Huh? What?" I turned. Everyone had left the room but Alec.

"You spaced, you've been spacing."

"Sorry, just wondering what the carvings on the walls mean."

"Oh, those two above where the thrones should be were here when the Volturi took this place over as their head quarters. The one on the left says 'to serve' and the other one says 'to protect'. I don't know what the others say. The rest have been carved through the centuries."

"Oh," I said. I was honestly bored until I remembered the sea. "How do you get out of here and go down to say, the beach that's outside my window?"

"I can show you," he shook his head at me, "what are you thinking?"

"That I'd rather spend the day on the beach than cooped up in this palace. Coming with me?"

"You want to go to the beach?"

"Very much, why?"

"I'm going to sparkle, that's not going to bother you?"

"When are you going to learn?" I began giggling.

"What?" he started getting annoyed, he still looked beautiful.

"When are you going to learn that I don't care? You could be a werewolf for all I care."

"Caius would have killed me, he hates werewolves."

"Regardless. You could be furry all over and I wouldn't care."

"Wow, okay. I'll remember that."

"You better," I said. I reach up on my tip-toes to kiss him, "I'm going to get my swim suit, be outside my door in ten minutes."

"Yes, ma'am." he said, giggling at me.

He clasped my hand and led me out the door, then left me to find my own way. I figured with all the junk Chelsea had put in my dresser, there had to be a bathing suit somewhere in the seven drawers. I had to dig around, but soon I found a tight blue bikini, split and tiny. I laughed and went to find Chelsea.

I knocked on her door, music blaring out, maybe all the way to fifty feet away. She opened up the door, chewing her usual pack and a half of gum, I never managed to figure out how she fit all that in to her mouth.

"I have more fabric in my tee-shirt than this," I held up the bikini.

"Silly, that's how it's supposed to be."

"Not if I'm going to the beach," I said.

"That makes no sense," she was right. "Well, if you're not satisfied, come in and we can find something better. I'm sure we can."

Her main closet was the first room, and it was more like a basement, fourteen closets dotted the walls, not to mention the four dressers piled around. We went down on a few stairs, and she opened up two pink closet doors for a minute. She pulled out a hanger and handed me a black one-piece. It had triangles cut out of the sides. I guessed that that would have to do, it was probably the most unrevealing piece of swimwear. She handed me a towel too, designer of course.

"You would look really cut if you let me pin your bangs back, they'd stay out of your face and compliment your curls."

I let her, ten minutes of hairspray, gel, and bobby pins later, she, again, requested to do something else. I let her put face makeup on me that was supposed to have sun block in it.

"Come on, Chloe, you act like I'm ripping off your nails, slowly, one by one. Just stay still and let me work," she hummed to herself, all the while and exclaimed, "you look beautiful. I'm surprised Aro is letting you go out by yourself."

"I'm not going by my self," I told her.

"Well, I mean that you're getting to go the beach with your human friends," she corrected herself, and continued humming.

"I'm not going to be with anyone human, unless someone decides to show up at an abandoned beach, for some totally oblivious reason I can't fathom."

"Then who are you going with?" she acted like an interrogator, demanding.

"I pretty sure you have your suspicions," I said. I stood up and leaned in closer to her wall-length mirror to apply some of my own lip gloss.

"I do, but everyone's saying that-"

"Because of yesterday, last night, things changed."

"Last night?! What do you think you were doing? Aro will kill anyone who compromises his guard and his family. You Can't be distracting Felix like that."

"A) I'm wasn't distracting anyone like that! Nothing like that happened because something like that is for someone older who wants to do things like that! And B) it's not Felix, I don't know what he's telling people, he's too tall, and his eyes remind me of dead fish," I felt bad for snapping at Renata after I did it. She was only trying to help, but accusations like that didn't help.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know," she put her hands up in apology, "Everyone thinks that you two are a thing. Who is it?"

"Alec." She got a shocked look on her face when I said it.

"No, you have to break it off, Jane's going to kill you."

"Yeah right, she can't do anything to me. She can't even use her gift against me. I think I'll be okay."

"Even if she can't use her gift, she'll find someway. She may be small, but she's lethal."

"What do you mean?"

"She's incredibly immensely jealous, of any human. She has her own yearning, for a kid. She tried making and immortal child once and got busted, a long time ago though. Ever since, she's seriously bitter and evil and sadistic. She hates humans, hates, hates, hates them, with a passion. Trust me, I can tell. She's debating whether or not to rip you're head off in front of everyone else, or do it at night."

"I'm not breaking it off, besides, I don't hate Jane, I never did."


I didn't get to answer because someone was banging loudly on Chelsea's door. She ignored it.

"Why?" she demanded.

"Because, I can't hate her if I like her. I, almost admire her. She's tough, she doesn't take anyone else's crap, I like that, reminds me of me, when I'm watching a family member die of course. Besides, she'd be a good friend."

"Oh, can I tell her that?" she asked.

"If you want to, I don't care. As long as she doesn't hate me, I'm fine."

Chelsea walked to the door and I followed her, wrapped in the baby blue designer towel. She opened the door and Alec stood there, impatient as ever, but calm and cool. Chelsea hugged me and wished me a good time as I walked with him. He had on swim trunks and a tee-shirt, his pale skin was gleaming a little. I loved how he sparkled, even though most think it's creepy.

We walked first like we were going to my room, then passed all the doors to the back of the corridor. We pushed through an almost unseen door that practically blended into the interior. He slid his hand into mine as we walked down a damp, rocky tunnel. It was slippery, but that was probably why Alec took my hand, other than the fact that we were together.

At the end of the tunnel, I could see light, bright beautiful sunlight. The sand on the beach was pure white, powdery to the touch. And the sea was well, the sea. The blue-green foam edged the calm cerulean waves that moved too and fro, with the tide. I spread my towel out and looked at Alec. He held out his hand and I pulled him to the water.

"You do know how to swim right?" I teased.

"Oh, shut up and get in the water," he said laughing and shaking his head.

I looked around. The beach was nestled in front of a cliff, a cliff that had the Volturi's cut from it, Volterra was cut from it too. And near my bedroom window was a ledge overlooking the sea, easy to climb on. I let go of Alec and walked to the cliff edge and started climbing. I was going to dive. I loved diving, especially in to the sea. The ledge was small, only about six feet off the ground and to the sea.

"Do have a death wish or something, get off!" Alec was yelling playfully at me, I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, sparkly, why don't you just watch, okay?" he laughed at me.

I stood and assumed the standing diving position, because if I kneeled, I'd fall on the sand under the ledge, and I didn't want that. I bent my knees a little and jumped. I'd forgotten how fun it was to dive. Falling through the air was fantastic, almost like flying. I hit the sea easily and swam up for air as soon as I had touched the bottom. When I went up, Alec was beckoning, and I swam out and wrapped my towel around my self.

"What's wrong," I asked, he was staring out at the shore that encircled this small piece of the sea. He pointed but I couldn't see.

"Some humans are coming, we have to go."

"I thought you said that the beach was secluded," is aid.

"I thought so."

We left, I grabbed my towel and dried off, walking to my room. It had a tiny bathroom so I cracked the door and changed while talking to Alec.

"I'm sorry, pick somewhere and I'll take you, anywhere."

"I do have to go home."

"Home," he asked skeptically.

I sighed, honestly, I thought. "Let me change and then you can go with me to my house. I have to get a few things." I automatically began thinking about the demon that hid itself under my bed, the one I didn't have the courage to deal with, not yet anyway.

We walked back to the palace, through the little tunnel, and I took a shower and changed. as I brushed my hair in front of my mirror, my mind turned to the demon I had so long kept under my bed

The box was locked, and I hadn't thought about that box since it's content arrived. That demon was kept securely, because if it was known that I had that demon, my dad would have been angry, or maybe even his silent disappointment that I usually got when I got in trouble which was more painful coming from him. Anyway, the demon would change my life, depending on whether or not it is what I think it is. If it's what I'm pretty sure it is, then I'm in big trouble.