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Previously on Supernatural- Sammy slowly awoke, frowning as he realized that he was now lying down with his head on someone's lap. Opening his eyes, he blinked a few times before breaking into a dimpled grin. "Nice moustache, dad" he snickered.


"Moustache? Sammy what do you…" John broke off with a gasp as the meaning of his son's words hit him. "Wait, you, you can see?" Seeing his son nod, the Winchester patriarch broke into a grin. He immediately wrapped his arms around his youngest, hugging him fiercely.

"Thank the Lord" Pastor Jim whispered, smiling as John released Sammy who then launched himself into his big brother's open arms.

"I told you Sammy! I told you it'd be alright!" Dean crowed. He ruffled the younger boy's hair before reluctantly breaking the hugfest. "It's just too bad the first thing you had to see was dad's ugly mug."

"Oh, I don't know, Dean." Caleb remarked, eyeing the small family. "I think Johnny boy's face was the perfect first image for the kid, especially with that old timer moustache he's got going on."

Looking over at his father, Dean snickered. "Yeah, that frothy, white thing sure is a sight."

"Old timer? Frothy white? What are you talking about?" John asked, glancing from Dean to Caleb. Reaching up, he scrubbed at his face with one hand. "What the…" he started, filling the wetness above his upper lip. Quickly deducing what the substance was, he glared at the other hunters. "Care to tell me why none of you thought to mention that I had whipped cream on my face?"

"Probably cause none of us noticed." Josh replied.

"Didn't notice?" John incredulously repeated. "How could you not notice?"

"Johnny, I know you think you're all that, but I've got news for you. You ain't." Bobby teased.

"Lunch is served!" Bubba announced as he entered the room. Seeing the amused expressions on the hunters' faces and the eldest Winchester trying hard and failing to look ticked off, the doctor frowned. "Did I miss something?"

All eyes turned to the young boy on the couch. Gazing over at their host, Sammy grinned. "Hey Bubba! You look just like I pictured you."

"You can see?" Bubba gasped as a smile spread across his face. "That's wonderful, champ! This calls for a celebration!"

A loud rumbling noise suddenly sounded from the couch making the older men grin.

"Guess that celebration will have to wait till after we eat." Josh chuckled, winking at a red faced Sammy.

"Yes! Food! Finally!" Dean crowed as he stood pulling his brother up with him.

The group quickly filed out of the room. They made their way to the large dining room and took their places at the antique wooden table. After Pastor Jim said grace, the men and boys started loading their plates with chicken, potatoes, beans, and casserole. They talked and laughed as they ate, all of them silently thanking God for restoring Sammy's sight. Once lunch was over, everyone pitched in to clear the table, put up the leftovers, and wash the dirty dishes.

Putting the last dish in the cabinet, Bubba turned to the others, eyes twinkling. "Now for the surprise!" he excitedly said. "Dean, Sammy close your eyes and don't open them till we tell you to, okay?"

"You're kidding, right?" Dean asked.

"No, he's not." John answered, placing his hands on his sons' shoulders. Seeing Dean's suspicious look, he gave the boy's shoulder a light squeeze. "Just go with it, Dean. I promise you'll like the surprise."

"Come on Dean. Close your eyes." Sammy pleaded. "I wanna know what the surprise is."

"Fine, but if anything happens, it's on you." Dean caved. Closing his eyes, he allowed his dad to lead him out of the room and down a short hallway. He heard doors slide open before he was shuffled into another room where they stopped.

"Alright boys, you can open your eyes now." Jim advised.

Sammy's eyes popped open and then widened as they took in the sight in front of them. An enormous Christmas tree stood beside a fireplace. Decorations hung from every limb and lights surrounded the tree and the mantle above the fireplace. But what really shocked the preteen was the pile of presents lying under the tree. The littlest Winchester had never seen so many presents before in his life.

"Merry Christmas boys" John softly called.

"This, this is for us?" Sammy asked, thinking this had to be a joke.

John nodded. "Yeah buddy, this is all for you."

Seeing the boys just standing there with their mouths hanging open, Bobby rolled his eyes. "Well, what are you two waiting for? Get to it!" he ordered.

Dean and Sammy exchanged amazed glances before dashing across the room and dropping to their knees in front of the tree. Snatching up presents with their names on them, the Winchester brothers swiftly tore into them.

The older hunters watched in amusement as the boys quickly ripped into package after package. The two looked more like excited five year olds than teenagers as they tore open present after present. As the men watched the scene before them they each made a promise to themselves to make sure the brothers had days to relax and just be a kid in the future.

Sammy carefully tore the paper off his last present. Pulling out the brightly colored box, the twelve year old stared in shock at the magic kit in his hands.

"I saw that in a store a couple of months ago and thought you might like it." John softly stated as he knelt down beside his youngest. "I know you probably get tired of reading your books while we're on the road and I thought this would be something you'd enjoy working on while we travel."

"Thanks dad" Sammy said. Putting down his present, he wrapped his arms around his dad. "I love you."

"I love you, too buddy" John whispered, hugging the boy back.

Reluctantly breaking the hug minutes later, Sammy started picking up the discarded pieces of wrapping paper.

"Not so fast, champ" Bubba called. "You boys each have one more present to open." Walking over, he handed each boy a heavy, wrapped package.

"Thanks Bubba" the brothers said. They slowly pulled off the paper, revealing two ornately carved wooden boxes.

"Sammy glanced from Dean to his present and back. "You go first." He suggested.

Nodding, Dean took a deep breath and opened the box. Gasping, he carefully picked up the ivory handled Bowie knife. He scanned the twelve inch blade and the handle with the carved howling wolf on it for a moment and then turned to the doctor. "This, this is too much. I can't accept this, man." He told Bubba.

"You can and you will. That knife belonged to my dad. He was a hunter, too. He had to retire after a botched hunt left him paralyzed from the waist down." Bubba paused. "He umm, he passed his favorite tools of the trade to me and made me promise to hand them down to my own s-sons." He explained. "I thought I'd never get the chance to pass on his legacy after the car a-accident but then I met you two. You boys have made this old man very happy. You accepted me into your little family and reminded me of what it's like to have children. You may not be my real boys but you've definitely become family. I'm honored to pass these down to you boys."

"Thank you Bubba" Dean managed to get out around the lump in his throat.

"You're welcome son" Bubba replied, giving the boy a smile. Turning to the younger boy, he nodded towards the still unopened box. "You're probably a little young for those but they'll be the perfect weapon for you when you're older."

Intrigued, Sammy carefully opened the ornate box. Reaching inside, he gently pulled out one of the two curved blades. "This is awesome! Thanks Bubba!" he exclaimed. Placing the blade back in the box, he rushed over to the doctor and threw his arms around the man's waist.

"You're welcome, champ." Bubba quietly said, patting the boy's back. "You're welcome"


Sammy tossed his duffle into the trunk of the impala and stood looking at the cabin that had been his home for the last three weeks. His time there felt more like a dream than reality. For once there had been no talk of hunting or monsters. There hadn't even been any training or weapon cleaning. No, for a precious few weeks, the Winchesters and their extended family had been normal. They'd watched movies, had snow ball fights, and played games. In fact the only time hunting had even been mentioned was when they had played the Trivial Pursuit hunter's edition that Caleb had made up.

Sighing, Sammy stared at the cabin and the many snow creatures in front of it. He wanted to memorize every last detail of the place so when things between him and his dad got bad again, he'd have some good memories to fall back on. And things would get bad again. He had no doubt of that. Sure his dad was going out of his way to put his sons first. But Sammy knew it wouldn't be long before his father would get drawn back into the hunt. And then his boys would be the last things on his mind. But there was one difference. Sammy now knew for sure that his dad really loved him and no matter how rough things got, he was never going to forget that. And he also knew if it ever got to be too much, he had an extended family that was more than willing to take him and Dean in. While Sammy hoped it never got to that point, it was nice to know they had family to go to if needs be. Someone calling his name drew the preteen out of his thoughts. "What'd you say?" he asked his older brother who had suddenly appeared beside him.

"I asked if you were ready to go." Dean repeated, looking at the younger boy in concern. "You okay, Sammy?"

Sammy glanced at the cabin before turning his focus back to his big brother. "Yeah, yeah, I'm great." He replied, giving Dean a dimpled grin.

"Let's go boys!" John called from the front of the Chevy. "We've got a long drive ahead of us."

"Coming, dad" Dean hollered back not taking his eyes off his younger sibling. "You sure you're alright, kiddo. Cause if you're not, we can always…"

"I'm fine, Dean" Sammy interrupted, rolling his eyes. "Quit being a drama queen."

"Me? A drama queen? Not a chance. That title is all yours, shrimp." Dean teased.

"Nuh uh" Sammy fired back, playing pushing the other boy. "I am not a drama queen."

"Whatever you say, Sammy boy. Whatever you say" Dean chuckled as he grabbed the small boy. He swiftly put the struggling preteen in a headlock and messed up Sammy's chestnut hair.

"Stop it, Dean!" Sammy huffed, breaking the older boy's hold. He reached up and smoothed his hair back down, scowling at his big brother. That scowl suddenly changed to a smirk.

"Sammy, what are you up to?" Dean warily asked.

"Me? Nothing" Sam innocently replied, laughing as his older brother was pelted with snowballs. "Dad and Caleb are the ones you should be worried about."

"Now, you tell me." Dean muttered, wiping the snow off his face with the sleeve of his jacket. Reaching down, he picked up a handful of snow. Forming it into a ball, he glanced over at his little brother. "You in?" he asked, cutting his eyes towards the two grinning men behind them.

"You bet!" Sammy agreed making a snowball of his own. "On three?"

Nodding Dean whispered, "One, two, THREE!" The Winchester brothers turned as one, throwing their weapons with deadly accuracy. Hearing the men yelp, the boys glanced at each other before taking off running. Rounding the car, they ducked down and hurriedly built more ammo. Once they had a large pile, the teens listened for their opponents. Zeroing in on the enemy, they silently counted to three and then stood and let the snow ball fly. The Great Snow Ball War had begun.

Half an hour later, the four warriors sitting on the steps of the cabin, catching their breath. "I can't believe the little brats beat us." Caleb muttered, trying to hide his grin.

"Yeah, well if you weren't so slow, we'd have whipped their asses." John grumbled.

"Me? You're the one that tripped over your own feet and landed face first in the snow!" Caleb pointed out. "This loss is all on you, Johnny."

"Well, I demand a rematch." John announced, looking over at his smirking boys. "Next weekend at Pastor Jim's. Same teams. What do you say, boys?"

"I say get ready to get your ass handed to you again, old man." Dean cockily stated.

"Dean's right, daddy. You guys don't have a chance." Sammy added between giggles.

"We'll just see about that." John fired back. Standing, he walked over to his sons, picked up his youngest, and tossed him over his shoulder. Reaching up with his free hand, he tickled the boy's side, grinning at the shriek his action elicited. "Come on, kiddo. Time to go." He said as he headed for the impala. The Winchester patriarch walked around to the passenger and opened the door, carefully depositing his Sammy in the shotgun seat much to Dean's chagrin.

Seeing the expression on his brother's face at the prospect of riding shotgun, Dean smiled. He had no intentions of wiping that look off the kid's face even if it meant a long ride in the crapped back seat. Still, he knew both his dad and his brother were waiting for his protest and he wasn't about to disappoint them. "Wait a minute, dad! That's my spot!" Dean half-heartedly argued.

"Sorry Deano, you snooze, you lose." John teased as he rounded the Chevy and climbed in the driver's seat.

"Awww man! That's not fair!" Dean grumbled, hiding his grin behind his hand when Sammy started to giggle. Opening the back door, he dramatically dropped onto the bench seat, making a show of stretching his long legs across the seat.

Rolling his eyes at his eldest's antics, John waved at Caleb before starting the impala and steering it down the long driveway. Glancing in the rearview mirror, he caught Dean's eye, giving him a knowing wink. Looking at his youngest out of the corner of his eye, he wasn't surprised to see Sammy already nodding off. He stopped at the end of the driveway long enough to reach over and gently lay his son down so the boy's head was resting on his leg. Taking the blanket Dean handed him, he tucked it around his sleeping baby boy. He brushed a stray bit of bang out of Sammy's face, smiling as the preteen snuggled into him. "Night Sammy" he whispered, turning his attention back to the road. John took a left onto the highway and settled back for the long drive ahead. His family was complete once more and he'd be damned if he'd let anyone or anything ever split them up again. From now on it was the Winchesters against the world!

The End