Christmas Future

Disclaimer: Technically speaking, Steven, Kayla, and Nathan, as well as Max, Maria, Sam, and Julia, belong to me. Abby and Connor still belong to Impossible Pictures. Compsognathus is a real dinosaur, discovered first in Germany and then France.

A/N: This one's my favourite, even though nothing really happens in it, and it's not about one of the kids. I just find the idea of the story referenced in it hilarious. Maybe I'll write it for next year. Don't want to waste all of my inspirations EVER on this year. That'd be bad.

Chapter Four: The Temple Family (236 words)

The Anomaly must have appeared some time in the wee hours of the morning. Abby deduces this simply by the fact that Connor didn't come running up to their bedroom with the information that an Anomaly had appeared in their living room during his many trips back and forth with presents.

It's placed at possibly the most inopportune location in the room: directly in front of the tree. Despite the massive size of the tree, it seems nearly impossible to get around the Anomaly, to the presents under the tree. In fact, if anyone tries to get to the presents, they will probably be sucked through.

"Someone's going to have to go through to see if any of the presents got sucked through before we close it," Abby says. Her three kids turn to her, and she turns to Connor.

To everyone's surprise – except his – he bursts into raucous laughter. He's thinking of a similar event, a long time ago now, when he and Abby were only recently together. When he quiets down a bit, he turns to her, and asks, "Do you remember the other time this happened?"

She stares blankly.

"In your flat, years ago, and the lingerie…"

Abby put her head in her hands. "Next time, let the future-creature keep my present and promise you'll buy me another. Getting covered in unidentifiable slime is not how I want to start my Christmas."