.. This will end soon.

All I'm saying.

Disclaimers: KH, FF and the lovely city of Paris, France is not mine.

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Random Café

"Shh… We're incognito." Axel says as he puts on some glasses and takes a seat at one of the tables.

"… Axel?" Roxas asks as he stares at his friend in his random glasses.

"Yeees?" Axel questions, pushing his new eye apparel up on his nose.


"Bitch, don't mess with Superman! He's the bomb!" Axel says in defense of his favorite comic book character.

"I always liked Batman better." Sora pipes in, looking at the menu. The two glare at him.

"You're an idiot! The best superhero is-" The two start to say in unison.



Then they give each other glares.

"Who the fuck cares? Hey! You! Come here!" Larxene shouts to the waiter. He comes over and they both stare at each other.

"…Mademoiselle!" He says with a worried smile. It was the EXACT same waiter she'd been attacking for the last couple France fics.

"…If you bring me a croissant, a black coffee, and some pastries, I will decide whether or not to let you live. Got that?" She warns. He nods and scurries into the café. Within a minute, he runs back out with Larxene's order.

"Now that's what I call service!" Larxene says, looking very pleased as she takes a sip of her coffee. The waiter sighs in relief and goes over to Axel to take his order.

"Oh, wait. This needs a special order. " Axel says. The waiter waits to write it down.

"…. Give me one of everything." Axel says after a very long pause.

"You idiot. Give me… a, um, what's a escargot?" Roxas says. Sora stares at him.

"NO! DON'T GET IT!" Sora shrieks, tackling him.

"CALM DOWN! What is it?" Roxas asks again, shoving the panicking Sora off of him.

"Ze escargot ez a snail cooked in et's shell in garlic butter." The waiter informs him. Roxas thinks it over.

"I'll take one order please. It sounds good!" Roxas says with a grin.

"Then the story got cancelled by the authoress who became too lazy to keep writing it. So, good bye, it's been fun!" Frank says happily.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. That's not how it ends!" Axel says.

"… But…. I seriously don't want to do this anymore… and you guys killed Steve!" Frank says angrily. Steve looks down at himself.

"If I'm dead, then I'm finishing my fries before I leave." Steve says haughtily as he dips his fry into a small pool of ketchup and chomps on it.

"This is what happened! A space ship came out of nowhere and beamed us all up and dropped us off at home!" Sora says as he steals one of the fries.

"That is not going to… holy shit, is that a space ship?" Marluxia says in shock.


I know that sucked.