Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Disclaimer: Patricia Briggs owns Alpha and Omega, I just own this story.

Ch. 9: Blessed Day


For the briefest moment, I was able to focus on the digital display of the clock next to my bed and saw that it was 6 p.m. Sweat drenched my body and a twisting pain in my gut reminded me that I'd been in labor for the past twelve hours. Charles stood off to the left of the bed I was on and held my hand while Samuel was in the traditional doctor's position between my splayed legs for the delivery. Mom and Da had taken up places on the right side of my bed.

"YOU BASTARDS, YOU AND BROTHER WOLF DID THIS TO US! I'M GOING TO HAVE SAMUEL CUT YOUR BALLS OFF AND EVEN THEN THE TWO OF YOU ARE NEVER TOUCHING US AGAIN," I screamed as the contraction reached its peak. I squeezed my mate's hand hard with all the werewolf strength my body possessed and had the smug satisfaction of hearing bones break. Later, I was going to feel guilty but for now I truly believed he was getting off easy.

"You're doing fine, love, I'm proud of you," he replied to my outburst in a loving tone that never betrayed any of the pain I'd just inflicted.

The next couple of hours past in a haze of pain and pushing; just when I thought that I thought I couldn't push again, the first baby was delivered followed ten minutes later by the second. The two tiny bundles were tucked into my arms; I'd just enough time to notice that they were beautiful before I fainted from exhaustion.


Anna had survived the long labor and a fear I never voiced finally fell off me and Brother Wolf. Samuel was in the middle of casting my left hand as I fought the urge to growl. The twins had started to get fussy so Da and Mother were rocking them gently while my mate slept peacefully.

"Once I'm finished with the cast, you're going to have to drop your pants so I can do that other procedure," Samuel commented casually.

"Huh, what procedure," I asked only half paying attention because most of my concentration was split between my Anna and our little miracles.

"Anna wanted you fixed so I thought I'd take care of that while I was here and save you a trip up to the Tri-Cities," he smirked and it was a few moments before his words sank in then I growled at him.

"That won't be necessary," I replied coolly and my brother and parents laughed.

"Stop teasing your brother, Samuel," Da mock chided while never taking his eyes off the little girl in his arms; my son was safely in my mother's loving arms.

I snatched my hand with its finished cast from my brother's grasp then moved over to sit next to Anna. Da placed my daughter in my arms and stared at her in wonder.

"You shall be Branwen Moira Cornick," I told my daughter as I shifted her to one arm and held out the other from my son.

Mother placed the small boy in my waiting arm then I tucked him into my body and said, "You are Michael Iohann Cornick."

"Strong names for strong children," Samuel noticed as he wrote them down then he and the others left the room so that I was able to bond with my newborn children.

I must've fallen asleep because small suckling sounds woke me up. Anna was propped up on the bed, one of the twins attached to each of her breasts as she fed them. A slow content smile spread across my face. My mate must've caught the slight movement because she turned her head to me with a smile of her own and tears of joy in her eyes.

"They're perfect, Daddy," she whispered in reverent awe.

"Yes they are, Mommy," I replied then got out of my chair and kissed her then crawled onto the bed to lie next to her.

Anna leaned her head onto my shoulder while I breathed loving words to her. After the twins stopped feeding, I helped to burp and change them before we settled back onto the bed. My wife softly sung a lullaby to the babies and I let her Omega effect fill me. Brother Wolf curled up in the back of my mind and basked in the peace it brought. Through the Mate Bond, I was able sense Lady Wolf's pride at surviving the birth. It wasn't long before the infants were asleep and I was nearly there myself. She sighed when she reached the end of her song.

*Three Months Later*


I wasn't the only one that noticed when Anna breathed a sigh of relief after the door closed behind the last of the visitors left. My son, Charles, had stood in the corner with his arms across his chest. He kept a deceptively calm expression but there was little doubt in anyone's mind that if they so much as breathed wrong near his mate or children then death was going to be slow and painful. The second the door had clicked shut, he was at her side soothing her nerves.

If the pregnancy had caused a stir within the werewolf world, the birth of the twins only made it worse. Every pack across the globe had made a pilgrimage to Aspen Creek with little notice and kept all of us on edge. They all had wanted to see the little angels. My daughter and grandchildren had handled the situation far better than Bran or Charles had. Each of the trespassing Alpha's had left with the understanding that there was going to be a lot of diplomatic tap dancing, for the foreign wolves, or groveling, for the North American wolves, in the near future.

I helped Anna feed Branwen and Michael then after they were changed, we placed them on a floor mat to play. My granddaughter had a tuft of her mother's whiskey colored curls but her overall cuteness was just as deceptive as Bran's ability to blend into the background. There was no doubt that the tiny girl was dominant. Michael had his father's dark hair but had been born an Omega like his mother. Both twins had light caramel skin that showed their mixed heritage but only added to their beauty. They were both going to be heartbreakers when they grew up.

Sage and Asil came into the room with huge smiles on their faces. There was a plastic stick in the woman's hand and my excellent eyesight brought the pink plus sign into sharp focus. There was no need for them to say a word because the wolves in the room already knew that the two had been trying for a baby for about a month.

"Congratulations," we all called to them before they reached us.


There was another party in Aspen Creek as the Pack celebrated the news of Sage's pregnancy. My friend and her mate enjoyed the well wishes from our pack mates. I needed to put the babies down for the night so Charles and I left before the festivities were over. The reality was, even without the twins as an excuse, we both needed some time away from others. The entire pregnancy and birth hadn't given us much time to relax and just enjoy being together.

My husband went into the kitchen to put a kettle on while I continued to the nursery and placed the babies in their respective cribs. There was a hot cup of tea waiting for my when I curled up next him on the couch. I smiled at the scattered papers and brochures that were scattered in front of Charles; his tea cup placed on the end table next to him. The various papers were financial statements for the bank accounts and investment portfolios he'd started for Branwen and Michael the day after their birth. Whereas, the brochures were for exclusive kindergartens and private schools that catered to the children of diplomats and the ultra rich.

"We need to plan for their future, love," Charles commented when he noticed my smile.

"I agree but I don't think we need to plan everything now. It can wait for a couple of years while we enjoy being a family for the next couple of years. Besides, want would you rather be doing, staring at boring numbers or reminding your wife how well we fit together," I replied coyly then got up and headed to the bedroom, a seductive sway in my hips. His hot breath was on my neck before I'd taken three steps as he stalked after me.

Our lovemaking was raw and passionate, it'd been far too long and we both needed the intensity. We had been entwined in each other's arms when the twins woke for their midnight feeding. Charles and I put on under ware then pulled on robes and walked hand in hand to the nursery. My mate kept one infant busy while I fed the other then we switched.

"I think you were right, there's plenty of time to plan for their future. We should just take things easy for now," he admitted softly.

Our conversation flowed freely before we slipped back to our bed. In the end, it was agreed that we were going to just enjoy this new adventure in our lives for a while.

The End.