Master and Commander

Part III

I hadn't seen him in six days. The thought made my chest ache. Spock hadn't touched me in six days. Yes, my chest throbbed, my whole body wanted to weep from my wanting him. I stared at myself in the mirror, wearing nothing but the choker he had given me, tracing it absently with my fingertips. The absence of his heat against me had become physically painful. The hurt would dull a bit while I was on duty; at least he was close by. Spock and I had been far too busy to focus on our separation for long, but when I did, it was excruciating. I had not realized how I had come to depend on him as a source of both comfort and release from the stress of our life in Starfleet.

There had been an attack on a Federation outpost at 0500 on December 26th and the Enterprise was the nearest vessel in the fleet. Spock had risen from my bed when the ship-wide alert sounded, dressed in a flash, and caught me before I could disappear into the lavatory to clean up and report myself. He kissed me hard and fast, breathed a low, 'report as quickly as possible, lieutenant' , and was gone. The next five days we had been embroiled in rescue efforts and hostile negotiations. It had been a week of double shifts, fast meals, and short bouts of sleep. That was life aboard a starship, sudden swings from utter monotony to organized chaos. But now the situation was resolved, we were en route to our next assignment and I had slept away half of my day off, Earth's New Years Eve, waking sticky with sweat and swollen with desire from my dreams of Spock and our last encounter. It had been the. Best. Christmas. Ever.

Spock had dropped off Christmas gifts not only in the main area of my living quarters, but a few in my bed chamber as well; they were well hidden, though. Before he blindfolded me, he let me see the shackles for my wrists as they appeared, dropping from a hidden compartments in my ceiling. He had attached another set on the floor. Spock, it seemed, had been spending a fair amount of time in my quarters while I was out, making my bedroom into a secret playroom. Clever Vulcan. 'If something ever happens to me he'd better get his hot little butt over here and dismantle all this stuff,' I thought. An ensign discovering all our playthings would certainly be the talk of my funeral.

I made a mental note to mention the issue later, because now he was beautifully naked, standing in front of me, sliding the silky blindfold in place over my eyes, and my whole world narrowed to listening to his movements, feeling the caress of his fingers, anticipating the disciplined rhythm of his whip.

Once my wrist and ankles were secured in soft leather cuffs, keeping me spread wide, I heard him sigh with pleasure. I could feel the heat radiating off him as he stepped close and walked around me standing naked before him...just for him, surely only inches separating us, yet not touching, to whisper in my ear.

"I wish to do something." He cupped my sex with his palm, sliding a single finger inside me. "You will experiences greater pleasure from the whip if you are bare." He slid a second finger into my wet warmth. "Is this acceptable? You may answer."

"My body is yours, Commander. You may do with it as you like." I trusted Spock completely. We had safe words in place, but I knew I would never need to use them. He was an excellent dom.

I listened intently as he moved away, then felt his heated body draw close again. There was a small hum and my groin was immersed in heat as he used a device to remove the dark curls that covered my mound. In no time the tiny machine went silent, and there was a long pause. I imagined him inspecting his handiwork, then stopped, my thoughts scattering, when I felt his hot breath as he blew it over my now bare lower lips. I gasped and jerked against my chains, immediately irritated I could not shift my position to bring myself against his mouth. He growled and I ceased all motion, calming myself. I listened intently, turning my head slightly, though my sight was hindered.


I flushed with desire from the top of my head to my feet as my sensitive ears honed in on him. He was still on his knees in front of me... and he was stroking himself. I couldn't refrain from moaning, wishing I could reach between my thighs as I pictured his hands gliding over his hardened flesh while his eyes burned into me. I felt evidence of my desire begin to slip down my thighs and I tried to stay quiet, suppressing my sounds so I could revel in his. But nothing could be done to prevent the hushed whimpers that began emanating from me when I felt the downy soft hair of Spock's head brush my leg as he leaned into me. I bit my bottom lip, still hearing the quiet movements of his hand against his member, and took long breaths through my nose as his head rubbed against my inner thigh and he used his tongue to lap up the overflowing wetness he had already elicited from me. I heard a rumble from deep in his chest as he paused at my sex, inhaling deeply.

"My dear Nyota...we have only just begun."

Spock brought himself to his feet and allowed his full erection to brush against me, showing me his desire. I moaned. I heard him rustling around the room and then everything was silent. I listened harder, trying to get a fix on his position. A minute passed. Two. Then his whip connected sharply with my sex. I gasped. It was like thunder and lightning; the sound of the whip, a small whistle as it cut swiftly through the air, only registering after it met with my flesh. There was no pain, but rather a sensation like a white hot jolt of electricity shot through my body, surging up from my core, rocketing through my limbs, then rebounding back to my suddenly throbbing center. So good.


I stood panting.

"More?" His deep, like gravel, full of lust. It wasn't fair that the universe produced such a splendid creature to beguile women. The looks and the voice, it was almost too much to bear.

"More, Commander. Yes...please."

And the crop came down on my clit again...and again. I had had some small experience with whips in the past, but none of my past lovers had wielded one with the controlled precision that Spock did. He would use the tip of the crop to circle my nipples, still extra sensitive from the use of the clamps, then suck the hardened peaks into his mouth hungrily, only to move away as I panted harder and pulled at my restraints. I would be teetering on the edge of my orgasm, teased to the brink by the whip's searing sting to my center, only to have him divert his attentions elsewhere. The commander would rake the sharp edge between my breasts, then turn the crop to lie flat against my belly, tracing designs with the wetness that resided on its tip, his saliva mixed perfectly with my come, from when he took the occasion to bring it to his own tongue and taste me. He would walk around my restrained frame and tickle the skin along my spine until my skin erupted in gooseflesh.

Then, he stopped.

Spock released the cuffs from my ankles and my eyebrows drew together beneath my mask. Why was he stopping! He stood behind me and freed my left, then my right wrist from their shackles. I began to shake with dismay, not realizing until that very moment how powerful the moment between us had become, how hypnotized I was by the rhythm of his ministrations. Before he could ask why I was distressed, I turned and flung myself to the ground at his feet, still blindfolded, seizing his legs.

"No!...Please, Commander...don't stop. I need you...please don't go." I was practically in tears. He had my body enthralled, burning for him...begging for him. Outside of the scene I would have been appalled at my behavior, but in this moment I was overwrought with my lusts. I was totally his, worked into a near frenzy, and trapped in my body's need for him to bring me to completion. In the moment I was completely beholden to my desires, beseeching the Master of my pleasure to skillfully work my body to our mutual satisfaction.

"I am not through with you, k'diwa," he whispered, bringing his fingers to my temple, sending me reassurance and his mirrored need for me.

Spock lifted me from where I had thrown myself at his feet and moved to lay me on my back across the bed. He quickly positioned me so the back of my head tipped over the edge of the side of the mattress. I listened as he walked around by my feet, bending my knees and pushing my heels against my buttocks in the middle of the bed, securing them there with some sort of tie...leather maybe. I felt a gentle tug as he opened me wide; my legs were once again spread and immobile for him as he tethered each one to the bed. My arms were still free. I waited anxiously for what he had planned.

I heard Spock's soft steps as he returned to where my head lay. I felt the tip of his manhood, wet against my lips, and my heart broke into a sprint. My bed was high enough he could stand while I lay on my back across it and I could love him with my mouth. There would be no need for him to bend for me to reach him. I was ecstatic. He lifted my arms and guided them to encircle his legs, then guided his cock into my waiting mouth. It was awkward at first, and he sensed my discomfort and shifted my body back slightly, supporting my neck more. I attacked him in earnest, so pleased to be able to touch him again. I relaxed my mouth and took all that I could get, humming happily around him.

"Your mouth is beautiful around me, Nyota. The way you suck me..." He sighed, rocking his hips gently. "You please me greatly." I purred.

I began to tremble, sucking him harder as I felt him begin to trace my flesh again with the whip.

"Did you miss my whip, Nyota?"

I swirled my tongue around his head, then grazed his length with my teeth.

"I will take that as a 'yes'."

Spock began to flick the crop against my clitoris.


If I would have been in any kind of condition to form a coherent thought I would have wondered at his ability to manipulate it with such speed. It felt as if I were being brushed by a hummingbird's wings. I began to strain and pull against the ties that bound my legs. I felt Spock grow harder in my mouth. The commander pulled from my lips as he brought the crop down with a sharp snap between my thighs.


My body exploded as he brought the whip to my clit again and again and I released his legs and clawed the sheets of my bed and mewled with pleasure as I felt his hot semen spill across my breasts again...and again...

My mind came back to the present. I walked to my closet and quickly selected a dress and soft slippers and slid into them; forget the bra and panties...I was on a mission. Within minutes I was on the bridge, small data disk in hand. I strolled up to the captain's chair and cleared my throat. Jim spun around, greeting me before my appearance sunk in and his jaw went slack.

"Sorry, Captain. I forgot to give this to you before the end of my shift yesterday. I hope it wasn't a problem."

He seemed unable to respond.

At the sound of my voice, Spock turned from where he was seated at his console to look at me. My stomach tied in knots as his eyes snapped to where his choker lay against my throat, then they narrowed, shifting to Kirk as he observed the way the captain was leaning towards me.

I am all yours, Commander. Only yours.

I was so aroused; Spock could probably detect my scent from across the bridge. I lowered my eyes and smiled.

"Sorry to come to the bridge dressed so informally, sir. I just didn't want to forget to get that to you. See you later. Happy New Year!"

I moved quickly back to the turbolift and hit the button for deck 12, turning as the doors swooshed shut to find Spock had slid in behind me. He punched the emergency stop.



"I find your choice of apparel distracting."

"I'm sorry, sir."

"My shift ends in three point five hours."

"Yes, Commander. I know. I will be waiting for you in your quarters wearing this." I touched my collar. "Only this..."

He pressed me against the wall, covering his mouth with mine, kissing me deeply. He threaded his hand under my dress and groaned.

"You are bare, k'diwa."

"For you, Commander."

Spock rested his head against mine and pushed two fingers into my heat. I gripped the uniform across his chest in my hands. He withdrew his fingers and sucked them clean.

"Nyota, our absence from each other has been painful."


And then he dropped to his knees. Right. There. Spock pushed my dress up and dove under, finding my clit and sucking mercilessly. I pressed my lips together to hold back the scream that wanted to break free as I came in his mouth. He continued to lick me until he was satisfied I had given him everything. His head reappeared, his hair rumpled, and I smoothed it for him, wiping his mouth with the hem of my dress. He rose to his feet and looked down at me.

"Your silence is impressive."

I may have stayed silent, but my chest was heaving.

"So is your tongue, Commander."

His lip twitched. He was fighting a smile.

I leaned into him and rubbed my face into his chest.

"Thank you, Commander."

He brought his face to my hair. "You are welcome." He sighed. "My Nyota."