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Kyo was sitting down on the couch, after finally hauling the accursed tree into the living room. Why was he the one that needed to not only chop the fir down, but hook it up to the car and then proceed to bring it inside the house and set it up?

"Kyonkitchi, we all know that you're the only one who can carry something of such weight, since Yuki is over at Machi-san's house!"

No, not because of the perverted ex-dog.

"Ah, it's okay Kyo-kun, I can carry the—AHH!"

That was probably the reason. He couldn't bring himself to let his accident-prone girlfriend handle all of the decorating herself, even though Shigure was more than willing to do so. The ex-dog of the zodiac mentioned something about tall ladders and Tohru's short skirts, leading to both Kyo and Yuki to properly pound him a bit.

But now that he had handled the daunting task of putting up the Christmas tree, he let Tohru decorate it as she tried to cook dinner. The result was that she almost burned something, which Kyo had luckily saved.

After telling the fire department that no, Shigure had not used too many candles again, they found themselves talking about the holiday.

"I still don't understand why we're celebrating a Western holiday. Shouldn't we focus more on New Year decorating?" asked Kyo.

"Ah, but Kyo-kun, it's still a lovely holiday and all, so…"

"Don't worry about it. It's okay. I just wish the stupid rat was here to help…"

"Oh look…" Tohru's eyes drifted upwards, towards the ceiling.

Kyo followed her gaze, and saw some plant hanging there, above them.

"What's that?"


"Oh yeah, don't you have to do something special when you're under it?"

"Yes…"her voice went soft.

And Tohru leaned in and closed her eyes…

Yuki finally got home from hanging out with Manabe and Machi. They were all at Komaki's and Manabe's apartment, just hanging out on Christmas Eve. Now that he got home though, he couldn't wait to eat Tohru's home cooking.

So he was rather surprised when Shigure was sitting on the floor, looking through the living room door.

"What are you doing?"

Shigure jumped, like he was a little kid caught stealing cookies.

"Um, uh, nothing, really."


"Really! I'm just simply…observing…two people."

Yuki fearing for the worst, suddenly dropped to the floor to look through the crack, pushing Shigure out of the way.

'Whew. They're just kissing.'

"Ow…that hurt."

It was still disgusting, like how one would feel if he caught his mother making out with his dad. But why were they randomly kissing in the living room? Then, Yuki's eyes caught the small green plant hanging on the ceiling.

"Somehow, I have a feeling that you were the one that put that mistletoe there, Shigure."

"Well, I needed some ideas for my new story!"

"That's just sick."

"It may be so," started Shigure, pushing Yuki out of the way again, "but I can't wait to type this up and post it on Fanfiction!"



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