Summary : It always comes once a month and only girls get it. What will happen to our dear little Yuuki when she gets the thing? Will the night class students from Cross Academy be able to handle it? Please R&R

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Yuuki's POV
Today was a wonderful day until something had came up. Or rather down...

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh...What do I do, what do I do?"

Oh...I have an idea. Where did I put that thing? -throws stuff all around the room- There. -pants- Found it. I guess it's the last one. It'll be embarassing but I have to ask papa A.K.A principle to send someone to get it for me since something happened to me.(A/N A vampire attack Yuuki the last time she went out to get sanitary pads.) Gotta go put this on. Toilet toilet toilet.

A couple of minutes later
Done. Now I have to get myself to class or I'll get a detention.

Skippy skippy to the next scene
"Wow Yuuki. You manage to not sleep in class today."

"Yep! Last nights' patrol was easy so I got a nice sleep last night. Uh...Can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure. Anything."

"Can you lend me a few -whispers-."

"Why don't you buy them in town?"

"The principle wouldn't let me out."

"Sure sure. Let's go to my dorm now. You better hurry up or the crowd will get messy without you there."

To the pushing all the snobby fangirls scene
I would do much better if Zero were here to help me.

"Aaaaaaaaaa...It's the night class students."

"We love you Aido-senpai!!"

"I love you guys too.."


"Ruka...I smell blood. Do you?"

"Then we better get the whole bunch moving, Kaname-sama."

After pushing all the snobby fangirls scene
Wow -phew-. That was fast. Better start patroling. -sings-.

And to the night class
"Ruka. Take care of the class if they smell blood. I'll go see what it was."


Yuuki's POV
Oh shoot. There's a whole blood stain on my skirt. Better go to the toilet and change.

After Yuuki changes her thing

Now that wasn't so hard. Now back to patroling. I hope nobody dies when I was gone. ( A/N Get it? You know vampires suck blood and you know...Oh forget it... )



My luckiest day. Get to talk to him when there isn't any fangirls here. Why's Kaname-senpai blushing??

"Why are you blushing??"

"It's beacause..a aa...You and blood and night class."

"You're right...Maybe I should let Zero handle it today. Bye Kaname-senpai^^"

[Suddenly a gust of wind blew by and the smell of blood unleases...Gasp everyone...This is the part where we gasp in horror...-gasp in horror- And the night class students smell the sweet scent and they gone feirce and escape the class like animals from the zoo and attack Yuuki and Yuuki died.

The End

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