Forever and Always



The one thing I have always been absolutely sure of is simple; I was jealous. Jealous of every couple who I escorted through Volterra, any couple who ever walked through the Volturi's door. I take back what I said earlier, I was sure of just a few more things. That I was a vampire, a soulless creature created by Aro for my special ability, a pawn in my "father's" quest for ultimate power of our world. Another? That I had only one person in the world besides Aro I could completely trust, my twin sister Jane. She was jealous too, she could never have the one thing I knew from her travels and our being with the Volturi so long she wanted, a child. She had seen the immortal children, and in a quest to get her way, had tried to create one.

It was a cute little thing, a four-year-old girl whom she named Sophia. She had had bouncy blond curls and deep blue eyes and then crimson, too trusting for one so small. Caius knew, helped her secure a child. He took it all in secret and even was permitted to experiment on the child a little, she ate human food and her skin was as indestructible as ours, yes they dared to test that. But when Aro found out, no one argued or was punished for Jane's mistake, but neither was she punished other than watching her little Sophia burn.

How I always envied anyone's happiness, envied so much that I blocked my emotions, same way I blocked others senses totally when I was told. I went about with no emotion, until Aro gave us a job. A run-away vampire had insulted the Volturi and he must have his punishment. Chelsea, Jane, and I were to go and either bring this vampire back or dispose of him there. Armed with a forged badge and our dark cloaks as shields against the sun, we set out to find this vampire, poor and pitiful.

We walked around Volterra until we got to a cold, dark ally. Jane motioned to Chelsea and she went around the building to meet the vampire at the back of the ally. The vampire looked smug, his groomed blond curls bounced as he laughed at a child throwing a tantrum in the sun. He began to strip of his shirt, and he headed from the middle of the ally to the forward, and immediately we knew what had to be done, except Chelsea got there first. He stepped out only two steps and began to sparkle like diamonds. Chelsea placed her hands on either side of the vampire's head, startling him. Jane incapacitated him and he froze in his tracks, on his face, an expression on his face of pure, frozen pain.

Chelsea gave a strong pull and off came his head. We guarded the "operation" site and Chelsea continued until he was dismantled and the smoke was dying to thin wisps of hair-like steam. Once the last few simple curls of the smoke had died away, Jane and Chelsea began to ask around, with the forged badge in hand of course, questions like have they seen the man whom she described as the vampire we just burned, looking for witnesses to dispose of.

Chelsea had only swept a one-foot circle of where she had disposed of the vampire when we heard crying. A little ally between two buildings was long and thin, it was parallel to the ally the vampire had been burned in. A girl, had to only been about mine and Jane's physical age, fifteen, she could have been fourteen, was leaning against the building on the ground, her legs pulled up so she could bury her face in her knees. She was crying, and her bouncy brown curls shook violently with each painful sob. A few seconds in between her little sobbing fits she spent looking at the small pile of ashes and then began crying again.

"She knows something," whispered Jane.

"How do you know?" I asked.

She was about to answer when the girl looked up at us. Jane motioned for me, I had to incapacitate her, take away her sense so we could take her back to Aro. I tried, she still looked at us. Tears kept coming down her face, her pale face, her nose covered in cute little freckles. Then Jane tried to incapacitate her, but it didn't work. No one resisted our gifts. There was only one thing we could do, take her to Aro ourselves.

We walked to her and I held out my hand, not knowing if she would growl at me and run or if she would melt. She looked at me and my outstretched hand. She reached hers out, then pulled it back. I smiled at her, she was pretty, worth my first sincere smile in a hundred years. Okay, I admit, she more than pretty, beautiful even. She reached her hand out again and took mine. I helped her up and she sank back into my chest, crying. I looked to Jane. She was as bewildered as I was, poor human. Jane motioned with her arms, I shrugged. She motioned more, I was supposed to hug this girl. I did, holding her in my arms until she stopped and looked up at me.

"Thank you," she said, her voice as pretty as she was. It was then I saw her eyes. Her eyes were green, almost hazel, with large flecks of gold in them, the same color my eyes had been.