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For Harry or James

"Harry, be careful please," Lily said to her son nervously as he pulled himself up using the sofa. At the age of eight months, Harry could now stand up with the help of pulling on furniture, but Lily was always very nervous that Harry was going to fall down if he pulled a cloth or something, so went with him everywhere. James joked that Lily was like Harry's bodyguard or something, the way she was following him around. He tried to coax her into letting Harry do whatever he wanted to; besides, falling was part of learning. Lily, though surprised at James' bout of wisdom, ignored his words and still insisted on being Harry's bodyguard.

"Hey Lily, look what I found for Harry!" James said excitedly as he came home one day carrying a huge package. "Harry!" James exclaimed as he walked into the living room and picked up his son. "Daddy got you a present, wanna see?"

"What is it?" Lily asked as she looked at the big box James had placed in front of the fireplace.

"Well I'm not sure exactly what it is," James said sheepishly, "But it looked like so much fun, so I had to get it for Harry! The label on the box said it was a Puddlemere United Quidditch Adventure Gym…" he trailed off as Lily gave him a glare, with a glint in her eye.

"Trust, James, anything with the words Puddlemere United or Quidditch is bound to attract your attention," Lily said with a laugh. "Do you even know what an adventure gym is?"

"Well, it's one of those muggle toys you have, isn't it? Looks a bit like a tent without the canvas bit!" James said as he handed Harry to Lily and proceeded to open Harry's new toy. The 'gym' was a mat big enough for Harry to lie on, with two poles as structures on which the members of the Puddlemere United team were suspended on, zooming about slowly in circles. Also connected to the gym was a quaffle, two bludgers and bats, as well as a mini golden snitch, all made of a plushy toy like material so Harry wouldn't actually get hurt playing.

"Isn't it wonderful?" James beamed as he set up the gym. "Harry's going to love it, I'm certain!"

"Oh James, it looks like you're in love with it too," Lily said as she placed Harry on the mat. "Knowing you, you might use an engorgement charm on the toy and play with it yourself."

"Hey, that's a great idea Lils! Then Harry and I can have fun together!" James said enthusiastically as he gave Harry one of the soft bats. "Look Harry, this is your new toy!"

Harry looked up at James questioningly, wondering what on earth were the small people zooming around above him. He reached out to grab one, but they were all too quick for him. Annoyed, Harry used the bat James placed in his hand and whacked the figure flying above his head, laughing happily when it made contact and swayed from side to side. James and Lily watched in delight as Harry continued to whack at the players, gurgling whenever the bat sent another player whizzing away.

"Looks like Harry likes his new present then," Lily said with a yawn as she stood up. "And he'd probably make a fair beater too, don't you think? Anyways, I'm so tired, I'm going to go to bed; don't let Harry stay too late, will you?"

"Of course, I'll get him tucked in, you go on first," James replied as he gave Lily a kiss goodnight.

The first thing Lily noticed when she woke up the next day was that James wasn't beside her, which was strange because James always slept in on the weekends. Confused, she walked past the living room to check on Harry in his room, and did a double take when she saw James sleeping soundly next to Harry on the mat. Harry was awake, and gave Lily a happy smile when he saw her, raising his arms so Lily could pick him up. Gently, without waking James, Lily took Harry into her arms, and noticed with a smile that James, though he had one arm around Harry, had the other hand firmly clinging onto a soft bat.

"Good morning Harry," Lily said to her son softly as she took him to the kitchen. "Looks like daddy likes your present just as much as you do, doesn't he?"

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