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Destiny Islands: Minami Residence

"Hurry Sora! We have to meet the Takamuras at the airport!" Mrs. Minami urges her son.

"I am! I can't find Ultimia!" Sora calls over his shoulder as he goes through drawers in the kitchen.


"Geez.... We're gonna be here all day!! HURRY THE FREAK UP!!!" Blade Minami, Daichi Minami's younger brother, complains and honks the car horn.

"Sora must be looking for something." Daichi, Sora's father, says with a grin.

"NOOO!!" Sora runs outside holding a Keychain and scoots inside the back seat of the car.

"SORA! I SAID NO KEYBLADES!" Sakura Minami scolds.

"But I need it!" Sora complains.

"JUST LET HIM TAKE THE STUPID THING!" Blade yells impatiently.


"Okay! ... I left my backpack in the house!!" Sora unlocks the door and runs back to the house for his red backpack.

".. My god, I'm strangling that boy." Blade snarls. Sora comes back and sits in the back seat again.

"Sora, did you bring enough underwear?" Mrs. Minami asks, going through her purse for the tickets.

".... How much is enough?"

"... Enough for the three weeks."

"..... Maybe I should go get some more..."

"NO! JUST GET FRENCH ONES!" Blade slams the car in Drive (it was a stick shift) and starts gunning the thing to the airport.

"Who let him drive?!" Mrs. Minami squeals as Blade crashes over a pot hole.

"You want me to drive?" Daichi asks. She turns pale.

"Honey, I love you, but I trust SORA more behind the wheel."

"HEY!" Sora's bouncing off the back seat.

"Sora, put your seat belt on."

"HOW?!" Sora finally manages to grab onto something and holds on tight. He clicks the belt in place.


".... What's that.... DUCK!" Mr. Takamura orders and everyone immediately listens.

BAM! A beat up blue car skids in place besides the Takamuras.

"Sakura, I think the important thing to notice is that we all survived. Basically without injury too!" Blade says nervously as Mrs. Minami glares at him.

"I think my head exploded..." Sora moans and sits up.

"Sora baby! Get out of that death trap NOW!" Mrs. Minami helps him out.

"Kura, he's fine." Daichi says and shakes his head.

"... Ten toes... ten fingers... four limbs... a head... Yup! 100 percent fine!" Sora says proudly.

"Come on, 'Sora baby'." Riku smirks. Yuki hits him with her purse.

"Leave So So alone! You okay, little guy?" She says and gives him a big hug.

"Sure, Yu Yu!" Sora hugs her back. Kairi and her stepfather walk up.

"Hiya Kai Kai!" Yuki hugs her too.

"Hi Yu Yu! You coming too?" Kairi asks.

"Of course! The romance... The City of Lights...French chocolates.. REAL BAGETTES!" Yuki says happily.

"Yuki..." Dante sighs.

"I'll leave her with you Sora, Daichi." The mayor smiles and gives Kairi one last hug, an envelope full of munny and leaves.

"Bye Daddy!" Kairi calls out behind him. He waves and the group looks to Sora (Minami).

"....Sora, what the hell are you doing?" Riku asks. Sora's drawing something in the sand.

"... I have no idea.... But it's important!" Sora says and finishes his picture.

"Idiot!" Dante grabs him and forces the group to the ticket counter.

"WHY CAN'T I GO?!" Erika wails as her brother finishes buying the tickets.

"Because, I don't want you getting hurt." Mr. Takamura says.

"... Yuki's going."

"Yuki can take care of herself."

"Yuki can't even work the toaster oven! How the heck is she gonna go to a foreign country?! She'll get arrested!" Erika protests.

"... So has Sora, he's fine." Riku points out.

"What do you mean, Sora got arrested?" Mrs. Minami says angrily. Sroa turns pale.

"LOOK! OUR FLIGHT!" Sora picks up his red suitcase and backpack and runs to the gate.

"Hahaha, I remember trying to bust your ass out of jail!" Riku teases Sora.

"Shut up! I seem to remember YOU being chased by French fangirls!" Sora says with a grin.

"At least I wasn't mistaken for a girl." Sora takes a swing at Riku.

"Ri Ri! So So! STOP FIGHTING NOW!" Yuki yells and slams the two boys's heads together.

"... Yuki, that's not helpful.." Dante sighs and helps the two up.

"... Stars...." Sora mutters, dazed. Then they notice a commotion in the front of the line.

"Look, if you're under 18, you have to have a parent or guardian accompany you!" A flight attendant says angrily.

"Look, I told you TWICE, I don't have any!" Haru Takamura snaps.

"HARU!!!" Yuki tackles him.

"YUKI?!" The rest of the group comes.

"Thanks for holding our spot in line, Haru Haru." Dante says with a grin.

"Are you with him?" The woman asks. Dante flashes her a seductive grin.

"Naturallment, miss. I am his older brother." he says.

"... Hey, if Dante's gonna be seducing every woman, why can't I go?" Erika complains.

"EXACTLY because of that!" Riku says and calls the neighbor that would be taking care of Erika for the 3 weeks. The neighbor comes and takes Erika home.

"Soo.. They're your guardians?" the woman asks Haru.

"YES, NOW will you let me on board?!" Haru asks angrily. She nods and stamps everyone's passports. They all file into the plane going to France.

"Sooo, why aren't you with the Organization?" Sora asks as Haru sits nexts to him and Kairi.

"Because, I got lost." Haru says embarrassed.

"... the whole walking through darkness will do that to you." Riku comments.

"Will the party with the little girl with the brown hair, PLEASE, tell her to get out of the bathroom!" A flight attendant says.

"... Oh no." Riku stands up. The plane's already in the air. He marches over to the bathroom. Erika falls out.

"Hihi big brother!" She hugs Riku.

"ERIKA I SAID TO STAY HOME!!" Riku scolds.

"... Uh.. I kinda gave her a ticket." Dante says. Erika proudly holds it up.

"I'M GOING TO FRANCE!!" She squeals.

"Oh hell...." Riku and Haru mutter in unison.

"HIYA!" A little girl scoots into the seat next to Riku.

"......" It was the SAME GIRL!!! FROM BEFORE!!!

"Hihi, Miss Riku boy!" Karry says happily.

"NOOOO!!!! GET ME OFF THIS PLANE!!" Riku yells.

"RIRI! Shut up!!" Erika hisses and throws CoM at him.

"Erika, if you love me, change spots with me. NOW." Riku begs.

"Sure! Hihi, I'm Erika." She says to Karry.

"You're pretty..." Karry says shyly.


"... " In for a long flight, everyone starts to doze off.