"I said not damn it!"


"Hey! Watch it buddy or no sex tonight."

A chuckle was Harry's response and the former Gryffindor pouted.

They were standing in the edge of a frozen lake close to the Lestrange ancestral home and Rabastan had offered to teach his younger lover how to skate on ice. So far he had no luck as Harry, though graceful and fearless on air, was like a duck on heels on ice.

"Just try again, Harry," Rabastan urged him.

"I'll fall and I already have my share of bruises, not to mention that the warming charms have almost stop working after all the times I kissed the ice today."

"I'll catch you," Rabastan promised him.

Harry sighed a bit but nodded after all; how could he refuse after that promise?

The green eyed wizard stood on shaky legs, straightened a bit and stood.

"Good," Rabastan told him. "Now try to move forward."

"I know," Harry whispered and he tried. He was carefully and confident but in the end he still slipped and fell forward but Rabastan's hands reached out and pulled him against a warm, hard chest.

Rabastan cleared his throat. "Let's just call it an end here," he told Harry.

"Yes, that would be the best," Harry agreed and gladly let Rabastan carry him back to the Manor, where Sirius and Rodolphus were locked in an embrace and looked up when the pair entered.

"Had fun?" Sirius asked them.

"With as much Harry was all over my brother," Rodolphus smirked. "I bet they did."

Harry flushed. "It wasn't like that!"

But Rabastan did not help him, in fact he started caressing the youth, almost molesting him. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he purred, making his older brother laugh and Sirius splutter.

"I, um, -room, now," Harry mumbled and shot like a flash out of the room.

Rabastan had a decisively predatory grin on his face as he followed the skittish wizard. He and Harry had been a couple since the Gryffindor's sixth year. The moment Sirius was proven innocent, sometime in the summer of Harry's fourth year, the Head of the Black Family pushed for new trials about the Lestrange brothers. The evidence had been shocking as they proved that the siblings truly were innocent and powerful 'Imperius' spells were over them both. Then Sirius had gotten custody of Harry and the former Azkaban prisoner had taken Harry on a trip around the world, to celebrate and het to know each other. It was by chance they met with the Lestrange brothers in Italy and Sirius had started dating, especially after Rodolphus got a divorce from his 'lovely' wife. As for Harry, he had no problem with the brothers now that they were legally free and pardoned, but it took almost two years for Rabastan to woo and make the green eyed minx to fall for him.

And now, thought Harry was far from a demure and innocent maiden, still got skittish when Rodolphus teased him about his relationship with Rabastan.

And he got both the heat of his anger and the heat of that wonderful body.

Rabastan found the bedroom door unlocked and entered. Clothes and shoes were all over the floor, leading the path to the bathroom, from where smoke escaped.

With a smirk the former Azkaban prisoner shed his own clothes and entered the smoke filled room. He navigated through memory alone till he reached the foggy doors to the shower. Then he opened the glass doors and joined in.

"Who-Hey! Rabastan! What are you doing here?" Harry hissed at him.

Rabastan pulled the soap covered wizard to him, enjoying the warmth of his body, and his body in general.

"I needed to get warm as well," Rabastan told him as he took the soap from Harry and set about covering the skin that his lover had missed with soap.

And Harry let him, enjoying those skilled hands as he was pampered.

"You know, Rodolphus doesn't mean to be rude," Rabastan told Harry.

"He's just out to make me embarrassed?"


"Not helping any… Ah! There!"

Rabastan hummed. "You really did get bruised."

Harry nodded.

"Then I guess I got to make it better?" Rabastan smirked.

A matching smirk appeared on Harry's face. "Yes, you better."

And Rabastan did just that.

Carefully and with more than gently he caressed and teased Harry's skin as the water cleared away the soap. How Rabastan loved that skin only he knew. Harry often teased him he was too into details and his own brother often teased him about his 'Harry fetish'. Rabastan smiled and did not say anything to deny it, it was after all the truth; he was addicted to the feel, smell, taste and sight of his younger lover. He loved taking care of Harry, not the big things; he knew Harry was strong enough to take care of himself and his life. But the little things, those he had missed growing up with those relatives of his. Little touches, a kind word, a smile, a praise, a kiss, a caress; Harry thirsted for those little attentions.

Harry sighed into the touch.

Rabastan smiled at the response he got and continued until he had Harry turn to mush in his hands. Then he reached for a large fluffy towel to wrap around a very wet and very compliant Harry, before he carried the younger wizard to their bed. When they emerged later that night Rabastan ignored his brother's leer and focused on making sure Harry was happy.

End of story