Elemental Attraction
By: Manna


The Microfic/Drabble Meme
:Christmas Requests:

For: Qieru
Prompt: "In her element, out of his."
Flower: Lavender Temple Plant


Even the warmth of his clothes could not protect him from the winds of Bern. The air of the mountains seemed to cut right through the thick cloth that had served him oh-so well in Sacae, chilling him to the bone. He shuddered and hugged himself as she smiled.

How strange, he thought, that such a small woman, wearing so little—compared to him—didn't mind the weather. They camped in a clearing, a small circle of barren earth that the entire army could barely squeeze into. Tight quarters were a small price to pay for the shelter the pine trees offered. The air was still cold, but it had lost its bitter bite, and he watched her from the safety of his tent—and the warmth of his bedroll—as she talked to her pegasus, fingers untangling its windswept mane before she leaned down to press a soft kiss against its pure white nose.

Despite the general level of noise that surrounded them, things seemed eerily quiet. He could hear the slow thudding of his heart against his ribcage, and he could smell the snow as it fell from above, not in painful gusts as it had earlier, but unhurriedly, lightly, alighting on the boughs of the trees and the canvas tent of Merlinus's wagon. It seemed to turn the campsite into a winter wonderland.

He felt strangely safe, surrounded by all of the snow.

Florina, with her simple white dress and leggings to help ward her from the cold, seemed more at home, at peace, than he had ever seen her. She smiled at Rebecca, greeted Wil, and even turned her eyes in his direction for a moment, one long enough to leave both of them warm from embarrassment.

She took a deep breath and stuck out her tongue to catch the cold precipitation. The large flakes started to gather in her curly hair, and he wondered, until she shook her tresses free of them, what it might be like to run his hands through it.

Some described her as cute, or sweet, or shy, but watching her walk upright, eyes straight ahead, full of confidence both in herself and her surroundings, he thought that she looked beautiful.


Author Notes:

I've been dying to write these two in-canon, so this was a perfect opportunity to do so!