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Alright people here's the first part of my new fic called Doll of Peace
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Doll of Peace

I know what I believe in
So blindly I am not afraid
But I often feel they use me
Abuse me
Always choose me
Will never lose me
So they may see they light of another day

People have their martyrs
So I guess I am the one
The one who will give her every breath
So the children may play and smile at the sun

I am the messenger
The Mesiah of peace
Soft and gentle as a lamb's fleece
But strong as the storm
With an indomitable spirit as fierce as the wind
As bright as the dancing flame
As passionate as the raging sea within

I am beginning to grow tired
Some pity such torment for a girl of such a young age
Others care not and keep faith in me
Knowing as long as I'm around
They will always be free

A sorrowful tear rolls down my painted cheek
I wish only to be freed from my guilded cage
In a world so cold and bleak
My beautiful dress is torn and frayed at he ends
A doll I am to that no one tends
They move my paint chipped lips to please those who wish to comprehend my powerful words
Words of couage that come purely and endlessly from within
My once healthy body continues to grow deathly thin
But no one gives a damn just as long as they win

I'm missing a foot
My arm won't bend
My cheeks have lost their innocent blush, paled, and are now smeared with soot
My once golden hair is no longer silky and no more does attract the rays of the sun
It is now brittle and limp, its ribbons have come undone
I once had a beautiful happy smile
But it too has faded and I must plaster on a fake one
As a carpenter might brush cement against the bottom of a tile
My eyes no longer sparkle and shine
But are dull and lifeless mirroring that I am not fine
Can't they see what they are doing to me?

I am but a doll of peace
Tattered and worn
The only one brave enough who hath sworn
To take on the challenge
To lead they way
To preserve tomorrow and build a better today
And when all are done playing with their little puppet
They place me on a lonely shelf
Blow the gathering dust off
And smile at their favorite toy
With me around they will never fall
Because they love their symbol of peace, their lifelong doll...

Chapter One

Relena weakly tiptoed down the stairs. Shivering she hugged her
thin sweater tightly. It had been an excruciatingly long day packed full
of meetings. She needed to get out if even just for a moment. She could
hear a deep, hot seated dicussion being held in the front parlor. The
Preventers were holding a meeting about some new threat. Sadly, Relena
didn't even care to know anymore. They were all the same and usually wanted
to accomplish assasination, revolts, or a war to disrupt the peace.

Relena sighed as she descended the last steps and a few people looked
up. "Hello Relena," Greeted Noin while the others nodded politely and smiled.
"Hello," She answered unable to produce the valuable energy to smile. Thoughts
were mercifullessly swirling in her head, and as she started towards the door,
a wave of dizziness washed over her.

She gasped and would've collapsed had it not been for two pairs of strong
arms carefully catching her. She looked up gratefully as Quatre spoke.

"Relena are you alright?" He question in kind concern. Relena struggled.

"Oh I..I'm fine thank you." She stuttered trying to regain her composure.
Duo and he pulled her to her feet gently.

"Jousan you haven't been well for a while." Duo replied in quiet compassion.
She placed a hand lightly on his arm.

"Don't worry Duo." She then turned, refacing her the destination, the door.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Boomed Zechs stern voice.

"For a walk," She answered in irritation.

"No you're not. You know that it's not safe Relena." He rumbled in a
commanding tone. Relena snapped. Her head was throbbing and she didn't need
this right now. She was just to tired. So very tired. When she had heard this
all of these bottled emotions she was holding in exploded.

"Of course it's not safe Zech! Nowhere is!" Her voice continued to intensify.
"Everywhere I go there's danger or a threat but that doesn't mean that I have
to stop living!"

"You won't be if you continue to be so careless!" Noin interrupted by running
in front of Relena, seperating the siblings.

"Zechs look at her! Look at your sister!" She gestured to Relena's feeble form.
"She's already dying! They're are killing her, we're killing her!"

"Noin that's enough!" Zechs interjected in denial. The truth hurt him to much.

"No this has being going on for too long. I've watched her grow thiner and thiner,
unhappier and weaker, more depressed and lifeless! She doesn't have the strength to
smile!" Noin turned to the startled and saddened Preventers before shaking her head,
giving Relena's cold hand a friendly squeeze, Zech's an icy glare, and then stormed off
to sort things out.

Relena looked compassionately after, Noin but also in guilt for making her friend
so upset.

"Are you finished?" Relena asked angered by her brother's behavior.

"Now Relena," He started.

"It's my life! Now if you'll excuse me." She spun on her heel and anxiously reached
for the door knob. Her freedom.

"Relena, I.. I'm sorry," Zechs said softly with a tired sigh. Relena glanced over
shoulder, tears shimmering in her eyes.

"I know, me too." She then whispered more to herself, "Me too." Placing a gentle
hand on the exhausted young man's shoulder, she turned away. A slamming door

"Someone should go after her," Sally suggested quietly.

Heero had remained leaning silently against the wall during this whole
display. His deep chocolate tousled hair concealing and masking the hurtful
emotions that had briefly flickered through his serious Prussian eyes.

"I will." He stated in an emotionless monotone. Sally nodded in approval.
Eyebrows furrowed he calmly walked past all the recovering shocked faces
and exited the mansion.

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