Okay, so most you were requesting a Female slash scene with HinaNaru, and I decided to do so! :) While I'm not a big supporter of Naruto yuri (but is a Naruto yaoi fan. Weird huh?), I'll try my best! This is my first time writing slash, so I hope I don't too bad. R&R! Also, this is a AU high school sex scene. This does not take place in the Naruto world.

Hinata sighed as she watched the blonde girl from afar. She always does this, always watching her crush talk to the guys as if she belonged there. Meanwhile, Hinata was the shy girl everyone, except Sakura, Ino, and Tenten would ignore. They knew about her crush, and threaten to tell her, but as far as the blue haired girl was concern, they didn't. Yet.

As the girl giggled at some joke Kiba made, Hinata sighed again. She really hated being the nobody at Leaf High School, but Hinata had no other choice but to except it. Karin, the ugly stupid bitch, made sure Hinata knew she wasn't popular, and wouldn't win her beloved crush's heart, Nara.

With tears in her eyes, Hinata got up and walked away, not noticing a pair of blue eyes following her.

Hinata walked with her down, not watching where she was going. A bad mistake.

"Hey, look, it's the loser!" Karin shouted, grabbing everyone's attention. Hinata watched in sheer horror as the brown haired (I know Karin's a redhead, but I hate her so much, that I NEEDED to change her hair from my favorite color!) girl made her way to her and grabbed the end of her hair, causing Hinata to winch. "Where you do you think you're going, nobody?" She sneered, pulling the hair. Hinata yelped as she grabbed Karin's fist and tried to pull her hair away.

"L-leave me a-alone, Karin." She stuttered, still pulling at her fist. Karin smirked as she pulled the hair again, this time, causing Hinata to fall to the floor.

"Not til you beg me mercy, noob." She said, pulling the hair. Hinata could feel everyone's eyes on them, including her crush. At the feeling, Hinata panic, struggling against Karin's surprisingly strength (she always thought the bitch was weak.).

"L-let me go!" She cried out, forcing the tears back as she continued to struggle. Karin's evil smirk grew and grip the hair harder, making Hinata to yelp at the pain as a headache started to form (If you don't know, pulling hair is such a pain. That's why girls do it often, not only taking out your wig, but your head is the most sensetive (sorry, spelling fail) part of your body. Pull the hair, and you'll cause a litteral headache to them). Hinata felt tears coming, reguardless of her trying not to.

"Leave her alone, Karin!" A voice shouted. The two looked up to see a blonde girl whose hair was longer than Hinata's, blue eyes stern, and a body built like a goddess. It the was girl Hinata had admired so long.

"Oh, Nara. You're such a caring person, but this loser isn't a loser for a reason!" Karin said, sweetly, before looking at Hinata in disgust. Hinata didn't even tried to defend herself; she let the tears flow, knowing she was the laughingstock of the whole school. Nara glared.

"No, who's the real loser, Karin? And it's not the victim." Seeing the insult, Karin's face was filled with rage.

"How the hell can you stand up for her, Nara? She's not as pretty like us! And especially me!" She winked at the boys watching, who only shivered in disgust. Nara snorted.

"You're right, she's not pretty. She's fucking beautiful. Unlike you." Nara snarled, placing her hand on her hips. Karin snarled before practically throwing Hinata to the ground. Hinata gasped as her face collided with the floor.

"This isn't over!" Nara rolled her eyes before walking up to the girl, blue eyes shining in worry.

"You okay, Hinata-hime?" She asked. Hinata looked up, face red from both blushing and the pain of her hair getting pulled. She tried to speak, but couldn't even form a sentence before running away, leaving a stun blonde. Hinata rushed into the bathroom, crying her eyes out.

"I-I can't believe that h-happened!" She sobbed, trying desprately to stop the tears, but more keeps replacing them. "S-she won't like me now! I-I couldn't even d-defend myself! I-I hate this." She looked at the mirror and glared at what she'd saw. "I hate you! This is your fault! You did this! You're not pretty! Karin's right! Y-you're just a stupid whore!"

"Hey now, is that anyway to treat your reflection?" Hinata stopped, frozen in shock. She watched as Nara made her way over to the girl, wiping the way the tears. "I like the way you look. Many people would agree with me when I say you're the prettiest girl ever. Well, except for Sasuke, who's still hung up on Sakura." Nara giggled, winking at the blue haired girl. She just couldn't stop staring. Nara, NARA, the girl Hinata had been crushing on for years, was talking to HER, finally! "And Karin's wrong. You're not a stupid whore, she is. She slept with many different people, and had me meet them in hopes spark will happen." The tall blond chuckled, smirking. "However, she does not know my secret. Do you want to know my secret, Hinata-hime?" She asked. Hinata nodded, wondering what could it be. Nara leaned into her ear, cusing her to blush. "I'm gay." Hinata gasped, looking at her with wide eyes.

"Y-you are?"

"Hmmhmm." Nara nodded, smiling at her. "And you wanna know what else?"


"I like you, Hinata-hime. Alot." Without another word, Nara kissed the girl. Hinata eyes went wide before slowly closing them, her hand fisting the blonde's jacket. The two played tongue hockey as Nara's hands slipped into Hinata's shirt, causing her to moan as the blush slowly spread as the fingers played against her spine. She shivered and broke off the kiss.

"W-we shouldn't be doing this. We could get exspelled." Hinata whispered, face still in red. Nara scoffed.

"Yeah, we could, BUT I want to make out now, so we're doing this."


Before Hinata could continue to protest, Nara slipped her tongue into her mouth again as her hands slid into the front and cupped her breast through her bra. This made Hinata gasp, feeling a tight, heated feeling pool in her stomach, her lower area tingling. She moaned as the left hand, the one still on her back, snapped the bra, causing it to fall out. Hinata blushed a deep red before holding her chest so they don't sag. Nara chuckled as she pulled on the edge of the shirt.

"Remove this, please?" She asked, looking at Hinata with big, blue, pleading eyes. Hinata groaned softly as she did as she was asked and shifted nervously from feet to feet. She never really liked her skin tone, ivory and paled, but it seems Nara likes it, so Hinata wasn't complaining. In fact, Nara likes it so much, that she was actually sucking on the skin, making Hinata weak in the knees. Moaning quietly, Hinata pulled on the blonde's hair, causing her to moan, and making her stop.

"Y-you actually like getting your hair pulled?" Nara winked.

"Kinky, isn't? I also like to fuck you hard, but we need a dildo for that." She snickered, and started to mount Hinata's breast, causing her to moan loudly, blushing wildly. "Sshh, keep it down, or someone might hear us." Nara said, looking at her with blinking blue eyes before continuing sucking. Hinata squirmed. Her breast were the most sensitive part on her body, and since Nara was sucking on them...

Nara let go her right nipped with a small 'pop' before moving to the next, her hand moving down to unzip her skirt in the back. The skirt slid down her legs, leaving a cool breeze to swoop between them.

"Ah, ah, ahh. More please." Hinata whimpered, just as Nara (she is strong for a girl) picked her up and set her down on the edge of the sink. Nara moaned, letting her breast go and licked her belly button. Hinata whimpered, biting harshly on her lower lip, keeping some of her moans and pants in, but not all of them. Nara then sucked her belly button before removing her underwear, causing Hinata to blush as she tried to stop her from doing so.

"W-wait, p-please, not here." Hinata groaned. Nara rolled her eyes before giving Hinata a look.

"Do you honestly want me to stop?" Hinata wiggled, looking at the blonde with wide and lusty eyes.

"N-no, but I can't afford to get exspelled!"

"Relax, you won't. Might get suspended, but not exspelled." With that, Nara pulled down her underwear and spreaded the pale skin girl's legs apart, licking her lips. "Yum." With that, she'd dipped her head, licking Hinata's clit. Hinata's mouth dropped, soundless moans filling the air, as the talented tongue continued to eat her insides, making Hinata pant like a dog.

"M-more, please." Hinata whimpered, face flushed with embarrassment and lust. Nara continued licking her, tongue dipping further before going back, and suck the top of her clit. Hinata bucked her hips, throwing her head back, and moaned. Nara pulled back, fingering Hinata. Hinata gasped, closing her legs, as the finger moved in and out of her. "Uh, ah, oh. Give it to me, harder." Nara pried her legs open, and placed another finger in her, both moving in a repeated patterning. Hinata's face flushed darker, if possible, and rocked her hips in the same rythm, panting hard. She knew she wouldn't last long, but...

"N-Nara..." She moaned out, banging her head against the mirror of the bathroom, but not caring. It was too good; the fingers, the moving, and now Nara's tongue on her breast again. She couldn't help it, she cum'd hard. "Ahh!" Panting, Hinata watched with heavy eyes as Nara took her sticky finger in her mouth. She moaned. "Must you tease me?"

"Hey, you had your fun. Mines will be when we hit the gym." Nara said, winking. Hinata blushed and turned away.

"F-fine." She mumbled. Nara licked the accesses, causing Hinata to shiver. "Lets go." She said, getting her clothes on, and walked out of the bathroom with her new girlfriend.

"I'll see you later, okay? And oh, don't worry about Karin. I'll deal with her." Nara said, winking before walking away. Hinata blushed and was about to do the same when she'd notice her friends looking at her with knowing smirks.

Ah great.