Christmas Future

A Primeval Humour/Family Fanfic

The kids we know Connor and Abby will have one day are just like their parents. Sharing their Christmas wishlists with friends is a little unusual.

Rated K+ for PG-appropriate references.

Disclaimer: Technically speaking, Steven, Kayla, and Nathan, as well as Max, Maria, Sam, and Julia, belong to me. Abby and Connor still belong to Impossible Pictures. Compsognathus is a real dinosaur, discovered first in Germany and then France.

A/N: Yet another Christmas fic! I'm really going all-out here. I blame it on the fact that I'm finally home for the holidays and have tons of time on my hands in which to write! This is a collection of short one-shot-like stories, each around 300-400 words, that are connected by a common theme. I hope you enjoy!

By the way, my information about Compsognathus (which I can just imagine the adorable little Steven Temple saying in the cutest little kid voice...) comes from Wikipedia. There's only very limited stuff in here, I know, but really the dinosaur itself wasn't as important as the idea of the dinosaur.

Chapter One: Steven Temple, age 8 (290 words)

"What did you ask Santa for?" his best friend Max asks. Steven knows his parents told him Never Tell Anyone What We Do, but telling Max what he wants for Christmas isn't the same as telling him what his parents do, right? It's not like he's asking for an Anomaly or something.

"A dinosaur," Steven says. Max waits like he thinks Steven is going to get more specific, like 'the plastic dinosaur that talks in that commercial on the telly,' but Steven doesn't say anything else.

"What kind of dinosaur?" Max has to ask.

"A Compsognathus," Steven answers, taking his time though the tough name. "Mummy showed me one once. They're really cool. They're furry and have this really cool striped tail."

"But why do you want just a plain old dinosaur? They're boring. You should have asked for that talking one that's on the telly."

"It's not just a plain old dinosaur, though! It's a real, live dinosaur." Max looks at Steven with a very funny look.

"Come off it, you can't get a real dinosaur for Christmas," he says. "They're all dead."

"No, they're not!" Steven protests.

"Yes, they are!" Max and Steven's argument draws in Steven's mother. He runs to her for reassurance that he's right.

"Mummy, Max said the dinosaurs are all dead," he tells her.

"He's right," she says, giving him a hug for comfort. "There aren't any dinosaurs alive today."

Steven is about to protest, but he's noticed that she has on her I Know I'm Telling A Lie But I Have To Because Other People Can't Find Out face. "Okay," he says sadly. "But what about my Christmas present?"

"I'll talk about that later," she says. "Would you boys like some hot chocolate?"