Christmas with Genkai and Splinter

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It was Christmas Day at Genkai's Compound. Genkai was watching her students and their girlfriends celebrate Christmas with a party.

Genkai's Pov

Christmas day, The Dimwit is trying to run from mistletoes. Everyone was laughing at him including Hiei. The other Dimwit is trying to get Yukina to kiss him under mistletoe and is unsuccessful for now. Hiei is trying to hiding his feelings about Christmas knowing Botan knows he love Christmas somewhat. Kurama is talking to Shizuru while the others are trying to make them kiss by using those mistletoes. Some days I wonder how I can deal with these kids. But it's Christmas Day and they're having fun. Well finally the Dimwit got caught under a mistletoe and Keiko caught him with a kiss. The other dimwit got his wish too he and Yukina are kissing too under a mistletoe. I guess the Christmas Spirit is spreading Hiei and Botan are kissing too along with Kurama and Shizuru too. I love Christmas. In the morning a quiet day by the after noon it is fun.

With Splinter

It was Christmas Day in the Sewers and Splinter was watching sons and their girlfriends.

Splinter's Pov

Ah, Christmas, my favorite time of the year. My Sons and their girlfriends are spending it together. Raphael and Ninjara are training, Michelangelo and Hikiri are playing videogames, Leonardo and Sashemie are mediating and Donatello and Tamarei are working on a project. And Ms. O'Neil and Mr. Jones are here too they are in the Kitchen trying to cook a holiday Dinner with Mr. Jones making a mess. I see their mistletoes strangely placed where my son and their girlfriends are…I wonder…Well, I see Michelangelo and Hikiri taking the opportunity to kiss. So are Donatello and Tamarei. Leonardo and Sashemie are also kissing as with Raphael and Ninjara. Even Ms. O'Neil and Mr. Jones are in the spirit. I love Christmas especially when my sons are having fun. These Christmas are wonderful.

So Genkai and Splinter watched and both replied

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

The End