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Chapter Sixteen: Wedding

"Tenten, I'd like to thank you for making me maid of honor." Hinata grinned at her best friend, fluffing at the veil that trailed down Tenten's back in a motherly fashion. "It really means a lot. Oh, you look so pretty."

Hinata held back tears as she stepped backwards to admire the princess' outfit from every angle. Tenten was dressed head-to-toe in white. Her dress was long and made of silk, modestly decorated with sequins and a small white ribbon. It'd been hand-picked by both herself and Hinata, and Tenten had fallen in love with it at first sight. Of course, she didn't love the dress as much as she loved Neji.

"You're welcome." Tenten breathed, heart pounding under her 'invisible' bra. "I can't believe this is actually happening."

"Me either, Tenten. Me either." Hinata gazed out the church window at the delicate snowflakes that were falling steadily from the silver sky. A man dressed in a suit put his head round the door, startling both girls.

"Hinata, please would you go and take a seat? And, Princess, if you would like to follow me. You look stunning." He said kindly, beckoning them with one hand. Tenten grinned.

"I feel stunning." She burst out, twirling in a circle. She reached up to adjust the tiara that sat prominently on her dark brown curls, and followed the man out of the room.

He lead her to the main doors of the church. "Now, any moment now, the doors will open and you will go through, walk down the aisle, and the rest is pretty obvious. Oh, where are the bridesmaids?"

"Trust me, the people I picked aren't the most prompt people I know. Ah, there they are." Tenten pointed over the man's shoulder to the three girls that were rushing – or, trotting, in their heels – down the hallway. There was Ino, who'd purposely worn less make-up to make herself look less pretty than the bride. To her left was Sakura, and to Ino's right was Karin – not two of Tenten's closest friends, but two of the prettiest and most reliable.

"Alright, blondie, you walk in front of Tenten, sort of as a silent announcement that the bride has arrived. Red, you walk slightly behind Tenten, and to the left. Pinkie, to the right. Into position…go."

The four girls arranged themselves according to the man's instructions and checked each other's appearances. The doors swung open, and Tenten thought her heart stopped.


'I do' are two of the most beautiful words in the whole world.

They are, aren't they?

Of course they are. Hey, Neji, I'm glad.

You are?

I'm glad I was offered this shuddy bet. I'm glad it was you I was engaged to all this time. I'm glad I married you. And you know what makes me the most glad?

What's that, my princess?

I'm glad these wedding arrangements all worked out.


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