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Now we come to the final chapter of the guidebook for real. Emily found out her cousin, Leah, started phasing which brought forth another dimension to this little reference manual...


Chapter 7: All of this is fine but what if my werewolf's a girl?

Wolf Girls and Wolf Guys 101

An Introduction to the Pack


Wolf Mates 101


How to Live a Dog's Life

"Ah, tempting, but no. It's been weeks. You'd think I'd have something figured out by now."

Wolf Guys 102

An Elective Course for Male Imprints

Emily shook her head and deleted that, too. There was only one male imprint just now and just thinking about it made her laugh and sigh at the same time.

Leah hadn't told him. No one had told him. Strangest damn thing she could possibly think of to happen, but happen it had. Sam had vouched for it. He would know.

Sam... The sighing of his name brought Emily's memory to the trials of the past few weeks. The pent up resentment her husband had hashed through with the newest member of the Pack. The embarrassment she herself had felt. Somehow, knowing the guys knew all about...things...had become normal. But knowing Leah – her cousin and childhood friend – was now privy to intimate details of her life was harder. Uncomfortable. Irritating, too. Especially knowing what she knew about how Leah made the other guys in the Pack miserable.

Determination glinting in her eyes, Emily Uley blew out a harsh breath and got back to work. He was going to be told. Within the next forty-eight hours. Leah had promised them.

For you, the story is different. You met her somewhere unexpected, perhaps. A lovely young woman with a light in her eye that caught your attention smiled at shyly at you. It is possible you were flustered by her notice, but I am sure you were flattered in any event. You may have seen her around, since then. Perhaps she's gone jogging near your home or place of employment. Maybe you've spoken at the grocery store.

She has likely at least shaken your hand. Her wish to experience all a male werewolf does with his imprint is just the same. Her desire for you is equal, if not more intense, to theirs is to their imprints.

You, male imprint, are a rarity among our group. I hope you have taken the time to read the rest of this little guidebook, as there will be questions answered within that will apply to you.

We have never had a female werewolf until just recently, so a lot of the following information is what I have gathered from talking to the Pack's Alpha as well as listening to the woman in question over the course of weeks.

Since you are an imprint, it is only natural that your questions might tend to the mating imperative. Know that your genes are what your wolf needs to better the DNA blend in her bloodline. We have no reason to believe this isn't so. The trick is that she is not now apparently fertile. Her hormones haven't caught up to the mating imperative yet.

There are no facts to back this up, so I can only offer you my suppositions, such as they are. At the time of this writing, I am certain she has not made any overtures to you in a sexual way. There has been no fluid transfer of any sort. I believe that the combination of mysticism and science which is responsible for her phasing into a wolf in the first place will cause her to become fertile when there is a reason for her to be.

To put it bluntly, when the two of you become lovers, she will likely stop phasing. Her cycles will resume and she'll be able to conceive a child.

Hold on! I know men and I do not want you to panic. She is your imprint and she wants you to be happy – remember that. She isn't asking for you to go out and rent a tuxedo, buy her a three-bedroom, two-bath in Port Angeles or even to fall in love with her immediately.

Of course, she'd like you to care for her. Even a werewolf has feelings! And you had better take care of those feelings, even if you have to deny the imprint. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....! Just because she will keep you safe doesn't mean she won't get hurt.

Now, if you find yourself to be uncomfortable – the lone male voice amidst a gathering of girls – please don't stay away from us entirely. We really want you to be comfortable with us. We don't get together for manicure parties or recipe exchanges, honest. We talk about the news in the Pack and of things that are of concern to anyone who is partnered to a person who changes into a werewolf and hunts vampires.

And after you've caught up on the latest, go hang out with the guys. They're like young men anywhere in a lot of ways.

Just remember, there are no secrets in the Pack, but we wolf girls – and wolf guys – can keep secrets of our own.

Emily fluffed her heavy hair with some uncertainty, unsure if this would be enough. She didn't want to single out the current lone male imprint in the guidebook. That'd backfire totally if something weird happened and another female phased.

"Dammit, Sam, you said this was rare!"

"Uh, sorry?" The Alpha of the Pack was grinning in good humor as he came through the screen door, wearing only a pair of cut-offs.

Startled, Emily fell off her chair and tried to right herself by reaching for the edge of her desk. She succeeded only is catching some of the loose sheets of paper of her printed manuscript. They spun from her fingers more rapidly than expected.

With superhuman speed, her husband caught a few of them.

"Sam, let me –"

He didn't do more than see the format of the pages; he chuckled, but the light in his eyes was proud. "Hey, are you writing a book, hon? That's great! You're so smart and funny and –"

"Yeah, Sam. Um, can I have that back?" Her heart started pounding in nervous tension and he flicked an amused glance to her.

Shaking a couple sheets, he asked, "Hot romance? Lots of sex? We can, you know, work on some scenes for you, if you want..."

Color flooded her face. "Not exactly, Sam."

A broad grin crinkling the corners of his eyes, he wiggled his brow suggestively and started to read the page in his hand. "This is a huge perk about being a wolf girl. Huge. Our wolves have attained prime physical maturity, amazing endurance and incredible recuperative powers. All of these translate very well to the bedroom. Or the beach. Or the forest." Jocular to begin with, his voice grew more hesitant with each few words he spoke, so that by the end of the passage, he was practically mumbling.

Emily had ceased to try to steal page from him and settled on picking up and re-collating the rest of the pages, hiding her flaming blush as much as she could. Stupid, she realized, since he could sense her heightened body temperature, hear the rush of blood in her body and – she knew – catch the scent of her as her need of him grew, just hearing him read her words.

"Em? What the hell?"

"I'm writing a guide. For the girls. I mean, they need to know stuff and isn't it better if they have something to refer to instead of calling here all the time?"

"Most of 'em are fine, now, Em. This – We can't have anything about us in print. Oral traditions, are what we do!"

"Yeah, but Sam. We aren't you. It isn't born in us. We have to feel our way, you know?"

"It's a secret," he all but hissed. "What is this? Wolf Girls 101? What the hell is one of them going to say when a stranger sees this on a coffee table!"

"New pop fiction?" Uncomfortable, Emily still felt this was the right thing to write, the right way to go, so she did something she never, ever did. Setting the manuscript aside, she inhaled deeply and caught Sam's eyes with her own. Moistened her lips. Wrapped her arms around his heated torso. "Samuel... I'll change the title. I really will, especially now..." Leah's name floated unspoken between them. She smoothed her fingertips over her husband's muscled chest. "I really want to do this, Sam. I want you to let me write down this stuff. Make a new tradition. For all of us imprints. All of us," she added with emphasis.

Guilt rippled uneasily through her middle at her manipulation. Still, it worked. He closed his eyes and touched his forehead to hers. "My brothers are gonna say I am so whipped," he muttered.

"Hide it?"

He laughed a little and pulled back, dropping a kiss on her head. "Fine, fine. Go ahead. Just change the title, okay?"

"I promise. Thank you, Sam. I love you."

"I love you, too." His features hardened and he frowned. "Leah needs that thing immediately, you know. Since you wrote it. She's really nervous about telling him."

"I've got an idea for a binding for it. Something I saw. It's a manuscript holder. Leather. I'll just get this copied–"

"No. Print it. Get more ink. We don't need more eyes..."

She nodded. "Sure. I'll print it and put it in the leather folder."

"Good. I guess I'll tell Leah then. So she's got it with her."

"Want me to call her?"

"Thanks. I'll, uh, go take a shower."

Sam left the room and Emily sighed a little, gathering her thoughts before crossing into the kitchen, flipping on the overhead light, and reaching for the phone.

"Yeah, Leah, it's Emily. Yeah. Great. Um, I've got something here for you. Kind of a guidebook I wrote for the imprints. Sam thinks you should give it to Chief, um, Charlie."


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Jacob's story is in the works, and Leah will also have an imprint story in the not-terribly-distant future.