forgotten this fic, did ya? XD Nah, I've just been busy with others. My perverted brain finally decided to make another mindless sex scene, and well...yeah xD Hope you enjoy it! Heads up: Naruto is ONLY mention in this one, but he is not with Hinata. It's just her...and her little finger.

Hinata sighed as she crossed her arms, pouting at the window, bored. Naruto, along with a few ANBUs, had to go to the hidden Waters Village and sign a Treaty with them. The problem with the village was that they were too paranoid for their own good, and decided to see the hokage for themselves instead of just sending an ANBU.

This made Hinata huff in annoyance.

Naruto had planned to spend time with her the moment he'd left the office, but because of the damnable village, their plans came to a halt, forcing Hinata to be alone while her husband was out and won't came back until like three days later. This is totally unfair, she thought, upset. I should be here with Naruto-kun, not just by myself. She could visit Sakura, but knowing she was busy with Sasuke, it didn't seem possible. Ino was out, because of her kids and Shikamaru (yes, I support ShikaIno. Deal with it.), and Tenten...

Hinata knew her friends were busy with their husbands, or their sex life, if Hinata had anything to say about it.

And another thing...

She was horney. So. Fucking. Horney right now, but where was Naruto?

Not there! Not there to help her with her needs, and fuck her hard in her pussy like she wanted.

Hinata groan as she left moist running down her legs at the thought. She could just imagine the blond hovering over her, with a devilish smirk, as he touch her breast, rubbing her nipples until they were hard. Groaning, Hinata mindlessly let her hand wonder down to her shirt, and then went up her pale, cool, skin until it was resting against the fabric that was blocking her breast and hand.

Then she thought of how Naruto would suck them, mouth doing wonders, while his other hand went lower, nearly touching her womenhood as she was left squirming, panting, and wanting more.

She didn't even notice she was doing the same thing as her hand played with her nipples, the other hand slipped down to her pants and slid between her legs.

She could almost hear him say, while watching her on the bed, with a flush look on her face, "Naughty Hinata. Such a dirty girl" She could hear the whisper that left a taunting reminder that she was not the same girl she once was.

Moaning loudly, she pressed a finger on her clit, moaning as her joices squirted out, before slipping said finger into it, and kept it there. She could see Naruto picking up her leg, placing it on his shoulder, before shoving his penis within her walls, causing her to cry out in pain, pleasure, and pure passion.

With a whimper, she moved her finger, slowly at first, before picking up the paste, harsh pants filling the empty room. Hinata was so lost in her world, filled with nothing but heat and pleasure, wanting nothing more but to come.

"Nuh, uh, uh" He would say, smirking at the horror face Hinata knew she'd have. "You can't cum yet, at least, not until I fill you up for days and days" Moaning louder than ever, Hinata shoved another finger in her, face tainted with a blush, mouth opening, legs trembling.

She wanted to, god knew she did, but she got rid of the urge, and continu fucking herself. She wouldn't let Naruto down, not when she was able to control.

It's just so hard, though, when all your mind is filled with is your partner fucking you into the bed, again, and again.

"You want more? Tell me you want more." Naruto groaned in her ear, as he rocked his hips against hers, causing her to moan.

"Yes, yes please." Hinata moaned, knowing there was no answer, but continued to rock her hips against her fingers, biting her lip to keep her moans and whimpers in.

"Don't do that," Naruto groaned, pushing more into her tight hole. "I want to hear you moan. Scream for me, Hinata. Tell everyone who's fucking you as hard as they can,"

Hinata whimpered, shoving another finger in. That's three fingers, and the pleasure was still building.

"Do it, Hinata. You know you want to,"

So close. So damn close.

"Scream, Hinata. Cum now."

"Ugh, Naruto..."

"Cum for me."

"NARUTO!" Hinata screamed, back arched, eyes filled with white, her cum dripping down her legs and fingers. Panting heavily, Hinata let the thrill of masturbating die down, licking the cum right off her fingers. She sighed, pleased with herself, and yet...

It was nothing like the real thing.

And Naruto was about to prove it.

"Been busy have we?" Hinata looked at him. If she had blushed, her face didn't show it, because it was already pink.


"Daddy's home, Hinata." With a smirk, Naruto shut the door.

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